Essay on Ideal Student

Today we have come up with an essay on the ideal student. This essay is mostly asked in school exams in class 6, 8, 9 etc. Sometimes we have to write essay in less words and sometimes we have to write essay in detail. That’s why today we have brought all types of essays short, medium and long. Essays on the ideal student below have been written in 100 words, 150 words, 250 and 500 words. We hope that this essay will be of use to you.

Essay on ideal student 100 words 

Student life is an important phase of our life. This life can be called the foundation stone of human life. Whatever a person learns in student life and whatever habits he imbibes in his life, they later decide the direction of his life. In this time, the student can make his future better by studying well, learning good conduct and virtues. On the other hand, the opposite can also happen, a person can ruin his life by falling into bad company, wrong behavior and negative things. Every student should become an ideal student because an ideal student always walks on the right path, studies with hard work and dedication and improves his future. Such successful students become a role model for other students.

Essay on ideal student 150 words 

An ideal student is one who studies with hard work and dedication. The ideal student always respects his teachers, follows the rules and regulations made by the school. He always respects his elders. He gets along well with all the kids in the school. Such students are called ideal students. An ideal student always brings laurels to his parents, teachers and school by imbibing virtues within himself. 

He leaves behind something or the other, which the coming generations follow. He knows the importance of time and only the person who does the right thing at the right time becomes successful in his life. That’s why he spends most of his time in his studies. Studies have an important place in the routine of an ideal student. He not only studies but also includes sports, reading informative books, learning new things, healthy eating etc. in his daily routine.

Essay on ideal student in 250 words 

An ideal student has full faith in morality, truth and high ideals. He considers competition fair but always stays away from mutual jealousy and malice. He is always ahead in helping the students who are weaker than him and motivates them to study with hard work and dedication. An ideal student always lives in harmony with his friends. Apart from this, he knows how to prepare for his exams. So that he can get the best number in the whole school. 

An ideal student never allows his shortcomings to become a weakness. He tries to correct his weaknesses as soon as possible with the help of his classmates, teachers and parents. Such students also actively participate in sports and competitions. At the same time, his first goal is to win. Ideal students also remain ahead in sports. They do not only have the knowledge of the book but also have to develop all round. Therefore, an ideal student gives equal importance to sports and other activities along with studies. Sports and exercise etc. are also important because without these the body does not become healthy and strong. It is also related to the development of the brain. An ideal student listens very keenly to everything he learns in the class and implements it in his life. 

Essay on ideal student 500 words 

The life of an ideal student is simple. But his thoughts are very high. Ideal students are always bold and fearless. He is always aware of his works. An ideal student has positive skills and habits that make him stand out. The biggest thing inside an ideal student is honesty. No matter what the situation, an ideal student never tells a lie. Only such students can help in the prosperity and all-round development of the country. Ideal students definitely lead the nation towards a successful future. 


A student is made up of Vidya + Arthi. Means the one who incorporates knowledge within himself. The one who has all the qualities of a good student is called an ideal student. Such people always walk on the right path and make a different identity wherever they live. Ideal students are always ahead in serving their parents and elders. Accepting everything said by him as an order, we follow it. No student is an ideal student at the time of birth, as he inculcates good habits within himself over time, he is called an ideal student. He is interested in the development of his personality. The ideal student is of the highest character and optimistic. He is a source of inspiration for all.

An ideal student is one of the hard working students who get good marks. An ideal student is one who follows all the rules made by the school, respects all the teachers and teachers. The future of our country depends on these ideal students. The better you read it, the better you will be able to contribute to the development of the country. An ideal student gives his 100% everywhere. He does any work diligently and never leaves it incomplete. Today in this digital world it is even easier to be an ideal student. We can easily take any information, learn new things. 


It takes hard work and penance to become an ideal student. Ideal students do not just top the examinations, but they work hard to learn every skill that can improve their future. Every parent should try to inculcate good qualities in their children to make them good students. The development of a country is also possible only when its students are promising and honest. In today’s time, there is a great need of an ideal student in our country.

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