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essay on corruption in 100 words

Today corruption is spreading rapidly not only in our country but all over the world. It is a type of criminal activity that is done by a single person or a group. Today corruption has spread in almost every field, but most of the possibilities are caused by the corrupt people working inside the power or system. Corruption causes a lot of damage to the country and the society. The people who do corruption are of very selfish and greedy nature. The government should make strict laws for such people. Apart from this, the general public should also be aware and raise their voice against corruption because only then it can be reduced.

essay on corruption in 150 words

Corruption is such a problem which is eating our country like termites. It is hollowing out the economy and social system of our country from inside. That is why corruption has become a big challenge for our country today. 

No country can progress as long as there is corruption in that country. That’s why there can never be progress in a country where corruption is spread everywhere. If we want to move our country forward, then it is most important to prevent corruption from spreading. 

Corruption is born when a person is not completely loyal to his work and starts doing unethical activities to earn profit in a wrong way. Corruption can happen anywhere and to prevent it, it is necessary that transparency is brought in every work. We all should take a vow that neither we will do corruption ourselves nor will we allow anyone else to do corruption. 

essay on corruption in 250 words

For the progress of any country, it is most important that the people sitting on the high positions of that country should be honest. When a person sitting at the top position is true to his work, he leads the country towards progress. That country cannot develop itself in any situation where corruption has set foot. Corruption has become a big problem for our country today and it is a problem which is spreading its branches all over the world. 

When a person is not honest towards his work and includes wrong conduct in his work then he becomes corrupt. Corruption is such a thing which can be seen in any place. Like taking bribe instead of working in any government department. Many times, many miscreants and criminals escape punishment by giving money to the police. When corrupt people are in politics, they do corruption of crores and billions of rupees very easily. When such a situation happens, the country goes towards destruction. 

Bribery is such a corruption which is commonly seen in many places. In this work, not only the bribe takers, but those people are also equally responsible who give money to such people to get their work done. That’s why both the one who takes bribe and the one who gives bribe are equally guilty. 

If we want to eradicate corruption, it is not that easy because its poison is spread everywhere. But if the government and the people sincerely work to eliminate corruption, then definitely a change can be brought. 

essay on corruption in 500 words 

When a person sitting in a high position misuses his position and authority due to greed or malfeasance, it is called corruption. Today corruption has become a big problem not only in our country but in front of the whole world because its roots are not small. No country can develop unless there is honesty and truth there. But the sad thing is that corruption is increasing very fast in the country and it is making our country hollow from inside.  

types of corruption 

There are many types of corruption which are as follows – 

administrative corruption 

Many times bribes are taken from people to get them to work in government offices. If we want to get our work done, we have to pay first. Now even the general public feels that without money they cannot get their work done by any government department. That’s why they get any of their government work done by paying bribe. But if an honest person does not give bribe, then his work is not done but he is harassed a lot. It is a matter of regret that the entire administration has indulged in corruption. Due to this, the corrupt people of the government offices grab the money of the many schemes that the government has run for the poor. 

political corruption

No one can stop the ruin of that country where the people who rule are corrupt. Today, new news is heard about the corruption of people sitting in power and connected with politics. Those who are in high positions in the system, they do scams of crores of rupees very easily, due to which the country’s economy is harmed. When elections are held, votes are sought from people by luring them with money. But no citizen thinks that those who hold power by buying votes cannot develop the country at all. 

Professional corruption 

In today’s era, adulteration of goods has become a very common thing. Everyone wants to earn maximum money. That’s why such people do many types of adulteration in things. There is a lot of fake things in the market and business people are cheating a lot by selling fake things to the common citizens. 

disadvantages of corruption 

There are many disadvantages of corruption which are as follows – 

  • Due to corruption, the country can become financially poor and such a country again reaches the brink of ruin.
  • Those who are poor have become poorer because of corruption. Those who are rich have become even richer by dishonesty. 
  • Due to corruption people have to pay bribe to get any work done because without bribe their work is not done. 
  • Corruption has spread widely in government offices and because of this people have lost faith in the administration. 
  • People get jobs by giving bribe and many a times because of this capable and promising people cannot get jobs. 

how to stop corruption 

Till date there is no such problem which does not have a solution. There is no doubt that corruption has spread like termites today but if we are determined that we have to eliminate it completely then we can do so. For this it is necessary that the political future of such people who are immersed in corruption should be completely destroyed. Apart from this, we should give our vote only to such a person who is right. We should not give bribe for any government work and if someone demands bribe from us then we should complain about it. Along with this, we should boycott the things of those who do adulteration. The government should make strict laws and rules against corruption, apart from this the whole system should be made transparent so that corruption becomes difficult.

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