Co Education Essay

Co Education Essay; In today’s article, we will learn about Co Education Essay. Co-education is the simultaneous education of boys and girls, boys and girls, boys and girls in the same class in the same room of the school. ‘Co-education’ is the learning movement of the students in the unity of curriculum, teacher and class. The literal meaning of Co Education Essay is to take education together, that is, to educate boys and girls together. Co-education is a modern education system and has come to India from western countries.

Some people are of the opinion that the practice of co-education has been going on since the Vedic period. Co-education declined during the medieval period. As a result, there was a complete lack of education among women. After that, co-education started again in the British rule. In the modern era where girls are able to perform better than boys in every field, they cannot be denied the right to education.Let’s start Co Education Essay

The study of boys and girls, boys and girls, boys and girls together in the same class in the same room of the school is called ‘co-education’. Co-education means education of both boys and girls in the same school or college. This education is an important part for men and women to understand each other. Co-education means ‘the curriculum, the teacher and the classroom in unity for the learning journey of the students.’

Propaganda of Arya-Samaj emphasized on women’s education, then English-propaganda questioned co-education. As the western culture developed in India, co-education increased. As a result, today’s civilized citizen, despite suffering from ancient orthodox ideas, does not object to co-education to his children, does not consider it a hindrance in the development of life. Many conservative people in our country have always been opposing Co Education Essay, but due to the change of time and the contribution of science, efforts have been made to bring changes in the ancient thinking of human beings. The history of co-education is not new to our country. In ancient times, the practice of co-education was prevalent in Gurukuls and Ashrams. In those days men and women were seen equally.

Co-education helps in personality, leadership development as well as communication skills. Co-education is necessary in the present era. Co-ed students tend to be more successful in life. He says that we are getting men and women working together in every possible way. Where we are living in such a society, then we need to develop this environment in one’s perception from the very beginning i.e. childhood. Co-education will also strengthen the economy of our country. There will be no need for separate schools for boys and girls in co-education, the money saved from this can be used in other works, which shows the importance of co-education.

Male and female are two characters in the life of the world. Male and female are two such characters on the world stage, without whom the drama of life cannot be staged. According to the sequence of evolution of creation in the form of Prakriti and Purush, even today both of them complement each other like the two wheels of the vehicle of a householder and a householder. With the use of co-education, the attraction towards the opposite sex gradually becomes normal. According to him, continuous use of something leads to indifference towards it.

Therefore Due to apathy, students can focus more of their energy towards their studies or future. Some people believe that co-education is very useful from the economic point of view. If there is only one institution instead of separate institutions for boys and girls, the expenditure can be reduced considerably. Especially in a country like India where the economic condition is not strong, co-education is very useful. Some others believe that mutual understanding increases between the students studying in the same institution. This mutual understanding proves very useful for their household life.

Teacher has an important role in primary education. The teacher performs the duty of mother and teacher for the child coming out of the family and entering the new environment of the school. If education is organized separately by dividing the child into boy or girl, then the teaching of men will neither have that warm-heartedness, nor will they have the perfection to change the attitude of the child, which is there in a teacher. Co-education brings competition among the students. Here the boys try to outdo the boys and the girls try to outdo the boys. This healthy competition makes their study, contemplation, meditation strong.

According to the people speaking in favor of co-education, co-education seems to be a necessity for today’s life. Co-education is essential for the progress of our social life. Co-education will also strengthen the economy of our country. There will be no need for separate schools for boys and girls in co-education, this will spread awareness of equality of boys and girls in the society. With this, the bad habit of discriminating between boys and girls will be removed from the people and boys and girls will get equal rights in the country. That is why today’s society is in dire need of co-education.

There are many advantages of co-education. Due to co-education, female-nature accessible luxury, hesitation, fear of other men, tenderness, helplessness, inferiority in girls go away to some extent. On the other hand, the young man imbibes the qualities of a woman. Her shamelessness, arrogance, unrestrainedness is curbed and the qualities of soft speaking, restrained speech, polite behavior and feminine nature develop in her.

This exchange of feelings between young men and women will become the reason for success in future life. Co-education will create a sense of mutual competition among the students and this will also lead to their intellectual development. Both the classes will try to outdo each other. Boys and girls hesitate with each other, no. This will remove the unnecessary shame in girls, So that after the completion of studies, they will not be shy to talk to boys in the job and boys will learn to be more restrained in front of girls. They will get inspiration to respect women. Due to which their married life will also be successful in the future.

In today’s toxic environment, the co-educational classmate suffers less from the feeling of brother-sister and more from the feeling of lover-girlfriend. The elegance of the classmate attracts him, the charm prompts to touch. Touch leads to hug-kissing and ultimately the student succumbs to lust. No study, no life-development, reverse character-fall, speed towards destruction. The mind remains restless while studying in co-education. The girls are suppressed by the boys. Lives in a suffocating environment.

They shy away from the shadow of studious and shy students, where is the concentration of the mind in such a situation? Where is the state of mind to study? Where is the merit of professor’s speech? Sometimes such incidents come in the syllabus and textbooks, which are against the norms of morality. It is very difficult to clarify those contexts in co-education. In such situation usually The teacher ignores those contexts or leaves them unclear. In this way, co-education is also a hindrance in the advancement of knowledge.

Today’s Indian, irrespective of the economic status he is living in, is eager to embrace the western culture. In the Indian culture, he has started feeling the lack of backwardness. Co-education saves a lot of expenditure in the education system. The double expenditure that is incurred in separate rooms, teachers and management system does not happen. HISTORY, GEOGRAPHY, MATHEMATICS, COMMERCE, CHARTERED ACCOUNTANCY, COST ACCOUNTANCY, BUSINESS MANAGEMENT, MEDICAL SCIENCE, L-LB. The number of girls in Adi classes is countable on one finger. To make separate arrangements for education for them is to make education very expensive.

Will not be able to make separate arrangements for less students. Due to the grace of Doordarshan, the encouragement of cultural programs of the government and the influence of western civilization and culture in Indian life, the hesitation of co-education is now ending. Young men and women meeting, talking in choke, laughing and joking, It is becoming a common thing to visit each other’s house without flinching, going on outings, “tours” organized by educational institutions. Where western culture will bring glitter in life, the norms of luxury and lust will automatically change, then co-education will not be considered against Indianness at any level.

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