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Let’s know about Fiza name meaning. The process of naming children in both Hindu and Muslim religions may be different from each other, but the name is thoroughly researched in both the religions. That’s why it is necessary to have knowledge of all the things while keeping the name. Newly made parents keep some things in mind while naming their child, like it should be different from others, have a special meaning and sound good. In such a situation, to make your work easy, we have brought information about the very popular and beautiful name of Muslim girls ‘Fiza’. Hope you like this name. To get detailed information about the people associated with this name, read this article carefully and know why you should choose this name for your girl.

Meaning of the name Fiza

It is well known that daughters are loved and cherished not only by the parents but also by the entire family. They are also given names in which love is reflected. Fiza is such a beautiful name for girls. Some names are so good to hear that people get ready to adopt them only after hearing them and Fiza is one of those names. Fiza means wind, nature, pure, silver etc. If we talk about its zodiac, then this name comes in Sagittarius due to starting with the letter ‘F’. So let us know further what is the personality of people named Fiza and how they behave towards people.

Name Fizz
Meaning air, nature, pure, silver
gender  Girl
Numerology 6
Religion Muslim
Amount Sagittarius
Good Day Thursday
happy color purple, white and yellow
auspicious gem Topaz

What is the meaning of the name Fiza?

Parents attach their feelings to their child and the same feelings are reflected in their given name. But before giving the name of your choice to your son or daughter, get all the necessary information related to that name. Fiza is a lovely Muslim name. While talking about its meaning, this name means air, nature, pure, silver etc. Girls and women named Fiza have a sociable nature. These girls know how to stay within their limits and they do not easily come under any wrong influence, due to which their parents should be proud of them. Girls with this name do every work with selflessness and always come forward to help people. These women are a bit difficult to understand, but when they love someone, they are ready to do anything for them.

Fiza Name Horoscope

The astrological sign of Fiza is a Sagittarius. Women of this zodiac are of honest nature as well as easy to mix with others. Their mind is very sharp and in times of trouble, these women can use their brain many times to solve the problem. These girls do not like to compare with others and earn their name on their own as much as possible. They do not like to take any decision in haste. Yes, that thing is different that sometimes they get angry but they are good at handling themselves according to the situation. The main letters of this zodiac are considered to be Bha, Dha, F, Dha.

Other names for Sagittarius like Fiza

Fiza is considered one of the beautiful girl names in Muslim religion. Starting with the letter ‘F’, this name comes in Sagittarius. If you too are looking for Muslim girl names with other alphabets included in Sagittarius, then we have found some names for you. You can choose the name of your choice from these.

FazeenaFahima (Fahima)

More names similar to Fiza

Although Fiza is a short, cute and easy to pronounce name for girls, but if you want your daughter to have a similar name instead of this name, then we have prepared a table of similar names, Pay attention to it once.

Name  Name
vine (vine)Nafiza

girl names starting with ‘f’

There are some special names of girls in Muslim religion which always become the first choice of parents, one of them is Fiza. If you too are thinking of naming your daughter with the letter ‘F’ or want to keep a nice unique name, then go through the list of names given below carefully.

FakhriyaPride, majesty
Fakhirahluxurious, elegant
Fakhtaha pigeon
Fatan (Fatan)intelligent, brilliant
Farzasuccess, height
Farzanawise, learned
Farhahappiness, happy
Farheenunique, different

There are many beautiful names of girls in Muslim religion, but some of them are such that they are always liked. Fiza is one of those names. Before adopting this name, you should know that what is the nature and personality of the people associated with this name. While adopting it, you should keep in mind all those things which are right for your child. If you have understood the information given by us and with the help of this information you choose Fiza name for your daughter, we will be happy that we can be of some help in choosing a name for your daughter.

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