Bittu Name Meaning

Let us know about Bittu Name Meaning. A name is considered an important part of a person’s identity. Parents often give their children names that they are personally connected to or that they like. Everyone gives some or the other name to the children out of love and there are more names to be called in the house. Babies are given official names, but some parents choose short and cute names. The family members call him by this name. One of the most popular of these names is Bittu. Children get familiar with this name since childhood and also like it. In this article, detailed information has been given about the name Bittu, so read further.

Meaning of the name Bittu

Whatever may be the time, the aim of every parent is that they name their children very thoughtfully and keeping in mind all the benefits hidden behind it. Sometimes due to the excessive pampering of the parents, they give him a loving name. Bittu is one of those loving names. This name is mostly the house name of the children, but some people also keep it as an official name. If you want to know how people named Niharika are, first know about its meaning and horoscope. The meaning of name Bittu is “a lovely child”. On the other hand, if we talk about its zodiac, then this name comes under Taurus.

Name Bittu
Meaning Cute baby
gender  Boy
Numerology 9
Religion Hindu
Amount Taurus
Star Rohini (O, Ba, B, Bu, V, Va, Vi, Wu)
Good Day Wednesday and Friday
happy color white, green and pink
auspicious gem diamonds

What is the meaning of the name Bittu?

Bittu is a very loving boy name that most of the parents and family members choose to call them at home. Bittu means a lovely child. The name Bittu sounds simple but many qualities are found in boys and men with this name. Boys with this name are able to make their mark among thousands. These boys love to talk and laugh and play with people. These boys also show great interest in religious works. They are the darling of the house and close to their parents.

Bittu Name Horoscope

The astrological sign of Bittu is a Taurus. Let us tell you that Taurus boys are very sensitive and religious. They have a little shy nature but interact very openly with their family. These boys get upset due to small things, the effect of which can be clearly seen in their behavior and nature. Not only this, he is very fond of visiting new places and traveling the world. They love to serve the people related to them and they never refuse to do any work. The main letters of this zodiac are considered to be E, Oo, A, O, B, V.

What is the constellation of Bittu?

The Nakshatra named Bittu is Rohini and according to astrology the symbol of Rohini Nakshatra is the bullock cart which is being pulled by two bulls. Other letters associated with Rohini Nakshatra are as follows – O, Ba, Bi, Bu, Vi, Va, Vi, Wu.

Other names for Taurus like Bittu

Bittu is a cute name given to boys and parents keep it as their boy’s household name. This name comes in Taurus because it starts with the letter B. If you want information about the names of boys with other alphabets according to the zodiac sign of Taurus, then you can choose a name from the names given below.

VijayUjjwal (Ujjwal)
IleshIkshu (Ikshu)
EhsanEkalavya (Eklavya)

More names similar to Bittu

It is your choice to choose the name Bittu or to suggest this name to someone, but if you want to know about similar names, then you must see the list of other names prepared by us, from which you can choose other names for yourself. Prefer for son.

Name  Name

famous people named Bittu

Bittu is a very common name, so people like it a lot. There are many such famous personalities of this name who are everywhere and have illuminated this name even more with their successes. Here are those people –

Name occupation 
Bittu Sehgalenvironmental activist
Bittu AnandFilmmaker

boy names starting with ‘b’

If you are thinking of naming your son with letter ‘B’ or want to come up with a unique and interesting name, then have a look at the list of names given below.

Bakulsmart, flower, patient
Bakshmaster, destiny
Balveerimmense power, powerful
BablaOn the top
BijeshLord Shiva
Bachilone who talks a lot, an orator
Barunlord of water, neptune
Bankelord krishna
Bipinforest and jungle

It is believed that the more unique and heart touching the meaning of your name, the more your personality gets enhanced. But some names are liked only by the heart and the parents give them to the child with love. Bittu is the same loving name. Today, through this article, we have explained in detail about the meaning, zodiac sign, constellation and nature of the popular and favorite boy name Bittu. From the nature of the boys of this name, the smallest aspects related to them have been told. In such a situation, if you think that this information is absolutely right for you or useful for you, then definitely tell us in the comment box. We’d be happy to help you with your name.

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