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Essay on Flood (100 words)

Flood is a type of natural disaster that occurs due to the increase in the water level of river and reservoirs. Due to heavy rains, there is a huge increase in the water level of the rivers, due to which many types of problems have to be faced. This has a bad effect on public life, people have to leave their homes and localities and look for other safe places. There can be many reasons for floods, which mainly include climate change, uncontrolled development, changing flow of water sources, changes in the structure of rivers, etc. To avoid the effects of floods, there is a need to study proper control and safety measures and increase awareness of floods among people.

essay on flood 200 words

Flood is a terrible natural disaster, which can endanger the lives of all of us. This disaster can happen due to various reasons such as excessive rainfall, climate change, change of course of rivers, breaking of dams due to increase in water level of rivers, etc.

It has a major impact on the life and property of the people in the area where the flood occurs. This can cause damage to agriculture, wildlife, water supplies, roads and homes. This causes economic loss and people have to leave their homes and look for safer places. The effect of flood can lead to shortage of potable water, due to which people may also have to deal with the problem of drinking water.

Flood management and awareness campaigns are necessary to avoid floods. The government needs to build proper dams and canals which can help in controlling the water. It is also important to inform people about flood prevention measures by organizing awareness programs from time to time. The government should be ready to take immediate steps in case of flood with the cooperation of the public and find safe places for relocation.

In short, flood is a deadly disaster, to avoid it, it is necessary to study appropriate measures in time and increase awareness. Government, society, and individuals can unite to fight floods and lead a safe life.

Essay on flood 500 words


Flood is a natural disaster that can happen due to various reasons and can put the human society in great danger. Changes in rainfall patterns, abnormal rainfall, climate change, breach of dams built due to filling of rivers, etc. can be the main causes of floods. In this essay we will consider the effects of flood, flood management and preventive measures which can help us to deal with this calamity.

Causes of flood:

The main reason for floods is excess rainfall which usually occurs during monsoon. Changes in the timing of rainfall and abnormal rainfall can also increase flooding. Climate change is also a major cause of floods, in which there is a change in the flow of water and the rainy season. The breaking of dams built due to the changing type of water sources and filling of rivers is also a major reason for floods. Uncontrolled development and construction of canals in rivers and not controlling water properly can also increase the problem of flood.

Effects of Flood:

Flood affects our life in many ways and it is important to understand it. Floods majorly affect our lives and property. Due to water-logging during floods, people have to leave their homes and localities and move to other safer places. Due to this people can lose their property and even their life, due to flood there is scarcity of potable water in the developed areas and people suffer from various diseases. In addition, flooding can affect agriculture, wildlife, water supplies, roads and homes.

Flood Management:

Flood management is an important process that is necessary to reduce and avoid the damage caused by floods, flood management is a combination of proper planning, safety measures, and organized programs which are helpful in dealing with this type of disaster. The main measures of flood management are as follows:

  • Water Harvesting: Water harvesting is the first and foremost step in flood management. By making water harvesting schemes, efforts are made to collect water during rains which is useful in times of drought. This prevents the wastage of water and increases the availability of water.
  • Construction of Dams: Dams are constructed to handle the flow of rivers. These dams are built at the origin of the flood rivers so that the flow of water can be handled and the effect of flood can be reduced.
  • River and drain cleaning: Keeping rivers and drains clean is important for flood management. To avoid excessive water flow, it is necessary to clean the rivers and drains from time to time.
  • Control of Population: Controlling population growth is important for flood management. With the increasing population, the flow of high flood rivers also increases, due to which the risk of flood increases.
  • Technological Advancement: Technological advancement is very essential for flood management. Using new and precise technologies helps in water harvesting and handling of water flow.
  • Awareness on Flood: It is necessary to make all the people aware about the effects of flood and the measures to prevent flood. Awareness campaigns should be organized to provide correct information to the public from time to time.


Flood is a problem which can be solved by joint efforts of society, government, and experts. It is possible to avoid floods by adopting the right measures on time and increasing awareness. Solving this problem requires cooperation at all levels so that we can live safe, secure, and sustainable lives.

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