Archana Name Meaning

Let us know about Archana Name Meaning. Some people of today’s generation do not consider it necessary to obey elders. They think that it is the job of the elders to stop them, but it is not like that, whatever they say, they say from their own experience. That’s why some important things should be kept in mind while naming the children such as the meaning of the name, horoscope etc. That’s why we explain in detail about name meaning, zodiac sign, constellation etc. If you are wondering what is the nature of Person with name Archana then you are in the right place. This article is about the name Archana. If you like this name, then definitely read this article till the end for all the information related to it.

Meaning of the name Archana

Archana is a common name for girls. But despite this parents like this name. So let us tell you that what is the specialty in the name Archana that it is liked so much. Archana name meanings is Worship and respect. It means to say that girls named Archana can be religious minded and deserve respect in the society. If we talk about zodiac sign then the zodiac sign of Archana is Aries. Stay tuned with us for more such information.

Meaningworship, respect
StarKritika (A, E, E, U, A)
Good DayTuesday
happy colorred, white and yellow
auspicious gemcoral or garnet stone

What is the meaning of the name Archana?

The meaning of name Archana is worship and respect which you can see in the behavior of girls named Archana. Girls named Archana are very attractive with their intelligence and colorful manner. Girls named Archana turn red with anger, but the sooner they get angry, the sooner they agree. These girls have a strange passion for work which makes them excited to do any work. He is known for bringing new changes in the society. These girls are very intelligent and strong in mind.

Archana Name Horoscope

The first letter of the name Archana is the first letter of Hindi and its sign also comes first in the zodiac, which is Aries. Being from Aries, whatever qualities are there in the people of Aries, you will also see them in girls named Archana. Girls named Archana are fearless and courageous. Their confidence is always of a high order. These girls are very excited about life. They have the urge to know about everyone in life. As we told that they are fearless, so they do not hold back from doing any work even if it is risky.

What is the constellation of the name Archana?

It is believed that girls named Archana are born in Kritika Nakshatra. The symbol of this constellation is a group of six knife-shaped stars. Other names also come under this Nakshatra whose first letters are A, E, U, A, E.

Other names for Aries like Archana

Archana is an Aries name, which is a lovely name for girls. If you also want to name your daughter according to Aries and want to know some more such cute names, then you may like the list below. The main letters in Aries are A, L, and Ch.

AavyaChaitali (Chaitali)
AntaraChaitra (Chaitra)
Anandita (Anandita)Chinmayee

Names Similar to Archana

By now you must have understood that Archana is such a lovely name. If you also liked the name and you want to know about some other such name, then for this we have made a list, which you can see.

Aahana (Aahana)Niranjana

Famous people named Archana

The name Archana has always been a popular name, so this is also the reason why people like this name. If you would like to know about some popular personalities named Archana then go through the table given below.

Archana Puran SinghActress
Archana Udupasinger
Archana Garodia Guptaentrepreneur
Archana ValawalkarCreative Director, Fashion Editor
Archana Handsmovie directory
Archana Mahajansinger
Archana Gautamactress, politician
Archana JoglekarActress, Dancer

girl names starting with ‘a’

Some letters in the Hindi alphabet are very special. From whom many good names are born. That’s why if you want to name your daughter with the letter ‘A’, then in the table below some names and their meanings have been mentioned, do read it.

AnanyaA name of Goddess Parvati
Asmita (Asmita)pride, honor
Akshitawho is immortal
Anayrahappiness, joy
Atikaflowers smell good
Amikadear friend
Amritaimmortality, priceless
Arunitalike the rays of the sun
Anishagood friend, close, intimate

Archana is a popular name of the present time which may be liked by all of you. Talking about its meaning, horoscope etc., we have tried to give complete information about the name Archana in the above article, so if you liked this article of ours, then do not delay in naming your daughter. Put it on Also, do tell in the comment box how you liked this article of ours.

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