Essay on Teacher

Essay on Teacher: Let us know about Essay on Teacher. There was a child who was very mischievous. His name was Chintu. He was not at all interested in studies. He used to bully all the time at home and school. There were many teachers who taught him. But only one teacher used to take care of Chintu’s activities with all his heart. Other teachers used to scold him a lot. But that teacher would explain everything to Chintu with love and patience. Then gradually Chintu soon became the promising student of his class due to the right guidance of that teacher. He had found his direction. Let us discuss below in detail on shikshak par nibandh.

Essay on teacher

This short story given above shows that when a student gets the right guidance from the teacher, then the student is sure to be successful in life. But today’s schools are no longer what they used to be. In today’s time, the relationship between teachers and students is not as strong as it used to be in the olden times. Today’s student neither gives respect to his teacher nor does the teacher show proper guidance to him. Without Guru we have no future. In childhood, after our parents, if anyone can give us proper education, then it is the Guru. So today our topic is based on teacher. Through this essay today, we will read essay on teachers in Hindi in Hindi. So let us start reading this essay.


Guru bin gyan na upjai, 

There is no illusion without a Guru.

Truth cannot be written without a teacher,

 There is no fault without Guru.

-Kabir Das

Meaning – Kabir Das ji says – O worldly creatures! It is impossible to get knowledge without a Guru. As long as a man wanders in the darkness of ignorance and remains stuck in the worldly bonds of illusion, he does not receive the grace of the Guru. Guru is the one who shows the way to salvation. Without a Guru, there is no knowledge of truth and falsehood. There is no knowledge of the difference between right and wrong, then how will salvation be attained? So go in the refuge of the Guru. Only the Guru will show you the truth.

Kabir Das ji has rightly said that no one can guide us without a Guru. Only our teachers can teach us the difference between good and bad.

What is the importance of Essay on Teacher?

Usually you must have seen that whenever a child passes his class or board exam with good marks, first of all people ask about his teacher. Due to the good guidance of the teacher, that child shows good performance. Teachers play a very important role in our life.

He teaches us to differentiate between right and wrong path. When we take proper advice from the teacher then we climb the stairs of success. A teacher can mold us in the right mould. The teacher takes us out of the darkness and leads us towards the light. Just as a thirsty person can get water from a well, similarly a misguided student can get right knowledge from the right teacher.

The future of the children of our country depends on good teachers. Due to the hard work of a teacher, he shows us the path of doctors, engineers and pilots etc. A good teacher is like a god. He takes the boat of our life across.

teacher characteristics

1) Ideal Personality – A good teacher is one who helps his students to become a good citizen. Prepares the ideal teacher for the future. His personality is such that all children get attracted to him. Children want to be like that after getting inspiration from teachers with good personality.

2) Punctual – A good and ideal teacher can be the one who follows the time properly. He always sleeps at the right time. Wakes up at the right time. And reaches school on time. He gets all the syllabus completed in the class on time.

3) A good teacher is interested in his profession- A good and true teacher is the one who is very enthusiastic about his profession. Only such a teacher can give proper knowledge to his students. If someone becomes a teacher only to earn money, then he does not come in the category of an ideal teacher.

4) Treat students like friends- A good teacher treats his students like his friends. He talks lovingly to his students instead of scolding them. In today’s time, students expect good behavior from their teachers.

5) Treat all your students equally- A good teacher does not discriminate between the bright and the weak in his class. He provides education to both equally. If the teacher differentiates between weak and promising students, then the weak student always remains suppressed.

6) He teaches children in a unique way – A teacher can become the favorite of his students only when he teaches the children the curriculum in a very interesting way. The way of teaching of the teachers should be such that the children understand everything. And their interest in studies should increase.

7) Teachers also share life experiences with their students- It is a common thing that even a teacher has been a student at some point of time in his lifetime. That’s why he is also very experienced. He should share the experiences of his student life with his students.

What are the responsibilities of Essay on Teacher?

1) A teacher should have full interest in the subject he/she is teaching. He should be aware of the new information related to every type of education.

2) A teacher should have a good planning of education. He has complete knowledge of the methods and curriculum of education from the latest to the old. Due to this specialty, he makes complete preparations for the programs to be held in the class throughout the year well in advance.

3) It is the responsibility of a teacher to encourage his students to study all the time. It is in the hands of a teacher whether his student is going towards the light or towards the darkness.

4) A good teacher is the one who solves the problems of his students. He stands with the students at every step. It drives away all the problems related to their studies.

5) It is the duty of a good teacher to prepare his student in such a way that wherever he goes in present and future, he can fearlessly handle the command of leadership in every field.

6) It is also the responsibility of a teacher to help his student to become a good citizen. Because only a good citizen can improve the future to come.

7) The teacher should always remember that he should not limit his student only to book knowledge. He should also introduce the students to other things in the world. Because often the student who gets bookish knowledge remains limited to only one scope.

famous teacher in history of india

Our country is famous all over the world for many things. Our country has given many priceless things to the world. One of them is the expansion of education. Our country has also given such great teachers who gave a new dimension to the lives of the people. We look at some of the famous teachers of India.

1) Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan – Dr. Radhakrishnan comes as one of the great teachers of India. Dr. Radhakrishnan has served as the Vice President and President of our country. He was also popular among children. His birthday is celebrated on 5 September.

2) Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam – Abdul Kalam is known as the Missile Man of India. He loved children very much. The children also liked him very much. He used to think a lot for the bright future of the students. He has been the President of our country and also a great scientist.

3) Acharya Chanakya – Who does not know Chanakya. He is considered one of the great teachers of India. The policies written by him are widely read even today. He is considered the teacher of Chandragupta Maurya. He was born in Pataliputra in the house of a Brahmin. His education was so great that that education made Chandragupta Maurya an emperor.

4) Adi Shankaracharya – If there is one such teacher or guru because of whom our culture is still fragrant, then it is Adi Shankaracharya. It would be right if Adi Shankaracharya is called the form of God himself. He is considered the great philosopher of India. He remained a monk throughout his life. Even today we are following the teachings given by him.

How to be a good teacher?

To become a good teacher, we have to work very hard. A good teacher is one who always does his work efficiently. He is fearless. He does not hesitate to take big decisions. A good teacher always acts as a good advisor.

He faithfully fulfills the duty of being his teacher. His behavior is same for all his students. A good teacher works dedicatedly towards his profession. He does all his work with simplicity. He has a strong sense of self-respect.

He listens well to the words of his students. He never gets angry with them. He remains patient. He always remains humble. He is always a good communicator. A good teacher is not the one who prepares his students for the future only with bookish knowledge. Rather a good teacher is the one who prepares them for the future with the right values.

essay on teacher in 100 words

When we are small, our parents prepare to send us to school. He wants us to make great progress in our lives. Then after reaching the school there, we get the support of the teachers. Teachers show us the right path. Teachers play an important role in our life. It is not that our teachers are only from the school side. Our teachers can also be our guardians. This is because our parents start giving us good education from childhood. Our teacher gives us this kind of knowledge which gives us a chance to move ahead in our life.

10 lines Essay on Teacher

1) Teachers have a lot of importance in our life.

2) A teacher can improve or spoil the life of his students.

3) Every year 5th September is celebrated as Teacher’s Day.

4) A teacher guides us properly.

5) Teachers are those who selflessly teach their students.

6) Our teachers are like our true guides and gurus.

7) The Gurus of India spread good propaganda of education all over the world.

8) Our teacher is the most precious gift given by God.

9) Whatever we become in our future, we become only because of our teachers.

10) A teacher leads us from darkness to light.


So through today’s essay, we read the essay on the topic of teacher. Today, through this essay, we tried to understand the qualities of a good writer. Teachers hold a very important place in our life. He gets us out of every difficult path. He is aware and concerned about our future. He teaches us to overcome all kinds of difficulties. He is our true guide.

He listens to our smallest talk very well. Like the sense of respect and dedication we keep for God. We should have the same kind of feeling for our teachers as well. We hope that you must have liked this important essay written by us. We have tried our best to put it in simple words.

FAQ’S For Essay on Teacher

Q1. What is the definition of teacher?

A1. A good teacher is the one who completes his every work with perfection. That teacher does not hesitate to take big decisions. A good teacher always acts as a good advisor. He faithfully fulfills the duty of being his teacher. His behavior is same for all his students.

Q2. What are the qualities a teacher should have?

A2. The qualities that an ideal teacher should have are – loyal and dedicated, responsible and caring, fair behavior towards his students, good communication skills, taking good care of the interest of the students.

Q3. Name some famous teachers of our country?

A3. The names of some famous teachers of our country are- A PJ Abdul Kalam, Chanakya, Swami Vivekananda, Ramakrishna Paramhansa, Radhakrishnan etc.

Q4. What is the duty of a good teacher?

A4. It is the duty of a good teacher to give proper and correct education to his students. He should never discriminate against his students in any way. May he guide them in making them the best of the country.

Q5. Why is the teacher given the status of God?

A5. The teacher is given the status of God because only a teacher takes us on the right path. He acts as our true guide. He knows what is right and what is wrong for us. Even in our scriptures, Guru has got the status of God.

Q6. Which is a famous mantra on Guru?

A6 The famous mantra on Guru is –
GururBrahma, GururVishnu Gururdevo Maheshwar:. The spiritual master is directly the Supreme Brahman. I offer my obeisances to that Sri Guru.

Q7. When and why is Teacher’s Day celebrated?

A7. This special day of Teacher’s Day is celebrated every year on 5th September. The reason behind celebrating this day is that it is on this day that the birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, former President of India, falls. Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was the best philosopher and president of India.

Q8 What should be the relationship between a teacher and a student?

A8. There should be a friendly relationship between a teacher and a student. It is very important thing that we respect and honor our teacher with all our heart. The relationship between them should be very sweet.

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