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Today we have come up with an essay on environmental pollution. This essay on pollution has been written in very simple words. Often questions are asked to students in school, college: Write about environmental pollution, Write essay on pollution, Write essay on environmental pollution in 200 words etc. We have written the following essay in 100, 200, 300 words, 500 words and 1000 words, which can be written by any student of class 5, 6, 8, or class 10, class 12 etc.

Essay on environmental pollution in 100 words

Only the filth that spreads in nature causes pollution. When these dirts and impurities adversely affect the environment, then it is called environmental pollution. There can be different types of pollution in our environment like: air, water, noise, soil pollution etc.

Air, water, weather cycle and climate are spoiled by pollution, which causes great harm to our health and we become victims of diseases. There are many reasons for the spread of pollution such as: cutting of trees, industrialization, use of chemicals etc.

Mostly because of us humans, environmental pollution is increasing continuously. Stopping pollution is a big responsibility of us humans. For this, we have to make people aware so that we do not do any such activity which spreads pollution and harms the nature.

Essay on environmental pollution in 200 words


In today’s time man is continuously moving towards modernity and in this race we are playing with nature. Man is continuously doing such activities to fulfill his comforts, which is causing environmental pollution. Pollution is disturbing the balance of nature and this can lead to dire consequences in the future.

types of pollution

Pollution can be of many types such as:

Air pollution:  Contaminating the air present in the atmosphere is called air pollution. Poisonous gas and smoke mix in the air and give rise to air pollution. Breathing in polluted environment causes serious diseases.

Water Pollution:  Water pollution is caused by the contamination of water. Yesterday, the filth from the factories is discharged into the water source, as a result the water becomes harmful for use.

Land/Soil Pollution:  Continuous use of hazardous chemicals in farming, plastic and non-biodegradable waste leads to soil or land pollution. Because of all these, the fertility of the soil ends.

measures to prevent pollution

  • Cutting of trees should be stopped and more and more trees should be planted. 
  • Harmful wastes coming out of factories should be destroyed. 
  • The use of green energy should be promoted. 
  • Organic farming should be promoted by reducing the use of chemical fertilizers.
  • Instead of vehicles running on petrol and diesel, priority should be given to vehicles running on electricity. 
  • More and more public transport should be used instead of private vehicles.  

Essay on Environmental Pollution – 300 words


Today we are progressing very fast in the field of science, where modern science has made our lifestyle full of facilities, it has also given us a terrible curse like environmental pollution. Today felling of trees, exploitation of natural resources, use of dangerous chemicals have created an imbalance in nature. If this is not taken care of in time, the results can be disastrous.

due to environmental pollution

  • Population Growth: The main reason for environmental pollution is us humans who keep spreading pollution for our facilities. The growing human population and the exploitation of natural resources for their livelihood and comforts is increasing environmental pollution manifold.
  • Industrialization:  Large industries, factories release waste materials into the water and toxic gases into the air. Industrialization is a huge reason for environmental pollution.
  • Modernization:  Modern comforts have blinded us, we are using unnatural things a lot. Pollution is spreading continuously due to the use of motor vehicles, AC, fridge, plastic, chemical substances etc.
  • Use of chemicals: In the greed of earning more profits, the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides is increasing, due to which the soil is becoming polluted and infertile.

effects of environmental pollution

The result of environmental pollution is very dangerous, due to which the temperature of the atmosphere is increasing continuously, climate changes are taking place, the balance of the weather is deteriorating. Due to environmental pollution, the health of us humans is also being affected, different types of diseases are arising. Pollution is causing a lot of damage to humans, animals and birds and nature.

Environmental Pollution Essay – 500 words

Pollution is a serious topic in today’s time. Pollution is causing huge damage to nature, its prevention is very important. Sometimes we cannot see it directly. For example, you may not be able to see the natural gases (oxygen, carbon-dioxide) present in the air, although they are still there. Gradually the pollutants in the atmosphere which are killing the air and increasing the level of carbon dioxide are very fatal for the human beings and the whole earth. Necessary steps need to be taken to stop pollution, otherwise it can have dire consequences.

factors of environmental pollution

Pollution is a slow poison which destroys our environment and our life day by day, it is mainly divided into three parts: air pollution, noise pollution, water pollution.

Air pollution is caused by smoke coming out of vehicles, factories, flying dust etc.

Noise pollution is caused by honking of vehicles, running of machines and other noise generating objects.

Water pollution is caused by the dumping of industrial waste and plastic waste and other things into rivers and ponds.

pollution control measures

  • To prevent air pollution, more trees and plants should be planted, as well as where indiscriminate felling of trees should be stopped. Air polluting industry businesses should adopt new technology to reduce pollution.
  • To reduce water pollution, we have to pay more attention to cleanliness. We throw garbage in rivers and ponds, factories responsible for water pollution should be closed.
  • Noise pollution is mostly done by human beings, so if we stop using horns ourselves and if we take care of machines regularly, they will not produce any sound and noise pollution will decrease.
  • Maintenance of vehicles and machines is very important if they are not maintained, they cause a lot of noise pollution as well as air pollution.
  • If we go to same office then we can use public vehicles or car sharing will save fuel and reduce air pollution.
  • We have to stop the use of plastic, the government is also banning plastic, but the use of plastic will continue to increase until we become aware.


The way pollution is increasing on our earth, it will take the form of destruction in the coming few years, if some strict rules are not made soon to stop pollution, then the whole environment of our earth will be spoiled and our life will be ruined. Will be done.

If we have to reduce pollution, first of all we have to improve ourselves and make people aware of the harm caused by pollution. If we have to plant more and more trees to reduce pollution and also make people aware of planting trees, then only we can wish for a good future.

Essay on environmental pollution in 1000 words

Where on the one hand today human is progressing and the world has become quite modern. On the other hand, environmental pollution is continuously increasing. This earth and environment are very precious for all of us, so it becomes the duty of all of us to protect them.

So the question is, why does environmental pollution happen? To know the answer to this question, we have to look at the activities happening around us. In this way we can better understand environmental pollution and also protect nature. If you want to know all the information about it, then read this complete article of Essay on Environmental Pollution. In this post, we will give you all the important information.

What is environmental pollution ?

First of all, let us tell you for information that environmental pollution means when things contaminated by various activities done by humans get mixed in the environment. Because of this, the daily routine of every person is affected to a great extent and he is hindered in doing his work.

But humans are responsible for spreading environmental pollution, who do many such things every day, due to which the pollutants spread in the environment. In this way, due to pollution, many diseases also start taking birth and every person’s life is greatly affected by this. That’s why it is necessary that the work of stopping pollution should be done in time so that everyone can live a healthy life. 

Main causes of environmental pollution 

Nature has given man a lot of natural resources but due to his selfish nature he is destroying them. No one wants to understand that if this entire environment gets polluted, then the health of the future generations will be seriously affected.

In this way, a day will also come when there will be no natural resources left on the earth to survive in this world. That’s why it becomes very important that whatever are the main causes of environmental pollution, try to remove them by knowing them. Some of the most important causes of environmental pollution are as follows – 

  • excessive use of vehicles by people
  • Due to the intensification of industrial activities everywhere
  • due to increase in population
  • due to factories and agricultural wastes
  • Due to rapid urbanization and industrialization
  • overusing scientific tools
  • Due to indiscriminate cutting of trees and lack of greenery in densely populated areas
  • building roads and dams
  • due to overexploitation of minerals 

Main types of environmental pollution 

By the way, there are many types of environmental pollution due to which our environment has become very negative. But the information about its main types is as follows – 

air pollution 

Every person needs clean air to stay alive. Not only this, air is also very important for all the trees, plants and animals on earth. Oxygen present in the atmosphere is very important for breathing. But people are now engaged in eliminating the balance of all the gases present in the atmosphere to meet their physical needs. Especially the air of the cities is becoming very poisonous and suffocating. The most important factor behind air pollution is the smoke coming out of vehicles, smoke of factories, burning of fossil fuels etc.

Water Pollution 

Although everyone says that water is our life, but still today humans are leaving no stone unturned to pollute it. Everyone knows that without water no living being can even think of living, whether it is a human being, an animal, a bird or a tree plant. In all the natural sources of water, pollutant elements like minerals, waste materials, gas, garbage etc. are found. In such a situation, water becomes unfit for drinking because viruses are produced due to dirt in it, In such a situation, if anyone drinks contaminated water, then it is very harmful for him. 

noise pollution 

Noise pollution is also largely responsible for polluting the environment. No one likes excessive noise, but many times many people do not care for their entertainment that another person may be disturbed by it. Let us tell you for information that excessively loud sound gradually reduces the hearing capacity of the person. Not only this, there comes a time when the hearing power of a person is completely lost. Due to noise, there is no bad effect on the health of the person, but it is very difficult to tolerate loud noise. Due to noise pollution, a person is not able to focus on any work and in many works he has to face failure. 

Measures to reduce environmental pollution 

The way humans are doing the work of spreading pollution in the environment, then only humans have to come forward to reduce environmental pollution. It is the responsibility of every individual to make efforts to root out this problem. Environmental pollution Some measures can be adopted to reduce this problem such as – 

  • Indiscriminate felling of trees should be stopped. Apart from this, do plant trees around you.
  • Awareness should be spread among the youth regarding environmental pollution. 
  • Don’t let filth and garbage pile up around you. 
  • Minimize the use of petroleum as well as products like coal. 
  • Factories should be built away from the city so that the smoke coming out of them does not mix in the air and spread disease among the people.
  • For transport, such vehicles should be used which emit less smoke.
  • Do not throw garbage in the rivers. 
  • Use cloth and jute bags as much as possible and say no to plastic bags. 


In this article of essay on environmental pollution, we told you what is environmental pollution and also told other important things related to it. There is no doubt that by spreading awareness among the people, we can make our environment clean to a great extent. For this, not only one person but every human being will have to try. If you have liked the information given by us, then definitely share it with your friends.

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