Essay on online education

At present, the world has become digitized, due to which most of the work is now done online. In such a situation, when it comes to education, now online education is becoming very popular among the students. Recently online education also got a big boost due to Coronavirus as people could continue their studies through online medium without going out of their homes. Although online education is already very popular in foreign countries, but it has become famous in our country India since last few years. Today we are going to tell you an essay on online education in 100, 250, 500 words which will help you a lot in your studies. 

what is online education 

Online education is a latest education system under which teachers teach children through internet. For this, they use their laptop or mobile phone. This has the advantage that teachers and students can connect with each other with the help of internet without leaving their homes.

Although online education was legalized in the year 1993, but it has become more prevalent during the Corona epidemic in our country India. Not only school children but also big educational institutions are now giving emphasis on online education. That is why many education like engineering, medical, civil services are mostly available online today. 

essay on online education in 100 words

Due to the changing technology, many changes are taking place in the education system as well. This is the reason why online education is getting a lot of boost today because the trend of all educational institutions has become more and more like this.

The best thing about online education is that by using the internet any material of education can be sent from one place to another without any problem due to which a lot of people’s time is saved. Apart from this, students can do their studies only by staying at their home.

This method is not only interesting but it also saves the cost of expensive tuition as online studies are cheaper than offline studies. 

essay on online education in 250 words

Online education is an education system where students are taught through the Internet. It is also known as e-learning and the main objective of this education system is to advance the education of the students. If seen, due to this, a lot of time is saved because people do not have to go out for studies. Students study continuously from their teachers through online classes. 

Types of Online Education Online

There are mainly two types of online education, the information about which is given below –

Synchronous educational system for students 

In this type of online education, students get a chance to learn real time where they can also talk with their teacher. It is commonly known as video conferencing, live chat and virtual classroom. There are many platforms but the most famous are Zoom and Google Meet. 

2, Asynchronous educational system for students

Within this type of educational system, students can do their studies using study material whenever they want. Most of the people in our country India prefer to do their studies through this education system. There is no chance of real time learning in this because all the study material is recorded here. So whenever the student has a heart, they can watch as well as listen to the given audio or video. Some prime examples are audio e-books, recording classes, web links, etc. 

essay on online education in 500 words 

Online education is very beneficial for people who do some work or women who are willing to study from their home. This facility is very beneficial for all the people because under this new education system people are taking studies very seriously and are getting online education according to their time. If seen, this is such a great medium, using which more and more people can get education.

Importance of online education 

If we talk about online education, then it is necessary because through this students can increase their knowledge significantly because they have to collect information on their own to increase their knowledge. Apart from this, students can choose any place where they are comfortable to do online education. In this way, they tolerate their studies according to their convenience as they get 24 hours to study and revise. In this education system, many students study in groups through internet, due to which they also get socialized slowly.

Benefits of Online Education 

The benefits of online education are not one but many, out of which the most important benefits are given below –

  • Any student sitting at his home can get education from any institute in the world and can get higher education.
  • Online education can help people to understand or learn about any topic due to which the knowledge of the students increases rapidly.
  • Many coaching centers are far away, due to which many times students are unable to take coaching, in such a situation, with the help of online education, they can take coaching sitting at home.
  • If students face any problem they can immediately ask their teachers and also they can record the video and watch it again and again to understand it. 

Disadvantages of Online Education 

Although online education has many advantages but it also has some disadvantages which are as follows –

  • The biggest thing about online education is that teachers and students spend hours online due to which they may have mental or physical problems.
  • The financial condition of many parents is not good, but still they give laptop, mobile or computer to their child so that their child can get proper education. But they remain completely oblivious to whether their children are getting the right education or not. 
  • It is very important to have a good rapport between the teacher and the students, but this does not happen in online education. Students do not feel comfortable with their teacher.
  • The student who is not able to study properly even after going to regular school, in such a situation, he cannot focus on his studies online.

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