Essay on my village

Essay on my village: Let us know about Essay on my village. Because I had to prepare an essay on the topic ‘My Village’ today, so I started searching my computer. I don’t understand where do I start with this? That’s why suddenly my eyes went to a blog post. In that post something was told about the villages of India. My eyes got stuck on one village only. It was written in it that Dhorra Mafi village is the most educated village in the whole of Asia. I was surprised to know that people there are becoming engineers and doctors today. Let us then start reading Mera Gaon nibandh in hindi below.

Essay on my village

Asia’s most educated village is Dhorra Mafi village. It fills my heart with immense joy to hear that a village in our country comes among the best villages in the whole of Asia. It is a matter of great pride for us. Our villages are also progressing now. So today our topic is based on village. So let us start reading the essay on Mera Gaon Essay.


Seen from the eyes of the village, from the eyes of the colony, there is only one color from where the world is seen

– As’ad Badayuni

Really, how different are our villages from the cities. The happiness that is there in the village, where is it in other cities. Today our country is progressing only because of the existence of our villages. Our country has always been a country of villages. Village has been considered as the backbone of our economy. Our country’s economy has been considered as an agriculture-based economy since ancient times.

Asia’s most educated village

We discuss a little more on Dhorra Mafi village. Yes, so I was telling that Dhorra Mafi village is considered to be the most educated village in India. You can’t believe it right? I am not getting it either. The lifestyle here is quite different from other villages. There is also an English medium school and college here. If we talk about the literacy here, it is known that the literacy rate here is more than 75 percent. How different is this village, isn’t it? It is heartening to hear that a village in our country comes among the best villages in the whole of Asia.

my village tour

Two years ago I reached my uncle’s village to meet him. It was a different kind of feeling after reaching there. I could see that the atmosphere and scenery here was very beautiful. There was a sight of beauty scattered all around here. There was no noise like it is in big cities. There was almost no pollution to be seen here. Green fields could be seen everywhere. There was something different in the smell of village soil. Fresh wind was blowing in the village. My heart became happy after seeing the trees and plants and the rivers and streams. I also saw my uncle very fit in every work. He was very actively handling the work of farming. He used to get up at 4 in the morning every day.

importance of villages

On hearing the name of the village, the mind revolves around the face of bullocks, fields and farmers. Villages have really been the best gift for us. Villages have given us a lot as compared to cities. Our village has been like a friend in our life. So let us better understand the importance of villages –

1) More than half of the population still lives in villages – Even today, the heart of Indians resides in villages. The biggest proof of this is that even today 60% of the population of our country lives in villages. No matter how modern people have become today, but still today the people of the village are connected to their culture.

2) Villages arrange food for us – We all know this very well that today the population of our country has gone beyond even China. In such a situation, it becomes very important for us to find a solution for the arrangement of food. Our villages arrange food items for all of us.

3) The environment here is calm- The environment of the villages of our country is very calm as compared to the cities. There is no commotion here like in the cities. The people of the village maintain only a little distance from materialism. He is satisfied with everything he gets in life.

4) The people of the village live together- In today’s time, when people are busy competing with each other in the cities, then the people of the village are walking in a different direction. The people of the city have completely forgotten to sit and live with each other with love. But the people of the village still live together.

5) The air in the village is purer than in the city- In today’s time pollution is spreading everywhere. This problem is spreading very seriously in cities and metros. Today it is difficult even to breathe in the cities. But our villages are still spared from excessive pollution. People there give more emphasis on walking and use of bicycle.

6) The people of the villages have more labor force – do you know where all the laborers you see working in big factories and factories come from? Most of the working class that you see working, they come from the villages only. They make a big contribution to our Indian economy.

What is the occupation of the people of the village?

Many people think that only farming can be done by living in the village. There can be nothing else there. If someone thinks like this then it is wrong. Gone are the earlier times when we used to understand by the word village that a village is a place where a farmer does farming.

Now things are changing a lot. The people of the village are now moving forward after studying. In today’s time, many people of the village are becoming engineers and doctors. He is continuously moving towards progress. Today many people are emerging as IAS officers from the village itself. It is not that the people of the village have forgotten their roots. He is still associated with farming. He is also doing the work of animal husbandry very well.

But now times have changed a bit. The people there are now turning towards small scale industries as well. Farmers are now using advanced technology in farming. He is understanding the demand of the time. He has understood the importance of organic farming very well. He is easily running the business of grocery shop, tea shop, paan center, flour mill, fish farming, poultry farm, flower farming, fertilizer shop, cloth shop, tailor shop etc.

What is lacking in the villages even today?

Our Indian villages and their culture have always been different. Since time immemorial, the soul of our country has resided in the villages. Today the villages are also progressing like the cities. The people there have also started reading and writing. In the village also we are seeing many new changes as compared to earlier. But has everything completely changed? I will answer no. Even today the condition of the villages has not changed completely. So let us look at the negative side of villages –

1) Lack of good medical facilities- Science has made a lot of progress. He is still on the way to move forward. Medical facilities are running very well in the cities. Many clinics have opened there. Doctors have also become better in the cities. But even today the medical facilities are not running smoothly in the village. Even today, due to lack of good doctors and clinics, people have to face difficulties. This absence costs them dearly.

2) Even today people are not fully aware about studies – the rush for studies in cities is not seen anywhere else. Today lakhs of coaching centers have opened in the cities. There children compete with each other. But still people in villages are not fully aware about education. There is a lack of proper coaching centers. Due to this reason, the promising children of the village have to migrate to the cities.

3) Even today the supply of water and electricity is not being done smoothly in the village- The life of us humans is considered successful when there is no shortage of basic facilities in our life. But as soon as these facilities are lacking, our life becomes meaningless. Similar is the condition in the villages of our India as well. Even today there is a problem with electricity and water supply. There are many villages where even today people are forced to live in darkness. He is also facing water crisis.

4) Conservative thinking- Agreed that villages are changing now. But it is not that there has been a complete change there. The people of the village are still stuck in the rope of superstition. The people there still believe in witchcraft. He also forces others to believe in this thing.

poetry on village

The path was in the eyes, the village was in the heart, the journey was not completed, the feet became sieve

-Nida Fazli

Mother wrote in her painful letter that the roads are paved, now you have come to the village

– unknown 

Don’t know how to put shells on facesWe are village people, we rarely come to the city

-Bedil Hydari

he has bought a house worth croresI have heard that he has bought a house worth crores in the city, but even today he brings the children to the village to show the courtyard. 


I am walking in this crowd of the city, but the map of the village is kept in my mind.

Tahir Azeem

Brings the blessings of elders in the village, the taste of bajra roti with lassi, jaggery

– Dr. Sulakshana Ahlawat

O inhabitants of the city!If you ever come, whether I stay in the village chaupals or not, hunger will be the host.

-Adam Gondvi 

Essay on my village in 200 words

No matter how much time has changed today, but even today the village is recognized in our country. Village life is quite different from city life. People feel peace after reaching there. Greenery is seen everywhere in the village. The air in the village is also not polluted because there is less pollution of all kinds.

Our villages have been dear to the people since ancient times. The existence of villages was made even at that time and even today they are flourishing well. The people of the village live in harmony with each other. There is mutual harmony among those people. People there do not compete with each other. The source of income of the people of the village is from agriculture.

Today the food items of the people of the city are also delivered by the people of the village. The people there do not discriminate against each other. The people there live amicably. The routine of the people in the villages is much better than the routine of the people of the cities. It is customary in the village to eat food early. There people sleep early and wake up early in the morning. The people of the village are very hardworking. He gets everything done without any complaints.

10 lines Essay on my village

1) The villages of our country are very nice.

2) The people of the village live their life peacefully and in a positive way.

3) The economy of our country is an agriculture based economy.

4) Village life is much better than city life.

5) The pollution in the villages of our country is very less as compared to the metropolitan cities.

6) Even today there is a lack of basic facilities in the villages of India.

7) The people of the village do not believe in materialism.

8) 70% of the people of our country still live in villages.

9) In today’s era, our villages are progressing a lot.

10) There are many trees in the village. And there is also a lot of greenery there.


So through today’s essay, we learned to write an essay on my village. We hope that you must have liked this essay written by us. We have tried to write this essay in simple words.

FAQ’S For Essay on my village

Q1. Tell about the specialty of the village?

A1. Even in today’s time, the heart of Indians resides in the village only. 60% of our country’s population still lives in villages. The atmosphere in the villages of our country is very calm as compared to the cities. There is no commotion here like in the cities

Q2. How to write essay on village?

A2. Village is a very beautiful place. We call village as village in English. Our villages are very suitable for living. On reaching the village, we feel peace of mind. The villages also arrange food for us. Today our country is flourishing because of the villages.

Q3. Why is it better to live in the village?

A3. It is better to live in the village because the life there is many times better than the city life. We do not feel stressed when we live in the village. Fresh and cool wind blows in the village. We get to see many trees and plants in the village.

Q4. What is village culture?

A4. Even though the whole world has progressed a lot, but still there is a place which is still attached to its roots. We are talking about the village. The villagers are still attached to their culture and customs.

Q5. Where do you see the most problems in the village?

A5. Agreed that the villages are very beautiful, but even today there is a lack of many things. Most of the problems are seen in the village regarding education. There even today people are not fully aware about education. There is also a shortage of electricity and water. There is lack of basic facilities in the villages.

Q6. Which was the first village in India?

A6. However, no one knows when the first village of India was built. But it is said that the first village of our country used to be at the time of Indus Valley Civilization. The Indus Valley Civilization used to rise 5000 years ago.

Q7. Which is the most educated village in India?

A7. India’s most educated village is Dhorra Mafi village of Uttar Pradesh. This village is the most educated village in the whole of Asia. The people there are becoming engineers and doctors today.

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