Arjun Name Meaning

Let’s know about Arjun Name Meaning. It is a matter of great happiness for a newly married couple to become parents and if you are experiencing this happiness for the first time, then there will be no limit to your happiness. To make this happiness memorable, you will be willing to do everything that will remind you of it forever. In order to make this moment memorable, it is most important to keep the name of the child, which has to be carefully thought out. In our article, we give information about very cute cute names for children, which parents like very much. ‘Arjun’ is such a name which has been trending for years but still this name is quite popular, so if you are liking this name too, then definitely read this article till the end for all the information related to this name.

Meaning of the name Arjun

On hearing the name Arjuna, the first thought that comes to mind is the son of the Pandava archer, Arjuna. The one who licked the dust of big warriors in the battlefield. That’s why the name sounds more attractive, the meaning of which is also very impressive. Arjun name meanings is Fair, Open minded, Pure, Illustrious, A Pandava, Prince. This means that such qualities can be seen in the nature and behavior of children named Arjun. The zodiac sign of Arjun is Aries ascendant. If you want to know more about the personality and horoscope of Arjun name then stay tuned with us.

MeaningFair, Open minded, Pure, Magnificent, A Pandava, Prince
gender Boy
constellationKritika (A, E, Oo, A, E)
Good DayTuesday
happy color red, white and yellow
auspicious gem Coral
Arjun Name Meaning

What does the name Arjun mean?

Arjuna is a popular name from the Mahabharata meaning fair, open minded, pure, illustrious, a Pandava and a prince. Boys named Arjun are very strong mentally. It can be their quality to keep laughing and playing even in trouble. Person with name Arjun are known for starting new things in the world. Boys named Arjun love work so much that they do not feel tired even after working continuously for many hours. It is often seen that people named Arjun are very fond of food and drink. He likes to help people. These people work hard to achieve their goal so that they can be successful and the result of their struggle is definitely received one day or the other.

Arjun Name Horoscope

Arjun’s zodiac sign is Aries, which is the first zodiac sign in the zodiac. Aries Arjun is full of courage and confidence. They do not feel any fear in taking risks. Boys named Arjun are very famous for friendship and enmity. In this way, they do not make their friends quickly, but when they do make friends, they make them very deep. Qualities like ambitiousness and inquisitiveness can be seen in the personality of boys named Arjun.

What is the constellation of the name Arjun?

The birth constellation of Arjuna is Kritika, whose symbol is a cluster of six knife-shaped stars. Other letters related to this constellation are as follows – E, Oo, A, E.

Other names for Aries like Arjun

Arjun is a name that has always been in trend and is preferred even today. But if you want to know other names from Aries or want to name your child something other than Arjun, then its information is given in detail below. You can consider these names. The main letters that come in Aries are A, L, Ch.

Aarav (Aarav)Aaroh

Similar names for Arjun

There are many names that settle in our heart and Arjun is one of them. But if you do not want to name your son Arjun and want to name something similar to it, then definitely read the following table for this.

Mallikarjun (Mallikarjun)Varun
SajjanCreation (Srujan)

Famous people named Arjun

It is our responsibility to provide you all the information related to the name. That’s why we have gathered information about some famous people named Arjun who are famous for their works in different fields.

Arjun Kanungosinger
Arjun Rampalactor
Arjun Closetentrepreneur
Arjun Kapooractor
Arjun Badalpolitician
Arjun Tendulkarcricket player
Arjun Bijlaniactor
Arjun Sharmacricket player
Arjun Mundapolitician
Arjun Lakrasinger

boy names starting with ‘a’

In this article, we have come up with cute and unique names starting with the letter ‘A’ so that your child grows up to say that my name is unique and unique. You can name your son by choosing one of these names.

Abhyuday (Abhyuday)sunrise, growth, prosperity
Ahan (Ahan)Morning
Adheer (Adheer)moon
AchyutIndestructible, A name of Lord Vishnu
Abhishek (Abhishek)ritual, purification
Abhirathgreat charioteer

In today’s article, we came to know about such a name which has been in practice since ages. This name is mentioned in Mahabharata which is very ancient. Despite this, parents prefer to keep this name. They want their child to grow up to be a successful person, so you must name your son Arjun. We hope that whatever information we have given you has proved beneficial for you.

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