10 Lines on Papaya

Let us know about 10 Lines on Papaya. Today we have brought an essay on papaya which has been written in different points. You can use this information to answer the questions asked in schools like five sentences, 10 sentences or 10 lines essay on papaya etc.

10 Lines on Papaya

  1. Papaya is a sweet tasting fruit.
  2. The size of papaya is bigger than other fruits.
  3. The color of papaya is yellow, orange and green.
  4. Ripe papaya appears orange and yellow from inside.
  5. Many black colored seeds are found inside papaya.
  6. Papaya is very beneficial for our health.
  7. Nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium are found in papaya.
  8. Papaya tree is a fast growing tree which is ready to bear fruit in 8-10 months.
  9. Papaya is produced in the largest quantity in India.
  10. Papaya is grown the most in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Gujarat.

Five sentences on papaya

  • Papaya is a large sized tasty fruit which is sweet to eat.
  • Raw papaya is also used as a vegetable.
  • By eating papaya, we get vitamins and nutrients, it is beneficial for our health.
  • Eating papaya increases the immunity of the body.
  • Papaya tree does not have wood, it is not very strong. Light yellow flowers also grow on its tree.

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