Atul Name Meaning

Let us know about Atul Name Meaning. Every parent loves their child very much and the same love is reflected in their given name as well. Today, through this article, we will know about the very smart and trending name of boys, meaning of Atul, zodiac sign and nature of boys with this name. It is a cool name that is liked by most of the parents and relatives. This name is quite simple and cute which can attract everyone towards it. Many people named Atul are gaining a lot of popularity and behind that their name also has an important contribution.

Meaning of the name Atul

Atul is a smart name and is considered to be one of the few chosen boy names. In today’s time, this name is also trending a lot. In such a situation, everyone would like to know its meaning. Let us tell you that in relation to Shahrukh’s meaning, there is monarchy. The meaning of Atul is incomparable, modern, capable etc., the effect of all these meanings is clearly visible in the behavior and personality of the persons named with this name. People with this name are capable of many types of work. Starting with the letter ‘A’, this name comes under Aries. Know more important information related to this name in detail further.

Name Atul
Meaning Incredible, Modern, Capable
gender  Boy
Numerology 9
Religion Hindu
Amount Mesh
constellation Kritika (A, E, Oo, A, E)
Good Day Tuesday
happy color yellow, red and white
auspicious gem Coral

What is the meaning of the name Atul?

Atul name meanings is Incomparable, Modern, Competent etc which qualities you will see in your child. The personality of the people with this name is very attractive and they are very beautiful in appearance. Although they are inquisitive in nature, yet they listen to people calmly. There is no dearth of energy in the natives named Atul, due to which they are ready to face any problem fearlessly and without getting tired. Apart from this, these people do not trust anyone in matters related to money and career.

Atul Name Horoscope

The astrological sign of Atul is a Aries. Many incomparable qualities are seen in the people of this zodiac, which encourage them to move forward strongly towards their goal. Although their nature is calm, but sometimes they start getting angry on small things and get into a rage, due to which everyone tries their best to take advantage of them. Not only this, the people of this zodiac are very courageous and fearless and their nature is also very simple and honest. The main letters of this zodiac are considered to be A, L, Cha.

What is the constellation of the name Atul?

The Nakshatra named Atul is Kritika and according to astrology, the symbol of Kritika Nakshatra is considered to be Agnishikha. Other letters associated with Kritika Nakshatra are as follows- A, E, Oo, A, E.

Other names for Libra like Atul

Since the name Atul starts with letter A, it comes in Aries. If you want to know about the names of boys according to the zodiac sign of Aries and other alphabets, then we have found some names for you. From these you can choose the name of your choice.

AnjaniAarav (Aarav)
LakshitArticle (Lekh)

More names similar to Atul

Atul is a very popular name and anyone with this name can be attracted towards everyone. If you want another name similar to this, then let us tell you about other names like this.

Name  Name

Famous people named Atul

There are many celebrities named Atul who are earning a lot of fame in almost every field, especially in films, today we will tell about some famous people named Atul. Here be that person-

Name occupation 
Atul Gogawlemusician
Atul Kulkarniactor
Atul Dodiyapainter
Atul Vasanformer cricketer
Atul Kasbekarphotographer
Atul Mongiafilm writer
Atul NisharEntrepreneur & Techie
Atul Agnihotriactor
Atul Savepolitician

boy names starting with ‘a’

We have brought for you very unique and best names of boys from the letter ‘A’ and if you also want to name your beloved son in these given names, then take a look at the list of names given below. Must check with

Arulgrace of the gods
Ashwinione of the constellations
Amberthe sky
Amulya (Amulya)Precious
AtharvFirst Veda, a name of Ganesha
Anujyounger brother
AbhayFearless, Son of Dharma
AkshayIndestructible, infinite, immortal

As mentioned in this article, boys named Atul always have respect, selflessness and love for the people in their heart. This is the reason why people choose this name for their son. Through this article, we have tried our best to give as much information as possible about this name and we sincerely hope that this article will definitely help you in choosing the right name for your son.

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