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Essay on Dowry System: By the way, different types of practices are going on in our society since ancient times. There are some practices in the society, which have ended with the passage of time or which have been changed. But in our understanding there are some practices which are prevalent in our society till date. Dowry system is one of this system. Every year thousands of girls lose their lives due to dowry system.

Today, through this post, we are going to tell you the essay on dowry system in 100, 150, 250, 500 words. If you also want to write an essay about dowry system, then this post will be important for you. Through this post, we have written an essay on dowry system in 100, 150, 250, 500 words.

essay on dowry system in 10 lines

  1. Dowry system is a social evil which needs to be removed.
  2. Dowry system is a big hindrance in the development of the society.
  3. At the time of marriage, boys demand money or valuable things from the girl’s side, this is called dowry.
  4. Dowry system is a very old practice, to remove it, it is necessary to make people aware.
  5. Due to the dowry system, the girl side often has to face financial and mental problems.
  6. The tradition of dowry many times causes physical and mental abuse with daughters.
  7. Due to this practice, many daughters are deprived of their rights.
  8. Due to the dowry system, the future of many daughters becomes bleak.
  9. Taking and giving dowry is a legal offense in our country, yet this problem is not ending.
  10. There is a need to raise awareness in every section of the society to stop this practice.

Essay on dowry system in 100 words

We all know that whenever a girl gets married in India, dowry is given to the boys from the girl’s side. In general terms, the meaning of dowry is when the girl gives jewelry, clothes, household items, vehicle, money and other things to the boy in marriage, it is called dowry.

Due to dowry, the girl side has to face financial and mental problems. The practice of dowry has been going on since ancient times and till now the practice of dowry which has been going on for centuries is not ending. A lot of atrocities are also done on girls due to dowry system. Whose cases we often keep seeing through newspapers or social media.

Essay on dowry system in 150 words

Dowry system is one of the oldest practices in India. Dowry system has been going on in India since the time of kings and emperors. Women always have to face problems due to dowry system. You will be surprised to know that thousands of women are victims of dowry system every year and women are also physically and mentally harassed due to dowry system.

There are many women who lose their lives due to dowry system. Although a lot of efforts are being made by the government to stop the dowry system, but even after all the efforts, success has not been achieved. In our society, from the time a girl child is born, parents start worrying about dowry. In middle class families, girls are harassed a lot due to dowry.

Essay on dowry system in 250 words

The way the times are changing, the condition of women is improving as compared to earlier. But there are some evils as well, which are not taking the name of ending in our society. Educated girls are also harassed due to dowry system in our society. Every parent wants to take him to a good in-laws house.

But the parents who get the girl married by educating her and even after giving dowry, the girl is harassed in her in-laws house, then what would those parents go through. Girls are harassed a lot in their in-laws house by dowry greedy people. There are beatings and some people are so mean that they even kill the girl by burning her alive.

Many movements have also been done to end the dowry system in our society. But this evil is not taking the name of eradication. Educated people in our society should come forward and take some action together against dowry so that the plight of women does not happen.

Essay on dowry system in 500 words

If you want to write an essay on dowry system in 500 words, then you can write an essay in your own language by reading the essay given by us or by understanding the essay given by us, search college in your school. I can explain.


The dowry system in our society is not going on from today but since centuries. When the girl’s parents give money, household items, jewelry, clothes and other valuables to the boy’s parents in the marriage of the girl, then it is called dowry system. Due to dowry, the economic and mental pressure on the bride’s side increases.

This is a social evil which is being continuously tried to remove it. Laws have also been made to stop this and people are also being made aware to avoid it. Despite this, this problem has not completely ended.

disadvantages of dowry system

For your information, let us tell you that due to the practice of dowry, girls have to face a lot of problems mentally and physically. Let us give you all the information in detail one by one.

Physical and mental abuse :

When the dowry greedy people do not get their desired dowry from the family members of the girl, they start torturing her physically and mentally. The girl is thrashed and also mentally harassed.


Dowry system is increasing day by day in our society. Fed up with dowry, many women even end their lives. A lot of news comes to the fore on social media, in which women end their lives due to ill-treatment by their in-laws. There are some in-laws who kill women.

Tension in the girl side:

When the pressure of dowry is made on the girl’s family from the in-laws side, then the girl’s family members come under a lot of tension. Some families are very close that’s why they are not able to give much dowry in the marriage of the girl. The dowry greedy people show no mercy to the girl’s family members and they keep pressurizing them to give dowry. Because of which the girl’s side gets under a lot of tension and takes some wrong step.

Obstacles to the development of society:

There are many such mindsets and evils in the society because of which the society cannot move forward. Due to bad practices, a section of the society remains behind and they are not able to develop. Evils like the dowry system often violate the rights of women and daughters and prevent them from moving forward. Along with men, women also contribute equally in the development of the society. But if the freedom of women is hindered then it affects the development of the society.

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