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Today we are giving you “ Essay on Tree Plantation ” through this post . Tree plantation means planting more and more number of tree saplings. Nowadays, such essays definitely come in the examination from small to big class of children, so today we are going to give you information about how essay on tree plantation is written in small to big form. Below we have given essay on tree plantation in 100 words to 500 words which can be useful for you.

essay on tree plantation in 100 words

There are many reasons behind why tree plantation is said to be important, one of the main reasons is that trees provide life to humans, that is, trees provide oxygen. On the basis of which human life is possible today. If there is a tree, then there is the existence of man, that is why in today’s time, the importance of tree plantation is also emphasized by the government. Today it is said to plant maximum number of trees at every place because in view of the increasing pollution in the environment, there is a need to plant more and more trees. Plantation means that for the development of trees, planting more trees and spreading more greenery all around.

essay on tree plantation in 150 words

Today, trees and plants help us a lot in making the environment pure and better. Planting more and more trees purifies the air and water can also be conserved so that the climate can be completely under control with the help of trees and plants. The power of the soil remains intact and there are many other ways in which the environment can be fully benefited by planting trees in large numbers.

Today, the Environment Department also provides its support to many NGOs for tree plantation from time to time by the government. Due to involvement in the process of tree plantation, many non-governmental organizations perform plays on the roadside to attract more and more people. I am made aware to plant trees and on the social media page, there is full encouragement to spread all this information in schools and colleges so that people become aware and plant more trees in order to provide protection to the environment.

Essay on tree plantation (250 words)


By planting trees, the whole mankind gets many benefits, today every human being knows very well about all these benefits, with the efforts made by all of us, today we can protect the environment by planting more trees on our earth. A huge difference can also be made to the overall environment .

tree boon for life

Trees and plants are life-giving for humans, apart from this, wild animals and birds are also safe from trees and plants. Most of the birds make their nests on trees. Man gets many useful things like fruits, flowers, wood through trees and plants. That is why it is said to plant maximum number of trees. Planting trees in large numbers is very important not only for the survival of the entire human race but also for the survival and peace of the animals. Plantation is also very important for maintaining biodiversity in the environment. Biodiversity has become very important to maintain the ecological balance.

trees and plants for life-giving oxygen

Trees and plants are meant to give life. They say that if the trees had given WiFi signal, today more and more people would have planted trees, perhaps we would have saved the earth by this. But it is very sad that only the creation of oxygen is done by the tree. Today every human being has become addicted to technology. Due to which the environment is being harmed. Nature is not only being destroyed by the use of technology. Rather, the human being has also become completely separated from it.

essay on tree plantation in 500 words


The main meaning of plantation is the process of giving small plants a different form of trees, that is why small plants are planted and planted at different places. One of the main reasons for planting trees is that the more number of forests are being cut, this will encourage forests through tree plantation. Land construction and land reform will be seen. 

Importance of tree plantation to increase forest

The biggest importance of tree plantation is to maintain the ecological balance. For this, it is very important to plant a large number of trees. A large part of the earth used to be covered with forests, but due to modernization, excessive environmental damage is being caused by the indiscriminate harvesting of forests. Emphasis is being given for tree plantation by the government as well as through many NGO institutions. 

Promotion for beautification of plantation

Today people are doing tree plantation for the purpose of gardening whether in urban areas or in rural areas. In many places, planting trees after landscaping is considered a good factor. Tree plantation is a very good way to beautify the surroundings, that’s why trees are planted everywhere in the urban areas or other places near the houses along the road. This adds to the beauty of that place, apart from reducing the heat, many other benefits are also obtained.

Contribution of Government, Non-Organization and Voluntary Organization

The best way to spread greenery is by tree plantation. Voluntary organizations, government non-organizations contribute a lot to keep the environment safe from time to time in the government. To fulfill these objectives and to save the earth from harmful elements, to keep the environment safe, all these institutions do the work of plantation in large numbers. Apart from this, the importance of tree plantation is explained through social media internet and today the task of spreading awareness among the people has become easy due to social media.

tree plantation worship

In our country where on one hand the work of tree plantation is being done at a rapid pace. On the other hand, trees are also worshipped. There are many such trees in our Hindu religion, in which the abode of God is considered. Apart from this, all trees have also been described as a storehouse of medicinal properties in religious scriptures. Apart from this, the tree has been the main source of human food supply since the beginning. Lord Shri Krishna has said in the Gita that


Through today’s article, we have provided you information about ” Essay on Tree Plantation “, the importance of tree plantation and the efforts made by the government for tree plantation. We hope that you will definitely like this article written by us. If you liked this article, then do tell by commenting in the comment section and you can also share it as much as possible.

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