10 Lines on my Home

Today we have brought 10 line essay on my house. Often children are asked questions in school like: write 10 lines about home, write essay on my home in 10 lines, 5 lines about home, essay about home, write 10 Lines on my home etc. . Below we have given sentences and 10 lines about home which can be used to write an essay on home. We hope that the sentences given about the house will be of use to you.

essay on my home 10 line

  1. The abode where we live is called home.
  2. My house is located in Mumbai.
  3. My house has 4 rooms and a kitchen and toilet.
  4. There are total 4 members living in my house.
  5. Home is very important to us. It protects us from heat, rain, cold etc.
  6. We have placed beautiful flower pots on the terrace of my house.
  7. There is always cleanliness in my house.
  8. I also have a puja room in my house where we worship God.
  9. I like my house very much.
  10. My whole family lives very happily in my house.

10 Lines on my home

  1. The house in which we live with our family is called home.
  2. We also have a house which I love very much.
  3. My house has 3 rooms and a kitchen and toilet.
  4. Cleanliness is always taken care of in my house.
  5. There is a vegetable market near my house from where we get vegetables.
  6. There is a skylight in my house for lighting.
  7. We feel safe in our house in every season, winter, summer and rain.
  8. Total 4 people live in my house, my parents, me and my brother.
  9. There is a courtyard in my house where we play.
  10. We have planted beautiful flowering plants in the corner of the courtyard.

my home 10 line

  1. My house is very lovely and beautiful.
  2. Me and my parents live in my house.
  3. My house is in the village where the environment is very good.
  4. My house has 2 rooms as well as kitchen and toilet.
  5. There is a mango tree near the house which bears mangoes.
  6. We have planted many flowering plants around the house.
  7. There is a courtyard in the house where there is a Tulsi plant.
  8. We use broom and mop to clean the house.
  9. Every year during Diwali, we get the walls of the house painted.
  10. My house is very dear to me and the whole family lives happily in it.

5 line about home

  1. Home is an important place where we live with our family.
  2. The house protects us from rain, strong sun and strong cold.
  3. We also have a house which I love very much.
  4. We live very happily and peacefully in our house.
  5. We take great care of our home and take care of cleanliness and decoration from time to time.

In this article, we have given essay on my house in 10 lines and 5 line sentences and sentences about house. We hope that this article written about 10 Lines on my home will be useful for class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and other children.

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