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In today’s article, we have brought for you an essay on football in 100, 150, 250, 500 words. We all know that football is a very popular sport. Every year football tournaments are organized all over the world. Not only this, children are also taught to play football in schools and children also now want to make a career in this field. In such a situation, many times students are asked to write an essay on football in the examination. So if you are also a student and are looking for an essay on football in different words, then read this article of ours today. 

essay on football in 100 words

Football is a very famous and exciting game that is loved by people all over the world. This is a very old game which people have been playing since time immemorial. This game is played between two teams of 11-11 players. Whenever a player has to pass the ball, he cannot use his hands for it. The entire game of football is played with the feet. It is a game that requires a lot of energy in one’s body to play. 

essay on football in 150 words

Hundreds of sports are played all over the world and football is one of those sports. It is a very famous and popular game. Every country in the whole world has its own national football team to play football. Many types of football tournaments are played at the national and international level, in which the team that wins is given a prize. 

Whenever a football match is organized, spectators go in large numbers to watch it. This popular game of the people was invented in the country of England around the middle of the 19th century. But there is still some controversy as China claims to have invented football first. 

Any team that plays football has to follow a set of rules. These rules are made by the International Football Association Board. Although football matches take place throughout the year, FIFA means that the Federation International Football Association organizes the Football World Cup game every 4 years. Viewers from all over the world are very curious and excited to watch this football world cup match. 

essay on football in 250 words

Football is a world-famous game which is watched by everyone with great interest. This game was invented centuries ago and then it was named as football. At the time when this game was invented, this game was played with great interest in the royal houses of the elite British. 

Gradually, there were many improvements in this game and if we talk about modern football, now two teams compete with each other. Whichever team performs well is declared the winner. It is necessary to have 11 players in each team. Today football is not only seen but also played all over the world and this is the reason why this game has gained a lot of fame today. There are many football lovers who do not shy away from spending thousands of rupees to watch live matches.

Whenever there is a football tournament in any country, the spectators there encourage their favorite team. Cheering from the spectators also infuses enthusiasm among the football players and due to this they try to give their best on the field of play. 

The enthusiasm for football is increasing among the people with each passing day. Not only young people but people of all ages enjoy this game a lot. Nowadays football has been made crisp and short and that is the reason why today’s generation loves the game so much.

essay on football in 500 words

Football is a very entertaining game played all over the world. Football is very popular among the youth not only in our country India but all over the world. The biggest advantage of playing football is that it keeps a person’s health good and youth can also make a great career in it. Earlier football was mostly played in western countries. But gradually this game will be liked and played by people all over the world. 

The game of football is played between two teams and each team consists of 11-11 players. Football is a game played in a rectangular field. Whichever team scores the most goals from both the teams is declared the winner. But some rules have also been made to play football and it is necessary to follow those rules by all the players.

football game rules

There are also many rules to play the game of football, which are as follows –

  • Football is played on a square field with two long touch lines and two short goal lines. The game is played on a field divided in half by a line. 
  • The football that is used to play this game should be made of leather and its size should be 60-70 cm in circumference. 
  • There should be air inside the football.
  • This game should be played between two teams and it is necessary to have 11-11 players in each team.
  • The duration of this game is 90 minutes which is divided into two halves and each half is of 45 minutes. 
  • When a team scores a goal, it is followed by a goal kick to restart play.

importance of football game 

Football is very important in countries around the world. In our country India too, football is considered to be the favorite sport of many people. That’s why football is given a lot of importance in many cities and states of India, especially in Bengal. Today’s youth also take a lot of interest in playing football because by playing this game, where one’s health is good, on the other hand, a brilliant career can also be made in this field. 

benefits of playing football

Players who play football regularly get many benefits which are as follows –

  • Playing football is good for heart health.
  • The person who plays football is very disciplined and punctual.
  • The game of football inspires any person to do teamwork.
  • By playing this game, the physical health of the person improves a lot. 
  • People who are troubled by obesity, their body fat gets reduced.
  • Playing football gives strength to the muscles.
  • People who play football regularly have better physical health and mental health.

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