Alka Name Meaning

Let us know about Alka Name Meaning. Alka is one of the most beautiful girl names. This name is very famous. Every name has its own specialty which makes this name special in its meaning. Did you also like it because you liked its meaning or did you find this name attractive even after hearing it, due to which the curiosity about this name increased in your mind. So the answer to every question related to this name is going to be found in this article. In this article, you will get all the necessary information related to the name Alka. Apart from this, if you are thinking of naming your daughter Alka, then this name will be right for your baby girl, you can take a decision comfortably after reading this article.

Meaning of the name Alka

The house where daughters are born is considered very lucky according to our society. The family members do not hesitate at all to express their happiness in front of others. Daughters are as dear to the family as they are named with the same love. Parents often give importance to names that are trending. Alka is a very cute girl name, that’s why many parents prefer it. Alka means beautiful hair, beautiful girl, talented etc. The zodiac sign of this name is Aries. The nature and personality of women and girls with this name is very attractive. Read the full article to know better about this name.

Name Alka
Meaning beautiful hair, beautiful girl, talented
gender Girl
Numerology 8
Religion Hindu
Amount Mesh
constellation Kritika (A, E, Oo, A, E)
Good Day Tuesday
happy color white, red and yellow
auspicious gem Coral

What is the meaning of the name Alka?

Alka is a lovely sounding name. The meaning of a person’s name reflects completely in his personality. In such a situation, if your name is Alka, then people will be more attracted towards you because of your name. Alka name meanings is Beautiful hair, Beautiful girl, Talented etc. Apart from this, its effect is also visible in their nature. Girls named Alka always have the spirit to do something new and better. They have more faith in themselves than others and keep on completing whatever work they decide to do. They are not at all fond of living their life in a simple way, so they are always ready to take any new risk.

Alka Name Horoscope

The astrological sign of Alka is a Aries. You will find all kinds of qualities in women of this zodiac. These girls are always clear about their goals. She likes to work hard and honestly and never takes short cuts in her life. Not only this, the behavior of girls of this zodiac is kind and full of love towards others and people also like to be with them. Women with this name believe in facing problems head on. The main letters of this zodiac are considered to be A, L, Cha.

What is the constellation of Alka?

The Nakshatra named Alka is ‘Kritika’ and according to astrology, the symbol of Kritika Nakshatra is considered to be Agnishikha. Other letters associated with Kritika Nakshatra are as follows – A, E, Oo, A, E.

Other names for Aries like Alka

Starting with the letter ‘A’, the name Alka belongs to the Aries zodiac sign. If you want to know more names according to Aries, then we have found some names for you. From these you can choose the name of your daughter.

Aakarshika (Aakarshika)Anandita (Aanadita)

Similar names for Alka

Alka is already a beautiful name for girls, but if you still want to know about similar names to this name, then definitely check out the list of names given below.

Name  Name

famous people named Alka

There are many famous personalities named Alka, out of which we will tell you about some special women. The following list gives information about such women along with their profession –

Name occupation 
Alka Yagniksinger
Alka Lambapolitician
Alka Vermatv actress
Alka AminActress
Alka KaushalActress
Alka Moghatv actress
Alka Dixitwriter
Alka Ajitsouth indian singer
Alka KubalMarathi actress

girl names starting with ‘a’

If you are thinking of naming your daughter with the letter ‘A’ or want to know about today’s new names, then you must have a look at some of the names we have found.

Arshitaheavenly, goddess
Avniearth, earth
Abhilashadesirous of
AprajitaOne who never gives up, a name of the goddess
Apsaradaughter of heaven
Aparnasurrender, devotional offering

In today’s time, the name Alka is one of the most popular names. This name will not only enhance the beauty of your daughter, but you will also get satisfaction by choosing this name. We have given all the necessary information related to this name through this article. Hope this information helps you in naming your baby girl.

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