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Students are often asked questions about air pollution or they are asked to write an essay on air pollution, so today we have come up with an essay on air pollution. Essay on air pollution is written in 200, 300, 500 words which

As you know how important air is for our life, we need oxygen to breathe. If the air gets polluted then we will have problem in breathing, apart from this nature will also be harmed, so it is very important to keep the air pure. So let us know in detail about air pollution, types of air pollution, its factors and measures to prevent air pollution through this essay.

Essay on air pollution (200 words)

The increasing air pollution on our earth is becoming the main cause of many life-threatening diseases like cancer, asthma, bronchitis, heart attack and kidney related diseases and death. The increase of harmful gases in the environment is causing acid rain and ozone layer degradation, especially due to industrialization, air pollution is emerging as the biggest problem in the whole world. Every day people spread piles of dirty garbage on the roads which plays an important role in polluting the environment, it increases the risk of dangerous health related diseases to the people.

types of air pollution

Following are the types of air pollution-

Chemical pollution – In today’s time, many types of chemical substances are used during the establishment of industries. Chemical gases and smoke generated during work in these industries spread in the atmosphere, which make the atmosphere poisonous and contaminate the air, these are called chemical pollution.

Gaseous pollution – Gases are created by many activities, these gases have the presence of many types of natural elements. The smoke produced on burning of oxides and nitrogen is known as gaseous pollution.

Smoke pollution – Smoke and fog in our atmosphere which are formed by small drops of water and particles of water vapor found in the air. Due to this haze, problems related to breathing arise in the atmosphere, which causes suffocation, people have difficulty in seeing. The pollution caused by smoke is called smoke pollution.

Discrete pollution – Many types of pollution are found in solid form in the air like dust, soil, ash etc. They spread on the surface of the earth and spread pollution. This type of pollution is known as particulate pollution which is a form of air pollution.

Essay on air pollution (in 300 words)


Many industrial processes contribute significantly to spreading air pollution. Atmospheric air contains a mixture of external elements. Toxic and harmful gases generated from industries and motor vehicles are harmful for humans, plants and animals. Most of the air pollution is caused by human activities like burning of coal, oil and fossil fuels releasing harmful gases etc. The increased use of vehicles is the reason for the increase in air pollution by 69%.

What is air pollution?

Harmful substances and particles present in the air which spread or cause pollution are called air pollution. Pollutants are divided into primary and secondary. Primary pollutants are directly emitted from a process while secondary pollutants are not emitted directly. The air in our atmosphere mainly consists of 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen and other 1% consists of gases like methane, argon etc.

due to air pollution

The following are the reasons for the spread of air pollution in the atmosphere such as:

  • increase in population, 
  • deforestation,
  • dust and dirt in the atmosphere,
  • poisonous gases and lava produced by volcanoes,
  • wind and storm, 
  • natural forest fires, 
  • Contaminated gas coming out of factories and industries, 
  • stubble burning, 
  • toxic substances released by nuclear tests, 
  • Bad smell and smoke etc.

ill effects of air pollution

There is a risk of difficulty in breathing, asthma, cough, nervousness, heart related diseases due to air pollution. The most common sources of air pollution include ozone, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, suspended particles, etc. Bad air quality mainly affects our cardiovascular system and respiratory system. Children under the age of 5 are most affected due to the poor condition of air pollution in developing countries. According to the report of WHO (World Health Organization), World Health Organization, every year about 70 lakh people die prematurely worldwide, this number can be up to 88 lakhs.

Essay on air pollution (500 words)

Today we have brought an article on air pollution for you, before that let us know what is pollution and its types.

What is pollution and its types

The presence of harmful, life-threatening, toxic substances in our environment is called pollution. There are mainly four types of pollution- 

  1. Water Pollution
  2. air pollution 
  3. soil pollution 
  4. noise pollution

effects of air pollution

Air pollution is increasing continuously due to which many side effects are coming to the fore. These side effects are posing a very serious threat to human life on earth. The ill effects of air pollution are as follows;

  • Lack of oxygen – Due to the increasing air pollution on the earth, the amount of oxygen gas is decreasing, earlier there was presence of 24% oxygen gas in the earth’s atmosphere but gradually its quantity is decreasing. According to a report, at present the amount of oxygen in our environment has decreased to only 22%.
  • Increase in temperature – As the air pollution is increasing, the temperature of the earth is also increasing. According to the report of a research done, if air pollution continues to increase at the same rate, then the temperature of the earth will go on increasing and people will start suffering due to lack of heat and water. If the temperature of the earth increases even by 2 to 3%, then the ice glaciers of the earth will start melting and there will be a holocaust of terrible flood and if this happens then the end of the earth is certain.
  • Affecting the atmosphere – Due to the presence of pollution in the air, the atmosphere of our earth is getting badly affected due to which the balance of the earth is deteriorating. The reason for all the disasters coming on the earth is pollution. To save and protect our environment, it is very important to prevent pollution.
  • Increase in diseases – Due to the carelessness of people, unhygienic conditions are spreading due to which innumerable insects and mosquitoes are flourishing which can spoil the balance of our health. Due to the bite of these insects and mosquitoes, people get serious diseases and don’t know how many people go to death fighting these diseases every year. Diseases caused by dirt are fatal to our health, so it is very important for us to take care of the cleanliness around us.

measures to prevent air pollution

Measures to prevent air pollution are:

  • To control air pollution, it is very important to have trees and plants, so we should plant more and more trees because plants provide oxygen and take carbon dioxide, which reduces air pollution.
  • Due to the increase in population, more industries are also being required, thus if population growth is controlled, then air pollution can also be controlled.
  • To get control over air pollution, those factories and industries have to be banned which generate a lot of pollution.
  • In order to curb pollution, the governments of all countries need to make and implement new rules and regulations so that human-generated air pollution can be curbed.
  • If air pollution is to be stopped, then it is necessary that we all should spread awareness among people about it and its measures and alert people for its prevention.
  • To overcome air pollution, the use of nuclear energy and coal has to be stopped or reduced and the use of solar energy has to be increased.
  • To control air pollution, we should use public vehicles instead of private ones.

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