10 Lines on Guava

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10 Lines on Guava

  1. Guava is a delicious fruit with a sweet taste.
  2. The color of guava is green and yellow.
  3. There are small hard seeds inside guava.
  4. Inside it is a soft pulp with a sweet taste.
  5. Usually the color of the pulp is white but guava with red pulp is also found.
  6. Guava is beneficial for our health.
  7. Carbohydrates, proteins, fats, mineral-salts are found in guava.
  8. Vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus and iron are also found in it.
  9. Guava jelly is also made, it can also be eaten in the form of salad and chutney.
  10. Small white flowers bloom before the guava tree bears fruit.

Five sentences on Guava –

  1. Guava is a delicious fruit of green and yellow color which has a sweet taste.
  2. Many species of guava are found, guava with red pulp is also found.
  3. Guava contains vitamins and many nutrients which are beneficial for our body.
  4. Guava juice, pudding, barfi, chutney, jam, vegetable etc. are made.
  5. Guava is also called Jamphal, the name Guava is derived from the Sanskrit Guava.

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