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Essay on rainy season – in 100 words.

I love rainy season. It comes every year in the month of July and gives us relief from the scorching heat of May June. This season lasts for three months from July to September. When it rains, the dried plants become green again.

In this season we enjoy eating sweet mangoes. Also, in this season, we all Indians celebrate many festivals like Raksha Bandhan, Krishna Janmashtami, Ganesh Puja, Eid-ul-Zuha, Muharram etc. with great pomp. Apart from this, our school starts again in this month after a long vacation. With new copy-books, we enter the new class with great enthusiasm.

Varsha Ritu Par Nibandh – 250 words

To calm the scorching heat of May-June, the rainy season arrives in our country in the month of July. This rainy season creates a new enthusiasm in trees, plants, humans and the entire living world.

The trees dried up by the heat become green again, when drops of water fall on the hot earth, grass and new plants grow in the barren empty land.

The rainy season is no less than a boon for the farmers. In the summer season, all the fields and barns dry up. There is a shortage of water in river-ponds, wells and all water sources, in such a situation farmers cannot grow crops, so they wait for the rainy season so that they can grow good crops by farming and manage grains for the whole year.

Importance of rainy season

In all the seasons, the rainy season has its own significance. As we all know that life is not possible without water, if there is no rain then there will be shortage of water and there may be famine, this can have a very bad effect on people’s life.

Our country is an agricultural country, and it is very difficult to do farming without rain. This is the reason why when the rainy season arrives, the farmers become happy because it fills the water shortage in the fields.


Rainy season has been called the queen of seasons . Rainy season has its advantages as well as some disadvantages like mosquitoes, insects etc. are born in this season and there is a danger of spreading diseases. There is a danger of flood when it rains heavily. But in spite of all this, this season is life-giving for the whole living world.

Essay on rainy season – 300 words


The scorching heat of the summer season in India lasts till June, after which the rainy season begins and this pleasant season lasts until September. Rain showers are very enjoyable and relaxing. Every living being from humans to animals waits for this season.

In this season, black-brown clouds cover the clouds and when the weather clears up, the whole sky looks blue and charming. And yes, how can we forget the rainbow, this mesmerizing sight of seven colors is visible only in this season. The whole earth becomes green, the fragrance from the soil, the chirping of birds fascinates the mind.

characteristics of rainy season

The rainy season is favorable for farming because after the water level decreases in summer and the reservoir dries up, water for irrigation can be arranged in this season. The rainy season is not only beneficial for humans, it also brings new life to dried plants and animals and birds who are distraught from the heat.

The view of the forests is very unique in this season.about the peacockI must have heard that when the dark clouds spread their umbrellas, they dance by spreading their beautiful wings, the thirsty animals feel relief from the first rain.

pros and cons of rainy season

In the rainy season, the fields turn green, seeds sprout, and farmers smile. The water level of the earth also increases, due to which the water gets less distance. If the rainy season does not come, then there will be shortage of food grains and people’s life will be disturbed.

Of course, the rainy season is very important in our life, but along with the advantages, there are also some disadvantages of this season. Due to excessive rains, floods can occur. River drains overflow. From villages to cities, water can be submerged, due to which there is a lot of loss of life and property.

Essay on rainy season – 400 words.

There are six seasons in India, out of which the rainy season has its own special significance. Rainy season is also called the queen of seasons. in our countryRainy SeasonThe season is from July to September.

Mainly the month of Sawan is the time when the monsoon becomes most active. The respite from the scorching heat and hot winds of June comes only when showers of rain fall on the earth. Earth’s thirst is quenched, dried trees and plants get new life, ponds, rivers and reservoirs are filled with water.

When the rainy season comes, there is greenery all around, birds start chirping, frogs start croaking, wild animals also take a breath of peace as if all the creatures are eagerly waiting for this season. Pihu-pihu of papihe sounds very lovely, fireflies are also visible in the night and the jingle of crickets is also heard, it seems as if the whole nature has spoken.

fall festival

Rainy season is also the season of Teej-festivals. At this time many festivals are celebrated in India like:

  • Rakshabandhan – This is the main festival of Hindus showing the love of brothers and sisters.
  • Teej – This is a fast observed by Hindu women for the long life of their husbands.
  • Janmashtami – This festival of Krishna Janmotsav is celebrated by Hindus all over the country.
  • Shri Krishna Jayanti – This is also celebrated all over India.
  • Eid ul Zuha – This is a major festival of Muslims.
  • Prakash Varsh – This festival is celebrated with pomp in Punjab.
  • Muharram – This is the main festival of Shia Muslims.
  • Onam – This is the main festival of Kerala.
  • Ganesh Puja – It is celebrated by Hindus with great enthusiasm all over India.

benefits of rainy season

  • Reduces the unbearable heat of summer and brings coolness in the atmosphere.
  • Favorable weather is created for farming and farmers get water for irrigation.
  • Dried up rivers, streams, ponds and puddles get filled with water.
  • Water can be saved for the whole year by harvesting rain water.
  • Ground water level also improves.
  • The environment becomes green.
  • Green fodder is arranged for cows and buffaloes.

damage from rainy season

  • The soil becomes wet due to which mud and dirt spreads.
  • Heavy rains cause problems in traffic.
  • There is a danger of flood.
  • There is a danger of spreading infectious diseases.
  • Water gets accumulated in small pits where mosquitoes breed.

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