Essay on Spring season

Essay on Spring season: Let us know about Essay on Spring season. The spring season is a bit different in our country India. Spring season makes your mood pleasant. During my school days, I used to eagerly wait for the arrival of spring. Used to think when the winter season is ending and when the spring season is coming. In that season, the greenery of the school garden was visible. Those colorful flowers. That cuckoo’s cuckoo on the branch of the tree used to cheer up the mind. There was also a farm very close to the school. Yellow mustard used to bloom there. Let us start reading basant ritu par nibandh below.

Essay on spring season

Different festivals and seasons come in the country of India. There are six types of seasons in India. Summer, Rain, Sharad, Hemant, Shishir and Vasant Ritu. All these seasons have their own importance. This season is very dear to everyone, be it humans or animals and birds. Everyone finds this festival very attractive. Seeing this weather, all the worries of a person disappear. The beauty of nature increases even more when small buds burst on the branches of trees. The greenery of nature looks like a beautiful drape. The waving mustard of the fields does not seem less than the ornaments of a woman. Cuckoo and Papiha look no less than Tansen because of their melodious music. So today our topic is based on spring season. Today we will read essay on spring season.


look spring has come

There is happiness in nature.

birds have camped on the trees

A new dawn has risen.

Poet sings song Malhar

Lovers should dive in the color of love.

The heart became happy with the cuckoo’s cuckoo

The waves woke up with the hum of the whirlpool.

The earth gets adorned with the ornaments of crops

The negativity would go away on its own.

Nature brought only one message

Look spring has come.

– Ekta Ranga

This poem suddenly popped into my mind. Whose heart does not get elated on seeing the spring season. The winter season fills our body with laziness. We all wait for when the winter season will end and when the beautiful festival of spring will come. Spring season brings with it new hopes and enthusiasm. Spring in our country starts in the month of March and continues till the month of April. This season alerts us to new changes. It tells us that now the weather has changed its course so now we should also change. It is very pleasant to see trees and plants dancing and dancing in this season. This season leaves an arrow of love on every human being.

What is the meaning of spring season?

There are six types of seasons in our country such as summer, rain, autumn, autumn, autumn and spring. All seasons have their own importance and joy. But the thing that is in the spring season, where else in any other season. The meaning of spring season is that season in which the weather remains almost the same. The major change we see in this season is the blooming of flowers. The arrival of spring in the gardens. acclimatization. Animals and birds become more energetic. This season usually starts in the month of March and continues till the month of April. Many festivals also come in this spring season. This season is a symbol of novelty and cheerfulness. This season is ranked high among all seasons.

What is the importance of spring season?

Spring season is completely different in itself. This pleasant weather is loved by everyone. People stand eagerly waiting to welcome the spring season. This season has great importance in our life. Many stories related to this season are famous. The most famous are two stories.

The first story is related to Shri Krishna. According to this story, Shri Krishna says in Bhagwat Purana that Krishna is spring and spring is Krishna. When Shri Krishna plays the flute, it is as if consciousness spreads all over the world. The second story is related to Kamdev, the god of work. When Kamadeva releases the arrow of lust, the communication of love spreads all over the world. For this reason, this season is considered best for the breeding season.

The spring season spreads the light of positivity in the atmosphere. As soon as this season comes, the weather changes. People get rid of the cold weather. This season is also very special for poets, farmers and lovers. At this time poets create new creations by holding their pen and paper. Farmers harvest their ripe crops. The lover and the beloved get lost somewhere far away in the world of love.

characteristics of spring

1) Spring is considered to be the best season in itself. The bitter cold ends with the arrival of this season. People stop using quilts.

2) As soon as spring comes, day and night starts changing. In this season the days get longer and the nights start getting shorter. As the days get longer, our work also gets done very easily.

3) The atmosphere of positivity spreads in the spring. At this time animals, birds and humans feel very energetic. In this season he gives up his laziness.

4) In this season nature wears clothes of greenery. The scenery becomes very beautiful all around. Farms flourish everywhere. At this time the atmosphere becomes very pleasant.

5) In this season, the crops of the farmers ripen completely. He gets happy seeing his crop ripe.

6) This season is also very beneficial for making the body fit. Exercising in this season is very beneficial for our body.

7) Fertility is very strong in this season. Breeding in this season is very beneficial.

Why is spring called the king of seasons?

There are six types of seasons in India. All seasons are very good in their own right. But a season like spring is very special in itself. Spring is considered the king of seasons in our country. Changes take place in the whole world with the arrival of this season. The atmosphere becomes very pleasant in this season. Yellow and withered flowers from winter start blooming as soon as spring arrives. Festivals begin in this season.

Many festivals come in the spring season like Holi, Shitalashtami, Gangaur, Basant Panchami etc. This season is considered a symbol of activism and positivity. In this season, the crop of the farmer also ripens well and gets ready. According to our sages, this season is very beneficial for physical activity and exercise. In this season, laziness seems to disappear somewhere. This weather makes nature very delightful.

spring festival

Our country is very famous for festivals all over the world. Twelve months and lots of festivals. Every festival has its own importance and joy. Every festival has some or the other significance attached to it. Means every festival has its own different story. Today we celebrate festivals so our culture also continues to exist. As soon as the new year starts, a long list of new festivals also starts.

The festival of Makar Sankranti is celebrated with the arrival of the new year. Just after this, the spring season also arrives. Many festivals come in spring. But the most famous are Holi, Basant Panchami, Shitalashtami, Gangaur, Shivratri etc. Holi is the most famous festival among all these festivals. Holi is considered a festival of colours. On the day of Holi, everyone forgets old grievances and celebrates this festival with pomp.

The atmosphere of Holi becomes completely different. The big festivals that come after Holi are Basant Panchami and Shivratri. Mother Saraswati is worshiped on Basant Panchami. This day is the best day for all the students. The third major festival after Basant Panchami is celebrated as Shivratri. This day is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva and Parvati are worshiped on this day.

essay on spring season in 100 words

Spring is considered one of the most beautiful seasons. Seeing the scenery all around in this season, the mind jumps with happiness. The climate remains very favorable during the spring season. In this season we are neither worried about too much heat nor too much cold. The animals and birds look very cheerful in this pleasant weather. The brightness of festivals starts from the spring season itself. Some of the famous festivals of this season are Holi, Basant Panchami, Gangaur etc. The spring season starts from the month of March and lasts till April.

essay on spring season in 200 words

The winter season creates laziness in our body. In this weather, we feel like staying under the quilt. There is no desire to do any work. But as the month of February arrives, it brings with it a pleasant weather. The atmosphere becomes absolutely beautiful in this season. The fields rise up. The sound of cuckoo’s cuckoo is heard all around. The animals get intoxicated. Spring is considered the king of seasons in our country. This season is also the favorite season of poets and lovers.

In this season, many creations come in abundance in the mind of the poets. He puts all these creations on a piece of paper through words. If we talk about lovers, then they too drown in the deep ocean of love while enjoying this season. The rivers and waterfalls look very beautiful in this season. In this season, the farmer class also remains in joy all the time because at this time their crop gets ready after ripening. This time is very suitable for harvesting. In this season, positivity spreads all around.

10 lines Essay on Spring season

1) Spring is considered one of the most beautiful seasons in India.

2) In this spring season, nature is covered with greenery.

3) It is lovely to see bees and bumblebees hovering around the flowers in this season.

4) People of all religions of our country celebrate the festival of spring with pomp.

5) Mother Saraswati is worshiped in spring.

6) On Basant Panchami, all the students worship Maa Saraswati and seek blessings of knowledge and learning from Maa.

7) The voice of the cuckoo sounds very sweet in the spring. It gives a message of positivity.

8) The season of spring is given a much greater status than all other seasons.

9) The weather remains very favorable in this season.

10) Everyone eats delicious fruits like mango and litchi in the spring season with great enthusiasm.


Through today’s essay, we have come to know what is spring and what is its importance? We gathered a lot of information on this topic through this essay. As we have come to know that there are many types of festivals in the spring season. Which flowers grow in spring? And what fruits do we eat? We also learned why this season is called the king of all seasons. All the seasons of India are very special in themselves. All seasons have their own beliefs. We hope that you have liked this essay written by us. We have tried to make this essay easy for the readers by writing it in very simple words.


Q1. Which festivals are celebrated in spring?

A1. In spring, festivals like Holi, Shitalashtami, Gangaur, Shivratri etc. are celebrated with great pomp.

Q2. Which animals come out in spring?

A2. In the spring, animals such as bears, bats, and some squirrels come out of their homes.

Q3. Which bird speaks in spring?

A3. In the spring, the coppersmith barbet means thathera basanta bird and cuckoo speak. This season is very dear to these birds.

Q4. What is the spring season considered a symbol of?

A4. Spring season is considered a symbol of positivity, prosperity and youth. Everyone looks very happy in this season.

Q5. What is the meaning of spring season?

A5. The meaning of spring season is that season in which the weather remains almost the same. The major change we see in this season is the blooming of flowers. The arrival of spring in the gardens. acclimatization. Animals and birds become more energetic.

Q6. Why do people like spring season?

A6. People like the spring season because in this season they feel more energetic than all the time. In this season their laziness runs away somewhere.

Q7. When does spring come in India?

A7. The spring season in India starts in March and lasts till the month of May.

Q8. What fruits do people like to eat in spring?

A8. In the spring season, everyone consumes delicious fruits like mango and litchi with great enthusiasm.

Q9. By what other name do we know the spring season?

A9. We also know the spring season by the name of Rituraj.

Q10. Do flowers bloom in spring?

A10. Yes, in the spring season we get to see the spring of many flowers.

Q11. Name the flowers that bloom in spring?

A11. The names of flowers that bloom in spring are tulips, daffodils, lilies, bluebells, hyacinths, and alliums.

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