10 Lines on Pollution

Today we have brought 10 line sentences about pollution for you. Often schools are asked to write 10 line or 5 line essay on environmental pollution. Today in this post of 10 Lines on Pollution, we are writing 10 lines essay on pollution which will be useful for you.

10 Lines on Pollution

  1. Dirt and impurities spread in nature adversely affect the environment, this is called environmental pollution. 
  2. Environmental pollution can be of many types such as: air, water, noise, soil pollution etc.
  3. Environmental pollution causes great harm to our health.
  4. Due to environmental pollution, the temperature of the atmosphere is increasing, climate changes are taking place, the balance of the weather is deteriorating.
  5. Pollution causes a lot of damage to humans, animals and birds and nature. 
  6. Air pollution is caused by smoke coming out of vehicles, factories, flying dust etc.
  7. Noise pollution is caused by honking of vehicles, running of machines and other noise generating objects.
  8. Water pollution is caused by the dumping of industrial waste and plastic waste and other things into rivers and ponds.
  9. To prevent pollution, more trees and plants should be planted.
  10. Harmful wastes coming out of polluting factories should be destroyed. 

10 lines about pollution

  1. In today’s time, pollution has become a very serious problem, about which it is necessary to make people aware.
  2. Today we are getting many types of diseases due to pollution.
  3. Pollution is causing immense damage to plants, animals and climate.
  4. We should stop using chemical fertilizers and pesticides for farming, it pollutes the land.
  5. Population growth is also a major cause of pollution for which necessary measures should be taken.
  6. Non-recyclable plastics should be banned as they pollute the environment.
  7. It is necessary to stop unnecessary deforestation, besides this tree plantation is also necessary.
  8. Industrialization is a big factor of pollution. The waste and smoke coming out of the industries are very harmful.
  9. The government should make strict rules to prevent pollution and strictly follow them.
  10. It is very important to run an awareness campaign regarding environmental pollution in the society.

5 line about pollution

  • The environment is polluted by the wastes and contaminants spread by humans in the environment.
  • Environmental pollution is a matter of great concern because it has adverse effects on all living beings.
  • There are many types of pollution like: air pollution , water pollution, noise pollution, soil pollution etc.
  • We need to make people aware to keep the environment clean.
  • Necessary rules and regulations need to be made to prevent pollution.

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