10 Lines on Pigeon

Let’s know about 10 Lines on Pigeon. Many times schools are asked to write five sentences on pigeon, 10 sentences on pigeon, 10 lines on Pigeon, few sentences about pigeon etc. Today we are giving you sentences and some lines about pigeon, using which you can also write an essay on pigeon .

10 sentences on Pigeon

  1. Dove is a bird with a quiet character. This bird is considered a symbol of peace.
  2. Pigeon is white, brown, gray in colour.
  3. Pigeon is a domesticated bird that is kept by humans.
  4. Pigeon is a medium sized bird. It can fly very easily in the sky.
  5. Pigeon has two legs, one beak and two eyes.
  6. They have four toes on their feet, out of which three are in the front and one is in the back.
  7. Pigeon likes to eat grains, fruits, flowers, leaves etc.
  8. Pigeons love to be around humans.
  9. In ancient times, pigeons were used to send letters.
  10. There are more than 300 species of pigeons found in the world.

5 sentences about pigeon

  1. Pigeon is a beautiful and peaceful bird. It prefers to live mostly in human areas.
  2. Pigeons are found in many colors but mostly white or gray pigeons are seen in India.
  3. Pigeons have strong wings and can fly high in the sky.
  4. The life span of pigeon is generally from 3 to 7 years. Depending on the environment and locality, they can live up to a maximum of 15 years.
  5. The normal flying speed of a pigeon is 90 -160 km/h.

10 line information about pigeon

  1. Pigeon is a normal sized bird which is mostly white and gray in colour.
  2. It has a small pointed beak on its mouth and two eyes.
  3. Their eyes can be of many colors. The color of pigeon’s eyes can be red, pink, orange, yellow and black.
  4. Pigeon’s feet are red or pink.
  5. This bird likes to live in human areas more. They like to make their home in human habitation.
  6. The whole body of pigeon is covered with feathers.
  7. Pigeons can fly at a height of 6000 feet or more in the sky.
  8. The length of a normal pigeon is 32 to 37 cm. it occurs.
  9. Pigeons have a sharp memory, they can remember and recognize human faces.
  10. Their eyes are also sharp, they can also see ultraviolet rays.

20 line sentence and essay on pigeon –

  1. Pigeon is a very cute and beautiful bird.
  2. Pigeon is seen in our courtyard, terrace and fields.
  3. It likes to eat rice, lentils, nuts, fruits, leaves etc.
  4. They have two legs in which there are 3-3 fingers.
  5. They have two fingers in front and one in the back.
  6. The colors of their feet are mostly red or pink.
  7. Pigeon lays 1 to 3 eggs which are white in colour.
  8. They can fly in the sky at a speed of 160 km / h.
  9. Pigeon and human relation is very old.
  10. In ancient times, pigeons used to send letters from one place to another.
  11. Pigeons are very sociable birds, they always like to live in groups.
  12. Pigeons have special ability to see and hear.
  13. Their eyes are very sharp and they can recognize things from far away.
  14. Because of the calm nature of the pigeon, it is considered a symbol of peace.
  15. Pigeons often become prey for hawks, owls and crows.
  16. Pigeon is an intelligent bird.
  17. Their memory is sharp, they do not forget their place of residence.
  18. Pigeon can also recognize itself in the mirror.
  19. He also remembers the faces of human beings.
  20. Pigeons can also hear those sounds which we humans cannot hear.

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