Essay on Philanthropy

Essay on Philanthropy: Today we have brought an essay on Philanthropy, in this essay we will discuss important points like importance of Philanthropy, definition of Philanthropy, benefits of Philanthropy. This essay is for school children who can be of class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or any class. Often children are asked to write an essay about charity or the importance of charity, this article can help them.

Essay on Philanthropy – Essay on the Importance of Philanthropy

Preface –

As we all know that the word charity is made up of words and benevolence.

on + beneficence = benevolence

Which means doing favors on others. But keep in mind that there should not be any selfishness in this favor. Tulsidas ji’s statement is ” Parhit saris dharma nahi bhai “: It means that we all should be charitable. It doesn’t have any big religion. This is a social feeling which is there in almost everyone, just some people feel for all the people and some people about themselves and their loved ones. 

The sense of charity is seen in every religion, people of every caste believe in it, I have seen people crossing the road without any selfishness. I have seen people running selflessly in case of an accident, people selflessly donating blood for each other, donating eyes, this is philanthropy. Only a altruistic person can do this because he understands the need of others more than his own. He cannot see others in trouble. If seen, nature gives us a good example of charity, which only gives us without taking anything, without any selfishness. 

definition of charity

Friends, if we talk about the definition of charity, then there is no definite definition of it, it is undefined because it is a feeling that comes to us from our conscience. But then if we talk about its definition in simple words, then it is to do good to others selflessly. Friends, if we talk about our Indian culture, then we are taught from childhood that how to think about the welfare of others, what should we do if we see someone in trouble. 

This is how it is ingrained in us and we Indians do too. Saint Kabirdas ji says that one day we will have neither money nor our youth with us. Our home will also be missed, at that time only our fame will remain and the blessings of those on whom we have done charity. A true philanthropist is the one who does not want anything in return for charity. 

In our Indian society, there have been many saints and sages who have always done good to others. If you all remember that there would hardly be any philanthropist like Maharishi Dadhichi who had donated even his bones. The tradition of body donation is still present today, thousands of people donate their eyes after their death, donate those parts of their body so that others can live.

Importance of charity in our life

Friends, charity is very important in our life, if seen, our whole life is charity. We are taught from a very young age that we should be kind to others and help others in every possible way and this feeling is inculcated in our hearts from a very young age. Philanthropy is a great gesture, a philanthropist thinks about the welfare of the society. There are many such NGOs in today’s society who are doing the work of charity very well. 

Teaching children in slums, taking care of their general needs, giving them things related to education, arranging clothes and food, this is also an important part of philanthropy and philanthropy. He does not want anything in return for this charity, in this society a person cannot do anything alone. 

If every person is engaged in his own selfishness, then the concept of Indian society will be fragmented somewhere. The work of human society should be philanthropy, only then it is possible to imagine a successful society, only then there will be no poor and rich in the society, everyone will have a sense of equality, everyone will celebrate their festivals with ease, no one will sleep hungry because one person will care for the other. And it is the spirit of charity that will be able to make it.

Benefits of Philanthropy

Charity gives spiritual peace, no person ever does charity for his own benefit, but unknowingly also he benefits from it. His soul gets peace, only a man with a pure conscience has a sense of charity, but a philanthropist never does charity by thinking, he performs it as his duty. 

There are some people in our society who get other’s daughters married without telling their names, spend lakhs in the marriage of other’s daughters but don’t even let their own name come forward. Only by doing this they feel at peace with themselves. Along with this, a lot of respect is also received in the society, people look at it with a lot of respect, even in the crowd of lakhs, the person standing alone looks lonely. He is recognized by people from far away, he is respected everywhere, only people talk about him everywhere. Along with this, there is progress in the society. On getting someone’s support in times of crisis, a person moves forward on the path of progress, as well as he appreciates the whole life of that person, by whose charity he has progressed, the life of such people is progressing towards others. Is ideal for people always try to be like him. Always tell your kids to try to be like them. 

In today’s society, the country does not want the welfare of the other country, one neighbor gets upset seeing the progress of the other neighbor, the root cause of all this is the lack of charity. We should learn from our Rishi Maharishi how he never gets favor in return, just like tree always knows to give, cloud always knows to give water, wind always knows how to flow, flowers bloom for others, fruits on trees It seems to be for others, all this is an example of charity, the sun rises everyday for others, for the progress of others, we all should learn a lot from them, respect them.

nature and charity

There is a very deep relation between charity and nature or it can be said that charity resides in every particle of nature. This feeling is deeply embedded in our nature, for example, if we take this earth itself, which selflessly produces food grains and feeds us all. Along with filling the stomach, this earth also produces trees which are saving the lives of all of us by giving oxygen. 

Similarly, if we look at the rivers, they always keep flowing without any selfishness, such a large population is fed only because of these rivers. She never asks for anything in return but we should cherish them. Because we should not lose them in the changing environment, and if it is not there, then neither we nor our life is there as long as there is nature, it is the mountain, the changing weather, the clouds. We should not spread pollution at least on earth and on this nature we must do this favor and learn it ourselves. 

Nature teaches us that: Always do charity but don’t expect anything in return!

How nature does benevolence on all of us humans, we should also tell our coming generation, if you want to be like that tree which is loaded with fruits but never eats its own fruits, others always eat those fruits but in return they No one has hope. We should teach this to our children too, always do charity but don’t expect anything in return, service done selflessly is charity.


Essay on Philanthropy: There have been many such people in our Indian culture who are a living example of charity. Our Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Maharishi Dadhichi Raja Harishchandra don’t know how many people are great examples of charity. All these people have always given the highest priority to the society, never worried about themselves, but did not ask anything from the society in return. 

We all should be philanthropist, it is very much needed in today’s society, when we will be philanthropist, then our future generations will also be philanthropic, because they will learn it by seeing us and they will also give the same values ​​to their future generations. This sequence will continue like this continuously, will not stop and will continue to be transferred from one generation to another like culture.

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