Dhairya Name Meaning

Let us know about Dhairya Name Meaning. There are many such names of boys in Hindu religion which are often given more importance than other names. In the list of all these names, one name which remains on the tongue of many people is patience. This name is not only very good to speak and listen to, but parents also like it very much. Many parents name their child Dhairya also because this name has a special meaning of its own. If you too have become a new parent and are thinking of naming your child Shahrukh, then you must know all the information related to this name. If you want to know about the zodiac sign, meaning, auspicious number and nature of this name, then read this article thoroughly.

Meaning of the name Dhairya

Dhairya name meanings is Patience, Tolerance, Control over oneself. Which parent would not want their son to make his name famous all over the world and achieve success which is difficult to achieve easily. This name can help them in this connection. The name Dhairya signifies that if you have patience for anything in life, success is achieved sooner or later. Dhairya is a very smart name which can be considered a wise decision to choose for your son. Let us tell you that this name starts with the letter D, so it comes in Sagittarius. We have explained the important information related to this name in the next paragraph.

Meaningtolerance, endurance, self-control
StarPoorvashada (Bhu, Dha, Dha, F, Fa, Dha)
Good DayThursday
happy colorpurple, white and yellow
auspicious gemtopaz

What is the meaning of the name Patience?

Dhairya is a very famous and stylish name for boys. This name is as good as it sounds. The more attractive it means. The meaning of a specific name like Dhairya is patience, tolerance, self-control etc. The behavior of people with this name is very pleasant and they like to help others. Their mind remains mostly calm in every situation. These people do not like to show off in any way. These people are very sharp of mind, but their laziness sometimes becomes their problem. People named Dhairya like to be friends with almost everyone, so they stay away from any kind of fight. They prefer to live in their imaginary world away from reality.

Horoscope for name Dhairya

The zodiac sign of patience is Sagittarius, the people of Sagittarius are mostly kind and charitable. The nature of the people of this zodiac is reliable, honest and at the same time they are always ready to help friends and relatives in every way. No matter what kind of situation comes in front of them, they face it without any fear or prefer to complete the work by molding themselves according to the circumstances. Apart from this, Sagittarius men have more faith in things related to religion and God. The main letters of this zodiac are considered as Y, Bh, Dh, F, Dh.

What is the constellation named Patience?

The Nakshatra named Dhairya is Purvashadha and according to astrology, the symbol of Purvashadha Nakshatra is considered to be a hand fan. Other letters associated with Purvashada Nakshatra are as follows – Bhu, Bhu, Dha, Dha, Fa, Fa, Dha, Dha.

Other names for Sagittarius like Patience

Here are more other names for the name Dhairya according to their Sagittarius sign. All these names are mostly taken from those who come under Sagittarius, let’s know the names.

Bharat (BharatDharmishtha

More names similar to Dhairya

If you are looking for names similar to Dhairya, then let us tell you about some similar names.

Name  Name
अम्र्य (Bride)Surya

boy names starting with ‘dh’

If the letter ‘Dh’ is considered beneficial for your future or born child and for this reason you are thinking of naming your son with the letter ‘Dh’ or want to keep a unique name, then we Do pay attention to the names mentioned.

दीर (long)sensible, gentle
Diamond (Diamond)Intelligent
Dhruvakconstant, eternal
Dhananjaymoney winner
Dhanraj (Dhanraj)Swami Kuber
Dhanishgod, existence
Dharmaraj (Dharmraj)king of religion
Dhawanmiracle pure

One of the many better names, we have tried our best to give all the necessary information related to patience through this article and we hope that almost everything mentioned in this article will help you in choosing this name. In such a situation, if you also want your son to be patient in life and maintain control over himself in difficult situations, then you can also name him Dhairya or any other cute name similar to that which will enhance his personality even more. Help to improve in a better way.

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