About Us

smarts side is a blog-based website that provides information related to nature and
its products like vegetables, herbs, shrubs, fruits, trees etc.
smarts side unravels the secret of herbs for a healthy lifestyle.
In today’s way we are going far away from nature and its uniqueness. It is just because of changing lifestyle and expansion of
technology, there is no doubt that it is making our life easier.
But human civilization like poor health and bad environment is also having a very bad effect.
This sometimes causes disturbance in the human body and mind and also in oneself.
And the idea of blogging is the best way to share ideas, thoughts, and to let
others know about almost any little thing that is over
looked by someone who can sometimes make a miracle happen.
We can be benefited by connecting with science nature through herbs
and can also move forward for human welfare.
The main purpose of the website is to provide useful information in a different way,
however we do not claim that the information provided by us is authentic.
The information contained in the science of herbs is to educate people

about nature and its product which is already being used by them.
If you love to read something interesting about natural foods every day.
The science of herbs is the best place to find out.
Feel free to write to us a , vicky@smartsside.com, to get more information.