Cricket essay in English

Cricket essay in English; Let us know about Cricket essay in English. Sports have a special place in life. Just as food, drink and clothing are necessary for life, in the same way it is necessary to play to make life happy. Various types of games are played. Today many games are played in the open ground like- hockey, football, horse racing, running, polo, kabaddi etc. Many games are popular games all over the world. At present there are many games in the world which are played according to their own interest. But there are some games that suit everyone’s taste. The games which everyone is interested in watching and playing become the popular games of the world. Cricket has an important place among such sports.

In today’s time, cricket has become a world favorite game. The popularity of cricket is so high that the crowd of spectators seen in the stadium to watch this game is not so crowded in other sports. Small children can be seen playing cricket even in the streets, Let’s start Cricket essay in English.

Cricket essay in English

History of Cricket

Cricket was first started in 1478 AD in France. At that time the form of this game was completely different from today’s game. The game of cricket was played by hitting it with a thin stick. In India also this game was prevalent in some other form. According to experts, cricket started in England about 600 years ago. England is considered the birthplace of cricket. It is believed that the game spread to other countries through England. This game has started in the country of India through the East India Company. Cricket was formally played for the first time in 1848 at the Oriental Club in Bombay.

Hockey was first played according to the rules in 1850 at Guilford School. After this, the first Test match of cricket was played at a place called Blackcommon. An Indian team went to England for the first time in 1911 under the leadership of the Maharaja of Patiala. Since then Indian teams have been going abroad many times and foreign teams have been coming to India. Around 1926, this game had spread to many countries. Rajguru Cricket Tournament started in India in 1927 and in 1928 the Indian team went to England.

cricket gear

Cricket is an expensive game. Very expensive material has to be taken for this game. The cricket field is very large in which the pitch is very important. The space between the stumps on both sides is called the pitch. The distance between the stumps is 22 yards. Three wooden stumps are buried on either side of the pitch. These stumps are 28 inches high from the ground. Bales are placed between the logs on top of the stumps. Bat is an important and major tool in cricket. The ball is played with the bat. The length of the bat is 38 inches.

The ball is another important tool in the game of cricket. Cricket ball is very solid and hard. To avoid the solid ball, padded gloves are worn on the hands and pads on the forefoot. The shoes of the players playing cricket are white and made of canvas, whose sole is made of leather so that the feet do not slip. Cricket players usually wear white shirts and white pants. Cricket game players, start and duration: There are two teams of cricket players. There are two referees called umpires to officiate the game. Each team has a head skipper or captain under whose leadership his team plays the game.

cricket players

There are eleven players in each team. One or two extra players are also kept in each team. The game of cricket is played over a long period of time. Test matches are usually of 5 days. Other ordinary matches are of three-four days. Sometimes one day matches are also played.

rules of cricket

Both the umpires of this game keep a close watch on the completed activities. The game is played on his signals. At the start of play, the umpire allows the bowler to bowl. A bowler can bowl only one over from one side of the stumps in which six balls are bowled.

After playing one over, the captain calls another player. In this way two to three bowlers bowl their respective overs and try to get the batsman out. Batsman scores runs. He tries to throw the bowled ball as far as possible by hitting it with full force so that he can score maximum runs.

To score a run, he has to run to the stump in front of him. When the batsman comes from one side to the other, it is called a run. Batsmen run from both sides to score runs and their individual runs are scored. When the ball crosses the boundary line while running, the batsman gets four runs, which is called a four.

When the ball crosses the boundary line without hitting the ground, then in such a situation the batsman gets six runs, which is called a six. There are many ways to get a batsman out – hitting the stumps or wickets with the ball and getting bowled, catching the ball shot by the fielder and the batsman is caught out, stumping the ball before the run is scored. Throwing down the wicket results in a run out, stumping or hitting the wicket also gets the batsman out. The umpire watches the situation of being out very closely.


Cricket is an exciting game in which new changes have been taking place as per the need and today one day cricket matches have become more popular in place of Test matches. Cricket has many features. Playing the game with the spirit of the game, enjoying the art of the game leaving aside winning and losing, feeling of brotherhood in the game or the best qualities of life is found in the cricket field.

We should always try to increase this popular game progressively. Good players of our country should be encouraged so that the name of our India can be leading in the whole world. Every sport has great importance in the development of a healthy life. Other sports take less time but the game of cricket consumes more time and money.

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