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Let us know about Essay on environment. Environment is the sum total of climate, cleanliness, pollution and trees. Which has a direct relation in our daily life and affects it. At present, as a result of scientific progress, the number of mills, factories and vehicles has increased so much that the problem of environment is increasing day by day. Human and environment depend on each other, that is, if there is a change in our climate, then its direct effect starts appearing on our body. For example, when it is too cold, we get cold. But when it is very hot, we cannot tolerate it.

Environment is the natural environment which helps in destroying the earth by growing on the earth. The natural environment plays a great role in the existence of life on earth and it helps humans, animals and other living things to develop. Man is destroying and pushing his environment due to some of his bad habits and activities. Let’s start Essay on environment

Meaning of Environment / Essay on environment –

The meaning of environment is very simple. Which is from the environment around us and the elements contained in it and the creatures living in it. The air, land, water, animals-birds, trees-plants etc present around us are all part of the environment. Just as we are affected by our environment, in the same way our environment Essay is affected by our actions. As the forests are ending due to the trees cut for wood and the ending of the forests is affecting the lives of the creatures living in the forest. This is the reason that today many species of many creatures have become extinct and many species are on the verge of extinction. In today’s time, the matter of lions or leopards entering the village and harming the people living there is coming to the fore.

Homelessness of animals / crisis of animals from the environment –

Due to this many animals are becoming homeless today because we have snatched their homes from these animals. This is the reason that now these creatures are forced to go towards villages and cities. And have started harming humans for their livelihood. Environment does not mean only the environment around us but includes our social and behavioral environment. Social, cultural, economic, biological and physical etc. all the elements present around the human being which affect the human being are included in all the environment. which affects the environment.

The reason for environmental pollution / how the environment gets polluted –

There are many reasons for environmental pollution, due to which our environment is mostly affected. Man-made factory waste pollutes our environment and harms the environment Essay. But it is also not possible that in this race of development, we ignore our development to keep our environment safe. But we can save our environment from getting polluted by keeping some things in mind. For example, the chimneys of factories are set low due to which the smoke coming out of them spreads in the atmosphere around us and pollutes the environment.

The smoke and toxic gases coming out of mills, factories and commercial areas have created environmental problems. buses, cars, trucks, So much smoke and toxic gases come out from the tents, due to which the problem of pollution is becoming more and more serious. In today’s time, there are not as many members in the house as their vehicles. In today’s era, even the small child of the house prefers to go on a car instead of a cycle.

Many examples of environmental pollution –

Sewer filth gets mixed in the water of the flowing rivers in such a way that the drinking water of humans and animals becomes dirty. resulting in both weakness, Become victims of illness and serious diseases. The slum dwellers in big cities have made this problem very serious. Urbanization and modernization are the main causes of environmental pollution. It has become a common thing for man to ignore the environment for his facilities.

Man is cutting trees without thinking but he does not think that we get air from these trees to live life. The increasing population is one of the major reasons for the pollution of our environment. In a country where the population is increasing continuously, the problem of living and eating in that country is also increasing. Man does not give importance to environment Essay for his comforts but he forgets that without environment his comforts are only for some time.

Protection of environment

The environment in which we live is getting polluted very fast. We need to take care and protect our environment properly. The tradition of environmental protection is going on in our country from a long time ago. Our forefathers have protected various living beings considering them as the ride of gods and goddesses and considering them to be the abode of gods and goddesses in different trees. Environmental protection is a process of improving the relationship between humans and the environment.

The purpose of which is the management of those activities due to which the environment is harmed. And make human life style ethical according to the natural system of the environment so that the quality of the environment can be maintained. The fumes and substances coming out of the factories should be disposed of properly. all mills, Plants should be installed in factories and commercial areas for vertical pollution control. It is very important to solve the problem of pollution and dirt so that our environment can be protected.

Smoke and toxic gases must be fired directly into the sky by many plants. There should be proper maintenance of buses, cars, trucks, scooters in big cities and they should be checked regularly. Noisy sound should be limited and controlled for a peaceful life. Along with the government, all men, women and children should give their full cooperation for the protection of the environment. There should be provision of strict laws to deal with toxic and hazardous wastes. Chemical pesticides should be used less in agriculture. Forest management should lead to development in forest areas. Before starting development plans, their impact on the environment should be assessed. The problems of the environment can be mostly reduced by human efforts.
The factories which have been established cannot be established at another place but the government should check those factories every year. So that the pollution caused by the factories does not affect the people of the city. Vehicles should be used as little as possible. This problem can also be reduced by using public transport. The search is on by our scientists to control the smoke. There should be strict punishment for the felling of forests and the process of planting new trees should be started.

World Environment Day

World Environment Day is celebrated every year between June 5 and June 16. Trees are planted everywhere on World Environment Day. And many works related to the environment are done, in which June 5 has special significance. In today’s time, man should try to keep the environment balanced at his level. Being free from environmental pollution is not a matter of efforts of any one group. This problem cannot be overcome by applying any rule or law. If every human being thinks about its side effects and thinks about the future generation, then perhaps this problem should be taken seriously and thought about its solution. The theme of World Environment Day 2020 is ‘Celebrate Biodiversity’. The theme of this year’s World Environment Day i.e. the theme of World Environment Day 2021 is “Ecosystem Restoration”.

Epilogue –

Many state governments have made many laws to protect the environment. Under the central government, a ministry has been inaugurated for the protection of the environment. To solve this problem, the cooperation of the general public can prove to be very helpful and useful. Environmental problems also arise from lack of development and development processes. Every year the government should make new rules so that the environment should be protected very seriously. So that the coming generation should not be harmed by the environment and should understand the importance of the environment.

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