Dirt free my village essay

In today’s article, we will learn about Dirt free my village essay. Today we are going to write Essay on Dirt free my village. This essay can be used by school students in their exams, homework etc. In this we are writing an essay about our village where we are going to talk about cleanliness. In this we are going to tell how our village is clean and dirt free.

Essay on Dirt free my village 250 Words

I like my village very much because my village is dirt free. Special care is taken of cleanliness in my village. The clean streets of the village add beauty to our village.

Earlier there were not many facilities in our village and people were also not very aware about cleanliness. But now the time has changed, now people themselves take care of the cleanliness around them. The cleanliness campaign run by the government has also played a big role in this.

Now the facilities have also increased in our village, drains have been made on the side of the streets for drainage. Due to the construction of drains, the water coming out of the houses does not spread in the streets.

Earlier there were no toilets in my village, but now toilets have been constructed in every house and people have also understood the importance of toilets.

Garbage is the biggest cause of filth, and dustbins have been made in my village to collect the garbage. Now the garbage does not spread everywhere. And it is also taken care of that people put the garbage of their homes only in dustbins.

The unpaved streets of the village have also been made pucca, due to which the dust has reduced and there is no problem of mud during the rainy season. This keeps the streets neat and clean. Trees and plants have also been planted at various places, due to which the environment is not only pure, but also the beauty of the village has increased.

Essay on Dirt free my village 500 Words


I live in a small village. The population of the village is less but my village is an ideal village. Here people live in harmony with each other. Cleanliness is taken care of a lot in my village. There has been a big change in my village because of the cleanliness drive. Now people have become very conscious about cleanliness. Now the streets remain neat and clean. People have now made toilets in their homes.

Sanitation measures in the village :

In the last few years, there has been a big change in my village regarding cleanliness. Earlier my village was not so clean but the awareness campaigns and schemes run from time to time have benefited a lot.

Different types of measures have been adopted in the village for cleanliness. Along with this, many construction works have also been done for cleanliness. Various steps have been taken to make the village clean and beautiful such as:

  • Use of Dustbin: Earlier, garbage used to spread here and there in the streets. Dustbins were used to deal with this problem. Now dustbins have been installed in the streets and people take out the garbage from their homes and put it in these dustbins.
  • Construction of Drains: Drainage is a big problem for any village. Earlier water could be seen flowing in the streets of the village. But now drains have been made on both sides of the street, due to which this problem has ended.
  • Toilet construction: Toilet arrangement is essential for every village. Earlier people used to defecate in the open due to which the environment was polluted and there was also a risk of diseases. Now there has been a big improvement in the direction, with the help of the government’s toilet scheme, toilets have been made in every house.
  • Housing Scheme: The housing campaign run by the government has helped the people in the villages a lot. Now people have started building pucca houses instead of kutcha houses. People have not only got facilities from pucca houses, but the beauty of the village has also increased.
  • Cleanliness Campaign : Villages cannot be made clean only by construction work and facilities, for this it is necessary to make people aware. The campaigns run from time to time for awareness have also played a big role in this.


Cleanliness is very important in villages. All of us villagers are very happy with the changes happening in my village. Cleanliness increases happiness and for this we all work together. Today I am very happy to write an essay on dirt free my village. Through this essay I am able to write about my villages and I can say that my village is my pride.

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