Essay on population growth

Today we have come up with an essay on population growth. Population explosion is a big issue in today’s time and it is necessary to consider this problem. Below we have given the essay on population growth in 100, 150, 250, 500 words. This essay on population explosion may be useful for you.

The increasing population of India is a serious problem for the country. Population growth is not only a problem for the supply of food items and availability of housing, but it also directly affects our environment.

At present, the population of our country is about one billion 30 crores, which is many times more than that of developed countries. Population explosion is also a hindrance to the economic, social and political development of the country. Providing food resources and housing per person in such a big country is the most complex challenge that is why inflation, pollution and unemployment are increasing day by day in India.

However, there are many ways to get control over this problem, on which we are going to talk today in this article. Today in this article we will discuss what is population growth and how to control it?

Essay on population growth in 100 words

In our country, the population is increasing day by day, which increases by more than one crore every year. This is also one of the reasons because of which our country is lagging behind in the field of development as compared to other countries. Due to the increase in population, there seems to be a hindrance in the social, economic and political development in the country.

At present, the problem of unemployment is increasing in India due to population growth, due to which the population of our country is facing poverty. This is a serious problem that we all should consider and find solutions to reduce the problem.

Essay on population growth in 150 words

Population growth is a problem for the whole world apart from our country India. Due to which many problems are being faced. Due to population growth, we have to face problems like unemployment, economic recession, pollution.

Also, in today’s time, due to increase in population, people have to stand in queues for hours, be it railway station, bus stand, hospital or any religious place, there is huge crowd in all these places due to increase in population. Because of which many times the needy people do not even get the facilities.

Due to the increase in birth rate, our India is second only to China in terms of population growth, where the population is found more and more.

Essay on population growth in 250 words


At present, population growth has become a formidable problem, to deal with which necessary steps need to be taken as soon as possible. Today, not only us but many countries are facing problems due to population growth and due to population growth people are facing problems of food, drink and living.

Growing population affects natural resources

Increasing population also affects natural resources, increasing population has become a curse for natural beauty existence. And due to the increasing population, the environment is getting polluted day by day due to which many types of diseases are spreading and the increasing population is suffering from the same diseases.

Population growth is also creating hindrance in economic development, due to which people are facing unemployment, population growth is increasing day by day, due to which people have to be deprived of basic facilities like food-clothes-house.

Due to increasing population, many countries other than India have crossed their limits regarding population, due to which problems like illiteracy, economic recession, lack of health services are being found.

Essay on population growth in 500 words


Our India is a developing country, our India is at the second place in population level and the population of people is increasing rapidly. China ranks first in population growth. But experts believe that soon India will become the most populous country by surpassing China in population growth. Which will be the cause of a serious problem for our country and it will have dire consequences.

due to population growth

The reasons for population growth are as follows –


Even today illiteracy is prevalent in India, even today there are many areas where there is a lot of lack of education, it is very important to make the citizens of that place aware about population growth. Because increasing population can put us in trouble.

birth rate

The main reason for the continuous increase in population is the continuous increase in the birth rate. With the increase in population, human birth rates are also increasing and due to this the population is increasing further.

lack of awareness

There is no awareness among the people about the ill-effects of human life due to increase in population. Because of which people produce more children and become the cause of population growth.

breed growth

Even today, people need a boy to increase their lineage, this small and conservative thinking has not changed even today, due to which many children are born in the desire of a son.

reduction in mortality

Health services have developed very fast in India, health services are being provided free of cost by government health services, due to which the death rate has come down.

Effects of population growth –

  • environmental impact
  • lack of resources
  • impact on food grains
  • Social Impact
  • increase in unemployment

Measures to stop population growth –

  • raising the age of marriage
  • educate women
  • family planning program
  • spread awareness
  • sex education

effects of population growth

Population growth has affected our country in many ways which are as follows –

  • Natural resources are being consumed more and more due to population growth.
  • The population is increasing day by day due to which the problem of unemployment is at its peak.
  • The government has to spend more and more on all the necessities like healthcare, education, water, irrigation etc.
  • Due to unemployment and poverty even young children are not able to complete their education.
  • Population growth is affecting industrial expansion and growth in the economy.
  • Unemployment reduces the spending capacity so that families spend their savings on basic necessities and cannot afford a good education for their children.

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