Chetan Name Meaning

Let us know about Chetan Name Meaning. So you must have thought of many such unique and trending names for your son. But in spite of this, you are finding it difficult to name your son a different, unique one among so many good names, then we are at your service. Chetan is an extremely popular boy name that is both unique and trending. According to me, you must have liked this name because it is such a name. Apart from the name, for complete information about his personality, horoscope etc., must read this article of ours.

Meaning of the name Chetan

As you read in the intro, parents think of many names for their children so that they can name them better. In this episode, we told you about the name Chetan which is a popular name for boys. Chetan name meanings is Intelligence, Life and Power. This means that children named Chetan are very sharp and powerful. The astrological sign of Chetan is Aries. In the following article, we have tried to give every single information about the name Chetan, so read our article till the end to get complete information.

Meaningintelligence, life, power
StarAshwini (Chu, Che, Cho, La, La)
Good DayThursday
happy coloryellow, orange, pink
auspicious gem Topaz

What is the meaning of the name Chetan?

The meaning of name Chetan is “wisdom, life and power”. Boys named Chetan are believed to have a sociable personality and a friendly nature. Their behavior is good towards people. They are kind and sympathetic towards people. They like to spend their life happily and peacefully. They do not like noise at all. They wish that they get proper respect in the society. Boys named Chetan are very famous in the society and their personality is such that people get drawn to them.

Chetan Name Horoscope

The name Chetan starts with the letter Ch and belongs to the zodiac sign Aries. Whose master is Guru. You will be able to see the people of Aries zodiac that they take great care of their family or loved ones. The people of Aries are firm in their tongue and stick to their words. These people do not like to be friends much. These people like to meditate or say that people named Chetan are at the forefront of religious work, but yes, they do not like to pretend to be useless.

What is the constellation of the name Chetan?

The birth star of a child named Chetan is Ashwini, whose symbol is a horse. Names starting with the letters Chu, Che, Cho, La, La come in this Nakshatra.

Other names for Aries like Chetan

Chetan is a very cute name that comes in Aries. But if you want to get some other name information from Aries, then for this you can read our table given below carefully. The letters that come in Aries are A, Aa, An, L and Cha.

Ankush (Ankush)Anshum
LohitProfit (Labh)
Lavany (Lavany)Sandalwood

More names similar to Chetan

Chetan is a very cute boy name which attracts a lot of parents. Still, if you want to keep your son’s name Chetan and something similar to it, then for this you can find a good name for your son in the table given below.

ChetandeepIvan (Ivaan)

famous people named Chetan

You must have heard about many famous people named Chetan. Here we have listed some famous personalities named Chetan along with their profession which is as follows.

Chetan Shasitalvoice artist
Chetan Anandlate film director
Chetan BhagatAuthor
Chetan Chauhanlate cricketer
Chetan Joshiflute player
Chetan Hansrajactor
Chetan D NarenAuthor
Chetan Panditactor
Chetan MahajanAuthor
Chetan Suryavanshicricket player

boy names starting with ‘ch’

As such, Chetan is a very popular name starting with ‘Ch’. But if your first choice is the first letter of the name, then we have shared its information in this article, you can also consider it.

ChiragPratibha, Deepak
Chayanmoon choose collection
Chetasmind, soul, heart
ChakreshOne of the many names of Lord Vishnu
ChetakThoughtful, Rana Pratap’s horse
Chiranjeeviimmortal man
Chitheshlord of the soul, ruler of the mind
Chittaranjaninner happiness
Chitraguptlord of fate

In this article, we told you why the name Chetan is so good. People named Chetan are also found to be closely associated with spirituality. So if you have liked the information given by us, then do name your son with this name and play your part in making the child’s life meaningful. If you liked this article of ours, then do like, share and comment on it.

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