10 line sentence about school

Let us know about 10 line sentence about school. Often kids are asked to write essay about school, five sentences on school, sentence about school or 10 line essay. Today we are giving sentences about school using which children of class 1, class 2, class 3 to class 5 etc will be able to write essay on school.

10 lines about school

  1. School is the temple of education.
  2. We get education from school.
  3. In school we are taught good things.
  4. Going to school increases our knowledge.
  5. In school we are taught to read and write.
  6. Everyone should go to school.
  7. A person who goes to school is educated and intelligent.
  8. In school, we are taught maths, science, geography, grammar etc.
  9. In school we meet new friends and classmates.
  10. In school, we get to know about the story, poetry and the country and the world.

essay on my school in 10 lines

  1. I like my school very much. I go to school every day.
  2. The name of my school is Vandana Public School.
  3. My school has classes from first to twelfth.
  4. The teachers and the teachers of my school are very nice.
  5. My school uniform is white and blue.
  6. There are 25 rooms in my school.
  7. There is a big playground in the school where we play sports.
  8. Our school starts from 9 in the morning till 3 in the evening.
  9. The school has 3 buses to and from school.
  10. There is a computer lab in our school where we learn to operate computers.

5 sentences on school

  1. School is the temple of knowledge because we get education here.
  2. We learn about reading, writing, playing, dancing, music and other arts in school.
  3. Along with maths, science, geography, history is also learned in school.
  4. School makes us a scholar by which we become a successful human being.
  5. If we study well in school then our future becomes bright.

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