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Essay on Summer Season in 100 Words [For Class 1, 2, 3]

The weather becomes very hot in summer. Fans, coolers etc. are used in homes to avoid heat. The sun is very strong in this season and it becomes difficult to go out of the house in the afternoon. Hot winds blow in the afternoon called Loo. A person becomes ill when he gets heat stroke, so people do not come out of their homes in the afternoon.

But children like this season very much because summer vacations take place in this season. When there are summer vacations, children go to their maternal uncle’s house or somewhere outside the village or city. In the summer months, children get a chance to play, roam and have fun. Delicious mango, watermelon, melon, cucumber, cucumber etc. fruits are also available in this season. Summer season is very important for our environment, toxic germs die in this season.

Essay on summer season – in 250 words.

in our country6 types of seasons are found. The summer season comes after the winter season. From the month of March, the cold starts decreasing and the heat starts increasing. The summer reaches its peak in the month of June. When it rains in July, we get respite from the heat. Due to the heat, wells, ponds, rivers etc. dry up. When there is less water in the reservoirs, animals and birds also start suffering from thirst.

Due to excessive heat, water keeps coming out of our body in the form of sweat again and again, due to which there is a shortage of water in our body. To meet the shortage of water, we should keep drinking water from time to time. Apart from this, we can also drink fruit juice, sugarcane juice, lemon water, syrup, lassi etc. which are very beneficial for our body.

In summer, the days become longer and the nights shorter. Due to excessive heat, the land dries up, trees and plants die, water problem starts and people’s life gets disturbed. In such a situation, everyone waits for the rainy season.

Where on one hand people are troubled by the heat, on the other hand the children studying in school and college are very happy because in this season they get summer vacation for a long time. In these holidays, children go for outings, play games and have fun. That’s why it can be said that summer is the most beloved season of children.

Essay on Summer Season – in 300 words For Class 5-8


In our country India, the summer season lasts for four months. The months from March to June are called summer season. As we know that our earth revolves around the sun, when the earth rotates and bends towards the sun, then the summer season comes. This season is characterized by scorching sun and intense heat, due to which drought occurs. Trees, plants, animals and birds all get distraught from thirst and heat. It is difficult to get out of the house. There is a danger of getting heatstroke and falling ill if you go out in hot summer.

characteristics of summer

Each season has its own distinct characteristics. Summer season may bother us with its heat but it is necessary for our environment. Mango, the king of fruits, we get to eat in this season, apart from this, we also get healthy and tasty fruits like litchi, watermelon, cucumber, melon in this season. Poisonous germs living in the ground also die due to the arrival of heat. It is said that in the year when there is strong heat, that year the rain is also good.

Advantages and disadvantages of summer

In the summer season, we all get to eat our favorite fruits. Mangoes are very tasty whether raw or ripe. In this season, delicious litchi is also available to eat. Cold fruits like watermelon-melon, cucumber-cucumber are a boon for this season, our body gets coolness by eating them. Sugarcane juice, juice, lassi, shikanji, coconut water etc. are easily available during summer. Who does not like to eat ice cream, ice balls, kulfi etc. in summer. If there is no summer, then we will not be able to enjoy all these, so summer has its own special importance.

If we talk about the disadvantages of the summer season, then there is intense heat and sunlight in this season and this is the biggest disadvantage of this season. Due to the scorching sun and high heat, our body sweats. Rivers, ponds, springs, wells and other sources of water dry up due to the heat. Apart from us humans, other animals and plants also get troubled by this heat. Heat wave winds blow in the hot sun which makes it difficult to get out of the house.

Essay on summer season – 400 words

We all know that due to the tilt of the earth, the weather changes. The part of the earth which tilts towards the sun receives more sunlight and there comes the summer season. The month of May-June experiences maximum heat. To avoid the heat, people stay in their homes and use fans, coolers, ACs, etc. Often people prefer to come out of their houses in the evening because at this time there is less sunlight and the heat subsides.

In the month of March-April, the examinations of the school children get over. Children are given summer vacation before taking admission in the next class. Children have holidays in the month of May-June, which children eagerly wait for. Kids enjoy juicy fruits like mangoes and ice cream.

Ways to avoid heat:

  • Wear light and thin clothes to avoid the heat.
  • Don’t wear dark colored clothes.
  • Consume cool fruits like mango, watermelon.
  • Do not go out in strong sunlight.
  • Avoid hot winds.
  • Drink juice, lassi, sugarcane juice, coconut water etc.
  • Avoid harmful cold drinks and beverages.

Benefits of summer season:

  • In summer we get to eat many fruits like: mango, litchi, watermelon, melon etc.
  • In the summer season, we can easily get sugarcane juice, fruit juice, coconut water etc. to drink.
  • Ice cream, Kulfi, ice balls are also available in this season.
  • Many types of poisonous insects and viruses die due to heat.
  • Children get summer vacation during summer.
  • On getting summer vacation, people go to cool places.

Harm from hot weather:

  • Due to the intense heat, the ponds, rivers, springs, wells etc. dry up.
  • Due to strong sunlight, it becomes difficult to go out of the house.
  • There is a danger of heat stroke due to hot winds.
  • Our body starts sweating due to heat.
  • There is a lack of water in the body due to which one feels thirsty again and again.
  • Animals and birds also get troubled by the scorching heat.

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10 sentence essay on summer season

  1. In the summer season, there is strong sunlight and the heat in the atmosphere increases.
  2. Hot winds blow in the afternoon called Loo.
  3. Because of the heat, rivers and ponds etc. dry up.
  4. The summer season starts from the month of March and lasts till June.
  5. In summer the nights become short and the days long.
  6. To beat the heat, people install coolers, fans and ACs etc. in their homes.
  7. In summer, fruits like mango, litchi, watermelon etc. are available to eat.
  8. School children are given summer vacation.
  9. The land dries up due to the heat, due to which farming is not possible.
  10. Trees, plants, animals and birds get disturbed by the scorching heat and wait for the rains.

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