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In today’s article, we have brought for you essay on computer in 100, 150, 250, 500 words. Computer is such an electronic device which is used at home, school, office, college, shop etc. In such a situation, children are given information about computers in schools, and they are made to write essays on computers in fewer words and in more words. There are also many people who participate in essay competition on computer. That’s why such people search for Computer Essay on the Internet. So if you are also looking for information related to this, then definitely read this post of ours today. 

essay on computer in 100 words 

The invention of computer is such a discovery for the whole world which has contributed a lot in the digital world. Computer is the need of every human being today. It is a machine in whose memory a lot of data can be kept safe. To work on a computer, keyboard, mouse, CPU, monitor, etc. are required. It is very easy to operate a computer, that is why even small children learn to operate it quickly and can work on it without any difficulty. You can save documents like audio, video, text on the computer. Nowadays computers are used in almost every office. 

essay on computer in  150 words

Today’s era is the era of computer and through this the life of the people has become much easier than before. Not only can any work be done quickly with a computer, but more than one work can also be done at the same time. Today everyone is dependent on the computer to do their work, be it industries, businesses, big or small educational institutions, shops or schools and colleges. 

Computer is such a tool without which it is no longer possible to imagine life. Many types of tasks can be done with the help of computer such as keeping any information safe, e-mailing, data processing, messaging, software programming etc. With the help of computer, mathematical calculations can be done very fast. 

Now the question is, who made this machine of so much use? So the first mechanical computer was made which was made by Charles Babbage in 1946 AD. In fact, at that time, the purpose behind making a computer was to make such a machine, with the help of which mathematical calculations could be done rapidly. During World War II, these gadgets had to predict the direction and speed of enemy weapons.  

But later again there were many changes gradually in the computer and then in this way the computer became a very effective machine for a new generation. Today it is not possible to do any work without computer. 

essay on computer in  250 words

Computer is such a gift of science that all the people of the world are taking advantage of. Computers are being used more and more in today’s time, due to which today’s era is considered as the era of computers. Today man has become excessively dependent on computer for all his work. If this is the situation, then a day will come when all the decisions will be taken by the computer. A computer is capable of performing calculations many times faster than the human brain. Be it addition or subtraction, multiplication or division. Apart from this, computer can also solve other difficult calculations very fast. 

type of computer 

Computers are divided into three types depending on how they process the data of the computer. Those three parts are as follows –

  • Easy
  • digital and 
  • hybrid computer 

computer access

In many countries of the world such as Russia, America, France, Britain, computers have been given the same status as the human brain. Computer science is also developing very fast in our country India. Today people are increasing their ability to work in any field by taking the help of computer. That’s why computers are used for many works in many places such as –

  • For all types of money related transactions 
  • Computer is used in the medical field while directing the examination of X-Ray, MRI examination, CT Scan.
  • in hospitals 
  • shopping malls 
  • the shops 
  • railway station
  • airport
  • schools and colleges etc. 

The work of data storage has become easier with the use of computers, so it is used in every office.

essay on computer in  500 words

Today computer has become an essential part of our day to day needs. The word “computer” is a Latin word which means to calculate. Charles Babbage created amazing gadgets like computers to solve complex problems. 

Computers have been used for many decades, but since the last decade, the use of computers has increased many times than before. Whether it is a private office or a government office, computers are used everywhere. Although earlier the computer was used only to do government work, but later its use was made public. But it cannot be denied that computer is no less than a boon for our society. If the computer had not been made, then today so many works around the world could not be done with ease. 

Computer components and types 

The computer runs on three stages which are input process and output. The basic components of a simple computer are CPU, monitor, keyboard and mouse. Apart from all this, there are many devices that can be connected to the computer such as printer, scanner, joystick, projector, laser pen etc. 

computer use

The use of computers is gradually increasing a lot and that is why computers are used to work in almost every field. Where it is easy to do another work from the computer, then the same work is done very fast. Today computers are used in the following areas to perform daily tasks –

medical field

Computers are used a lot in the medical field because with its help doctors diagnose the patient. Apart from this, computers are also used to find cure for fatal diseases. Computer help is also taken in preparing many types of medical reports. 

research work

Computers are used in many research works such as scientific research, space research and apart from this the help of computer is also taken in social research. With the help of computers, we have been able to monitor our environment and society.

Safety Zone

The most important thing for any country is the security of its country and the people living in the country. In such a situation, it has become possible to do this because of the computer. The computer helps the security agencies of the country to find out about any threat that may occur in the country. Along with this, the work of keeping an eye on the enemy can also be done from the computer. 

disadvantages of computer 

Although there are many advantages of computers, technology has also benefited a lot from this, but it also has some disadvantages, the information about which is as follows –

  • Hackers can steal and leak personal data of any person.
  • Children spend more time in computer due to which their studies get affected.
  • Excessive use of computer can damage the eyes. 
  • Dependence on computer excessively and using it excessively can be harmful for health.
  • In the coming few days, big manufacturing companies will not give work to people, but they will make robots to make them work, due to which unemployment will increase. 


As you must have understood that computer is a wonderful machine which is used in every field. The utility of computer is so high that in today’s time every person should know how to operate computer. Computer has also given many employment opportunities. Computer has made a big contribution not only in work but also in the field of entertainment.

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