Cow Essay

Cow Essay; Let’s know about Cow Essay. Cow has been a friend of man since ancient times. Cow is a multipurpose animal which has great importance from scientific and spiritual point of view. Science has also accepted the importance of cow. Cow’s milk has been given the status of nectar. Cow is considered a sacred animal and in India cow has been given the status of mother. Crores of people in India worship the cow. The biggest feature of cow is that it gives a lot to mankind but asks nothing in return. Many families earn their living by selling cow’s milk, curd and ghee. Let’s start Cow Essay

type of cow

There are many types of cow. The body of a cow is big and powerful. Cow has four legs, two horns, two ears and a long tail. A cow has teeth only in the lower part of its jaw. The hooves of the cow’s feet are different. Cow’s eyes are big and beautiful. There are many types of cow. There are many types of cows depending on the color of the cow. Some cows are black, some are white, some are red and some are of mixed colors. There is also a type of wild cow. Sahiwal, Gir, Lal Sindhi, Tharparkar, Dajjal, Mewati, etc. cows are mainly found in India.

cow’s milk

Cows are found in almost every region of the world. In every country, the size and length of the cow varies on the basis of width. Cows of Europe, America and Australia are very milk giving. In our country, the cows of Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana and Gujarat are more milk giving. Cow’s milk is very beneficial for health. Many things like curd, ghee, khuwa, sweets are made from cow’s milk. Cow’s milk is as pure as nectar for children. Humans remain healthy for life by eating ghee of cow’s milk.

nature of cow

Cow’s nature is very calm. That’s why cow is the most favorite pet animal. Cow is a vegetarian animal. Cows eat only grass, grain, straw, cake, husk, bran, straw and leaves of trees. The cow first swallows the fodder, then takes it little by little in the mouth and chews it, we call it rumination. A cow gives birth to only one calf or heifer at a time. Cow loves her calf very much and seeing the love of both of them, the mind becomes happy.

Importance of cow

Teej festivals of Hindus are not complete without cow’s ghee. On the day of the festival the house is smeared with cow dung. The idols of God are placed on it. Many people consider it very auspicious to see a cow before doing any important work. Cow dung is considered very useful for agriculture. Cow excreta such as cow dung and urine are also used. Panchgavya like milk, curd, ghee, cow dung, The analogy of urine has been given.

These elements also have medicinal importance. Ghee and cow urine are used in the manufacture of many medicines. Due to milk and other qualities similar to cow’s nectar, it is considered to be worshiped like Mother Earth. That’s why cow is also called mother cow. Cow dung cakes are used as fuel in villages. It is very sad that with the development of technology, we are forgetting the importance of cow. The importance of cow is known to be very beneficial for human life.

Cow in the life of Shri Krishna

In the life of Lord Shri Krishna, cow was considered very much. Lord Krishna’s childhood was spent among the cowherds. People used to call Lord Krishna as Govinda and Gopal which means protector and friend of cows. Cow’s milk is multi-useful for children and patients. Cow is treated like a family member. In ancient times, the prosperity of a person was known by the number of cows.

benefits of cow

There are countless benefits from cow like cow gives milk from which curd, paneer, ghee, butter and many types of sweets are made. Many sweets are also made from cow’s milk. When his calf grows up, it becomes a bull and becomes useful for agriculture. Cow dung is used as manure and fuel. A cow’s calf is used for plowing, driving a bullock cart and running a relief. Cow dung is used for making cow dung cakes, for making manure in the fields and for coating raw floors. Cow urine is also used in the treatment of chronic diseases like cancer.

Cows of the present –

Despite being so useful to the human society, the present condition of the cow is very bad. Today the meat of cows is sold in shops. When the cow stops giving milk, it is sent to him for a few pennies. There are many places in the world where beef is eaten. In many places, as soon as a cow has a calf, it is separated from its mother and sold. It is the duty of mankind to respect the cow and protect it in every possible way.

Epilogue – Cow Essay

Cow is very cute and useful animal, we should take care of them with respect. It is a matter of great shame for us that when the cow stops giving milk, many people sell it and stop rearing it. Cow has great importance in human life. Cow is the backbone of the rural economy even today. The polythene which is used in the cities is thrown like this and cows die untimely after eating it. Even in this condition, we have to think seriously so that the cow dynasty, the symbol of faith and economy, can be saved. Man should make every possible effort to protect and nurture the cow.

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