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In today’s article, we have brought for you essay on school in 100, 150, 250, 500 words. For any student, his school is very important because it is there that his personality is formed. This is the reason that many times in school examinations and competitions it comes to write essay on school or my school essay. If you are also a student who is looking for an essay on school in different words, then read this post of ours today. In this article we will tell you essay on school in 100, 150, 250, 500 words.

Essay on my school in 100 words

Education is necessary for every human being because without knowledge no human being can move ahead in his life. One has to go to school to get education. The school gives a platform to every human being where he can build his complete personality. School is the only place where true friends are found and their selfless love is found. In school, not only books are taught, but children are also taught to play sports. If seen, school is a second family for every school going child where he spends time with his friends and his teachers. 

Essay on my school in 150 words

School is an educational institution where children are enrolled to study and write. When any person goes to school, then he gets education there and apart from this he moves forward to achieve the goals of his life. Not only education is given in the school, but apart from this many other important things are also taught. 

Children attending the school perform very well in all areas physically and mentally. Apart from this, the school also gives an opportunity to the students to showcase their skills and talents in various fields. School going children also get their real friends only during their studies. People who do not go to school are deprived of education, but apart from this, the personality of such people is also not formed properly. Therefore, it is the responsibility of every parent to send their children to school to get education. 

Essay on my school in 250 words

School is a place where students go to get education. Students make a lot of progress by going to school because in school they are not only educated but along with this they are also trained in arts like sports, music and dance. Every school has a big playground for the children to play where they play different types of games. 

The teachers are the foundation of any school because teachers play a very important role in building the character of the children. It is only a teacher who recognizes the art of the students and helps them move forward. School is such a place where any person becomes righteous and good. Along with education, students are also taught things like discipline, self-confidence and cooperation with others in the school. This is the reason why most children feel relaxed when they go to school. 

It is not at all wrong to say that when today’s children go to school, they shape the future of their nation. In the coming time, children studying in school become doctors, engineers, soldiers, scientists, which is important for the progress of any country. That’s why school is such a center of learning where many subjects are taught so that the development of the students can be done in a better way. 

Essay on  my school in 500 words

School is such a door of education where the people who go there definitely get success. By going to school, the mind of the students is bright and they are guided by the education given by the teachers. The better the school, the better it builds its students. For every person, his school is very important because along with studying in the school, everyone’s memories are also settled. In this way, the school is such an organization where work related to the physical and mental development of the students is done.

meaning of school

Vidyalaya is made up of two words Vidya + Aalaya which means place of learning. In English language it is called school. School is a place where no one knowledge is taught to the children, but many special types of knowledge are taught to the students. In this way, for the students, the school is their second home as well as the temple of education. 

need and importance of school 

The school has been given an important place in the society. The progress of any country happens only when there are good schools in that country where excellent education is provided to the students. School is given importance because schools connect the student with his family as well as with the outside life. Apart from this, the versatility of the children studying in the school is also developed. For any country, its schools are most important because only through these, future successes can be assured. 

type of school

School is not of one type but there are many types of school such as –

  • Central School 
  • Navodaya Vidyalaya
  • private school
  • Sanskrit School
  • Missionaries School
  • School run by Army Welfare Society
  • military school
  • seminary
  • Adarsh ​​Vidya Mandir
  • government schools and so on. 

benefits of going to school 

There are many advantages of going to school which are as follows 

  • The most important advantage of the school is that the mental development of the children takes place here. In this way things like intelligence, ability to think and understand and discretion develop in the students.
  • School is the first place for any child where he bonds with friendship. 
  • The mind of the students going to the school is balanced and due to this a balanced personality of the student is formed. 
  • Apart from philosophy and literature, children are taught subjects like history, mythology and theology in the school. In this way they are given a chance to know their culture. 
  • Students going to school become economically efficient and after getting industrial and professional education, they do such work so that their life passes happily. 
  • The character of those who go to school is developed in the school. So the character of the student is developed in such a way that he can face all kinds of situations.

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