10 Lines on Cricket

Today we are going to give you 10 line sentences about cricket, after reading which you can write 10 line essay on cricket. In this post of 10 Lines on Cricket, we have given 5, 10 sentences on cricket which will help you to write sentences on cricket.

10 lines about cricket

  1. Cricket is a very famous game which is played all over the world.
  2. Cricket is played between two teams consisting of 11-11 players.
  3. A large ground of 450-500 feet is required to play this game.
  4. Cricket is played with the help of ball and bat.
  5. The one who throws the ball is called the bowler and the one who hits the ball with the bat is called the batsman.
  6. The batsmen of one team score runs by hitting the ball, then the other team aims to defeat it by scoring 1 run more than that.
  7. Cricket also has different formats like Test match, ODI, T20 etc.
  8. In our country, a successful cricket player is seen with great respect.
  9. Taking inspiration from them, nowadays children also play this game with great enthusiasm.
  10. A good career can be made in this field of sports also, that’s why nowadays people have become more aware of sports.

10 Lines on Cricket

  1. Cricket is a popular sport that people all over the world love to watch and play.
  2. In our country, small children are seen playing cricket in the streets.
  3. International cricket match is played between different countries which is very exciting.
  4. Cricket is also played in many ways like one-day match, world cup, 20-20 etc.
  5. Most popular is 20-20 cricket which is a 20 over game which is watched by a large number of people.
  6. In cricket, 6 balls are bowled in one over.
  7. To play cricket, a pitch of 22 yards is made in a field.
  8. There are three stumps on both sides of the pitch and bowling and batting are done between them.
  9. In cricket, the decision to dismiss a player is taken by the umpire.
  10. Two umpires are present to make decisions on the field but sometimes a third umpire (computer technology) is also required.

10 sentences on cricket

  1. Cricket is a very famous game among the games played on the ground.
  2. Everyone knows cricket, it is very popular in our country.
  3. At the beginning of the game, a coin is tossed and the team winning the toss decides whether to bat or bowl first.
  4. The batsman team tries to score maximum runs and the bowler team tries to give minimum runs.
  5. One team scores runs and the other team tries to win by scoring one run more than that.
  6. 20-20 cricket is very popular in cricket, it consists of only 20 overs matches.
  7. Cricket first started in England in the 16th century.
  8. Cricket was introduced to India by the British in the 17th century and the first cricket match was played in India in 1721.
  9. Seven countries have declared cricket as their national game, including England, Antigua, Barbuda, Jamaica, Grenada and Guyana.
  10. In 1934, the first women’s Test match was played between Australia and England. 

5 line about cricket

  1. Cricket is a famous outdoor game played between two teams. This game is played in many countries around the world.
  2. A team consists of 11 players which include batsman, bowler, wicketkeeper and fielder.
  3. Every player has special abilities, someone is a better batsman, someone is a bowler and a player is a wicketkeeper.
  4. The player who specializes in both batting and bowling is called an all-rounder player.
  5. Sachin Tendulkar is one of the famous and popular cricket players in India.

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