Alisha Name Meaning

Let us know about Alisha Name Meaning. It is often seen that parents have a desire to keep some special name for their child. Preparation for which starts before the arrival of the child. Name plays a very important role in our life. A name with a good meaning develops a good personality. So obviously you would also like that the personality of your child should also be good in the future, so you should name him only after getting all the information about the name. We provide all the information along with the name for your convenience so that you do not have to search in different sites. Alisha is a popular name for girls. If you also like this name, then definitely read our article till the end.

Meaning of the name Alisha

Alisha is a unique name for girls so obviously everyone would love to have it. Nowadays, the trend of unique names is at the forefront of the list of names. But this does not mean that you should forget the meaning of the name because the meaning of the name itself decides the personality and nature of your child. That’s why we bring to you unique names like Alisha that have some literal meaning as well. The meaning of name Alisha is “silk of heaven and protected by god”. Zodiac sign is Aries.

MeaningProtected by God, the silk of heaven
constellationKritika (A, E, A, Oo, E)
Good Day Tuesday
happy color red, white and yellow
auspicious gem Coral

What is the meaning of the name Alisha?

The name Alisha is so lovely that it is widely accepted in Hinduism as well as in other religions. The meaning of Alisha is silk of heaven, protected by god which you can see in her nature. Girls named Alisha have an attractive personality just like their name. A lot of talents are seen in these girls at once. They feel great joy in helping others. Girls named Alisha do not listen to anyone when it comes to their own, which is a sign of a stubborn nature.

Alisha Name Horoscope

Alisha’s zodiac sign is Aries, which occupies the first position in the zodiac and is ruled by Mars. Girls named Alisha of Aries zodiac sign are at the forefront of making and maintaining friendship. Girls named Alisha are quick-witted and fickle by nature. They love their freedom very much. Being the people of Aries, girls named Alisha prove to be very correct in the matter of love affair and romance.

What is the constellation of the name Alisha?

Girls named Alisha are born in Kritika Nakshatra, symbolized by a cluster of six knife-shaped stars. Names starting with A, E, Oo, A, E come under this Nakshatra.

Other names for Aries like Alisha

Alisha is a trending name for girls. But if you want to name your daughter according to Aries, then its information is given in the following table. Names starting with the letter A, Ch, L come under Aries. We have prepared a list of names related to this.


Names Similar to Alisha

Alisha is a unique name and parents are very fond of such names. But if you are looking for similar names for your daughter, then there is nothing to worry about. We have curated a list especially for you of name names that rhyme with Alisha.

NishaReview (Sameeksha)

Famous people named Alisha

The name Alisha is so famous that girls with this name are making waves in their own country as well as in foreign countries as well. For this, we have also prepared a list which is given below. If you are interested to know about it then definitely read it.

Alisha Chinoysinger
Alisha Abdullahracing driver
alisha chopraActress
Alisha Singhactress, dancer
alisha ahmedfilm actress and producer
alisha raiamerican writer
alisha panwarActress
alisha dixonbritish singer

girl names starting with ‘a’

The first letter of the name is very important in naming the children, that is why many parents prefer to name their children with certain letters. Here we have discussed some names starting with the letter ‘A’ for you, you can also consider these.

AksharaGoddess Saraswati
AnanyaGoddess Parvati
Anyafull of grace
Anushkagrace, favor
AnikaGoddess Durga
Advikaworld, earth, unique

In this article, we have come to know that Alisha is a trending name for girls, which is famous in the country as well as abroad, which you must have got by reading the list of famous people named Alisha. If you want your daughter to be such that no one remains ignorant, then definitely name your lovely daughter Alisha. Hope you have enjoyed reading our article, then do share and like this article.

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