Essay on terrorism

Friends, in today’s article, we have brought for you an essay on terrorism in 100, 150, 250, 500 words. Terrorism is spread not only in our country India but all over the world. This is such a problem which is very dangerous for the society and the people. Many times many houses are destroyed due to terrorism. This is the reason why students are made aware about the evils of terrorism in their school. That’s why students come many times in the exam to write essay on terrorism in different words. If you are also looking for an essay on terrorism, then read this post of ours today.

Essay on terrorism in 100 words

Terrorism is an illegal act that is used to intimidate the general public. It is a social issue which is spread all over the world apart from India. The people who spread terrorism are known as terrorists. Its roots are very deep and spread due to which it has become a dangerous problem for the whole world. Those who are involved in terrorism do not follow any rule or law. Such people create an atmosphere of terror in the society and in the country by resorting to wrong activities. 

essay on terrorism in 150 words

Terrorism has spread all over the world and it is a national and international problem faced by all. Although many countries have strongly opposed terrorism, but still terrorism is increasing every day. The reason behind this is that terrorists get support from somewhere. People who are associated with terrorism keep on terrorizing the common citizens in different ways. 

The main objective of terrorism is to spread violence in the society. For this, terrorists create an atmosphere of fear and dread by targeting the citizens of the country. Terrorists use wrong methods to achieve their wrong goals. For this they attack people with dangerous weapons like guns, bombs. When terrorists have to convey something to the public or to the government, then for this they take the help of newspapers or social media platforms. 

essay on terrorism in 250 words

Terrorism has become such a challenge today due to which people’s lives are getting affected a lot. It is such a dangerous disease that is affecting people mentally and intellectually a lot at the global level. Terrorism is resorted to by some misguided and violent group of people to fulfill religious or political goals. Sometimes terrorism is also used to achieve personal goals. Earlier terrorism in our country India was limited only to Kashmir but now it is spreading all over the country. 

The people who are in the group of terrorism do not follow any law because such people only scare people to spread terror. For this terrorists carry out deadly attacks on the crowd of innocent people. By carrying out such attacks, terrorists put pressure on the government so that their demands can be met. For this, sometimes they shoot at the crowd, sometimes they hijack an aeroplane, sometimes they explode bombs at a crowded place. 

That is why today terrorism has become a very big threat to the entire mankind. This is such a problem which has to be solved very sensibly and wisely. The government will have to take strict steps to remove it permanently. Apart from this, the public will also have to keep their eyes open to cut the roots of terrorism from the country. 

Essay on terrorism in 500 words

Today, terrorism has become such a disease in our country which is spreading like a tree. Some people who are of violent tendency resort to riots to fulfill their wrong objectives. For this they target the general public. An atmosphere of fear is created among all the people. If terrorism is not eradicated, it will leave the coming generations devastated and ruined. It is not that the government is not doing anything to stop terrorism. Even after many efforts of the government, terrorism has not been eradicated yet. 

What is terrorism? 

Terrorism is such a problem not only of our country India but of the whole world, which everyone is facing since many years. It is a violent behavior that is mostly done to fulfill political objectives. Terrorism is a group of many people in which mostly people of the same mindset are involved. Such people themselves walk on the wrong path, but they are also misleading the youth. 

Main objective of terrorism?

Terrorism does not obey any law or rule at all. It attacks ordinary citizens just to put pressure on the government. In this way, the main objective of terrorism is to achieve any religious, political or personal goal. For this, terrorists usually resort to activities like bomb blast, firing. The most prominent example of terrorism is the 26/11 attack in India and also the 9/11 terrorist attack in America cannot be forgotten. These terrorist attacks were such that apart from hurting the people, the country’s economy was also thrown into disarray. 

Solutions to Eliminate Terrorism

It is very difficult to stop terrorism but it is not impossible. For this, if all people and all countries make united efforts, then terrorism can be controlled to a great extent. Following solutions can be done for this – 

  • The government should ensure strict monitoring of terrorist activities and make strict laws for this, which can effectively punish terrorists.
  • Government alone cannot eliminate terrorism. For this, the public will also have to fight against terrorism together with the government. Apart from this, the government should strengthen the law and order of its country.
  • The borders of India which are adjacent to the international borders should be blockaded by the government so that terrorists cannot enter the country by crossing the border.
  • Apart from this, to eliminate terrorism, the people and the government of all the countries will have to resolve together and keep trying continuously to ensure that terrorism does not grow in the world.
  • The government should keep on campaigning to make people aware against terrorism so that people should never come under the influence of such people who use them for their own purposes by luring them with some money.

Friends, this was our today’s post in which we told you the essay on terrorism in 100, 150, 250, 500 words. We hope that now you can write essay on terrorism very easily in less words or more words. If you have found all this information useful, then definitely share this article with those people who want to know about the essay on terrorism. 

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