10 Lines on Banana

Let’s know about 10 Lines on Banana. Want to write essay on banana or want to write five sentence or 10 sentence about banana then you have come to right place. In this article some sentences about banana are given which you can use to write essay on banana.

10 sentences on banana

  1. Banana is a very famous fruit.
  2. Banana fruits are available in every month of the year.
  3. Banana is a very tasty fruit.
  4. Its taste is sweet.
  5. Raw banana is green and ripe banana is yellow.
  6. Banana fruit is in bunches. A bunch contains 10 to 20 bananas.
  7. Banana fruit is easily available in the market.
  8. Vitamin A B C is found in bananas.
  9. Banana is very beneficial for our health.
  10. Raw banana is also used as a vegetable.

five sentences on banana

  1. Banana is my favorite fruit. It is very tasty.
  2. Banana is very nutritious for our body.
  3. Banana fruit is green in color and turns yellow when ripe.
  4. Alone gives strength to our body. We should eat a banana every day.
  5. From child to old everyone likes to eat banana.

10 Lines Essay on Banana

  1. Banana is very beneficial for our health.
  2. Banana makes our bones strong.
  3. Our body gets energy from bananas.
  4. Banana chips and sweets are also made.
  5. Many people make milk and banana shake and drink it.
  6. The largest production of bananas is in India.
  7. Banana is also used as Prasad in worship etc.
  8. Mineral elements like calcium iron, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus are found in bananas.
  9. Banana is cultivated in about 170 countries.
  10. Banana removes iron deficiency in our body.

Benefits of eating banana

  • Eating banana does not make the body weak.
  • Alone makes our bones strong.
  • Constipation goes away by eating banana at night.
  • Banana increases the amount of blood in the body
  • Eating bananas improves our digestion.
  • It works to increase strength in our body.
  • Alone also helps in increasing our memory.

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