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It is often asked to write an essay on friendship in school and college. If you also want to write an essay on friendship in Hindi, then this post will be useful for you. Through this post, we are giving you an essay on friendship in Hindi (Essay On Friendship In Hindi) by writing it in simple words. We hope you enjoy this essay on friendship.

essay on friendship

Man is a social animal and likes to live in groups. Wherever man lives, he has a society and in that society there are different types of relationships. Friendship is also a relationship that connects two people in a bond of affection. Man likes to live with his relatives and friends apart from his family.


Friendship is an understanding and affectionate relation between two people which makes your life easy and happy. True friends are with you in every situation in your life like happiness and sadness, enthusiasm and disappointment, achievements and challenges. The relation of friendship makes life colorful and enjoyable.

importance of friendship

Friendship has a very important place in our life. It is necessary to have a good friend in the life of every person. A good friend makes our life pleasant, saves us from getting discouraged and is always there to support us in various situations. Friendship can be with anyone whether it is a family member, a neighbor or a classmate. Every person definitely has one or the other friend to whom he is very close. 

If you have good friends, then it has a good effect in your life. Just as good company can make you a good person, similarly good friendship can teach you to walk on the right path. Good friendship is really no less than a boon, it helps us to overcome various mental, emotional and physical problems.

If you have friends, you will never feel lonely. You can share your thoughts with your friends. This will lighten your mind. Problems come in the life of every person and in such times he needs someone who can understand his circumstances and help him, in such times friends come in handy. 

There are many qualities inside a good friend such as mutual understanding, tolerance, mutual respect, trust, sympathy and a sense of cooperation. There is also an importance of friendship, if you are taking any wrong decision in your life, then your friend shows you the right path. Besides, if you need anything in life, a good friend is always there for you.

benefits of friendship

  • Entertainment and Satisfaction: Friendship is an important source of entertainment and satisfaction in your life. Spending time with friends keeps your mind healthy. They laugh and joke with you, and you can share joys and sorrows.
  • Happy Life: With good friendship you can live a happy life. A good friend keeps you away from problems and helps you.
  • Success: Good friendship is a great guide to success in your life. When you have a good friend, he guides you to success.
  • Exchange of ideas: Friends can share their experiences and ideas with each other. You are able to talk openly with friends and tell your feelings and problems.
  • Gaining new knowledge: You can gain new knowledge by talking to friends. They can share their experience and knowledge among themselves which can be beneficial for you.
  • Mutual Support: Good friendship saves you from loneliness. True friends are always ready to help you in any kind of trouble or problems. This also helps you in stress or other troubles.
  • Confidence: Good friendship gives you confidence. They always stand by your side and support you, which makes you feel strong.

loss of friendship

If you have made friends with wrong people in your life, then you can also be harmed by this. If your friends are not good, then you may be on the wrong path. If your friend is good, then good thing for you. If you get a bad friend, then problems can come in your life. Sometimes people also become infamous due to wrong company in the society. That’s why one should always make friends with the right person.

Some disadvantages in relation to friendship can be as follows:

  1. Betrayal: The relation of friendship is built on the basis of trust. If there is betrayal among friends, it can break the relationship.
  2. Quarrels and disputes: If there are frequent quarrels and disputes between friends, then it has a very bad effect on the relationship of friendship.
  3. Belongingness: If the friend feels that he is not getting the belongingness of his closest friend, then he feels hurt and his relationship gets affected.
  4. Negligence: If a friend is negligent and does not fulfill his responsibilities with his friends, then it affects his friendship badly.
  5. Selfishness: If the friend is selfish and is doing friendship for his own sake, then their friendship relationship gets affected badly.
  6. Misbehavior: If a friend misbehaves with others, it can have a very bad effect on their relationship.

Keep these things in mind before making friends:

  1. Understand your limits. There will be many people in your life, but not all of them can be your true friends. So it is very important to understand your boundaries so that you do not cross those boundaries in your friendship.
  2. Mutual understanding: It is very important to have mutual understanding in friendship. You should have the ability to understand your friends and explain your feelings to them. With this you can give them the right advice and help them solve their problems.
  3. Responsibility: To have a good friendship, you must follow your responsibilities. You should always be honest with your friends and always ready to help them.
  4. Understanding: One of the most important characteristics of friendship is understanding. Understanding is very important in the relationship of friendship. Friends should understand and respect each other’s feelings.
  5. Choose friends wisely: When you meet a new person, take some time before friending them and choose the right time to be friends.

Through this post, today we have given you information about friendship. Essay on friendship in hindi. You must have understood all the information very well.

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