10 Lines On Tomato

We all have eaten red tomatoes. It is as beautiful to look at as it is equally delicious to eat. Today we are going to give you some sentences on tomato, using which you will be able to answer questions asked in school like: five sentences on tomato, write 10 lines about tomato, write 10 lines on tomato etc.

10 Lines On Tomato

  1. Ripe tomatoes are red in color while raw tomatoes are green in colour.
  2. The taste of tomato is sour.
  3. Tomato is mostly used as vegetable and chutney.
  4. Tomato is also added to other vegetables, it increases its taste.
  5. Tomato is one of the most used vegetables in the world.
  6. Tomato consumption is beneficial for our health.
  7. Tomato plant is like a vine.
  8. Vitamin A and Vitamin C are found in tomatoes.
  9. Yellow flowers also bloom on the tomato plant.
  10. Tomatoes are cultivated in almost all the countries of the world.

10 line sentence on tomato

  1. Apart from vegetable, tomato is also eaten in the form of soup, chutney, salad and tomato ketchup.
  2. Small seeds are also found inside tomatoes.
  3. Tomato can be cultivated throughout the year according to the climate.
  4. According to scientists, tomato is a fruit and not a vegetable.
  5. Many nutrients are found in tomatoes, so eating it is healthy.
  6. Tomatoes are rich in calcium, phosphorus and vitamin C.
  7. Eating tomatoes increases immunity.
  8. Tomato chutney is used everywhere in breakfast.
  9. Tomato is beneficial for our face and skin.
  10. Tomato increases digestion power and it also helps in reducing obesity.

How do you like these sentences written on tomatoes? Using this you will be able to write 10 lines on tomato.

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