Gita Name Meaning

Let us know about Gita Name Meaning. As soon as the child steps into this world, every responsibility related to it falls on the shoulders of the parents. How to nurture him, how to take care of him etc. all the things get settled in the mind. Of all these, the most important thing is to choose a good name for the child, because it is going to accompany him throughout his life.

There are also many people who definitely take the opinion of the elders of their house to name the child, especially the opinion of grandparents and maternal grandparents means a lot to them. You do not have to work very hard to get more information about the names mentioned by them. It is already a very popular name. Geeta is one of these names. So let us read the article in detail to get more information about this name.

Meaning of the name Gita

People will easily understand the meaning of this name from the word Geeta itself, what does this name represent to us. Geeta is a very common name but people who like it do not hold back from adopting it even today. We must have often heard this name among our near and dear ones, but have you ever tried to know the specialty of this name. If not, then we will give you all the information related to it. The meaning of this name is associated with song, poetry, Bhagavad Gita etc. Whereas its zodiac sign is Capricorn. Let us know, after all, the meaning and zodiac sign of the name Geeta affect the person named by this name.

Name Geeta
Meaning Song, Poem, Bhagavad Gita
gender Girl
Numerology 2
Religion Hindu
Amount Capricorn
constellation Dhanishtha (c, ga, gi, goo, ge)
Good Day Sunday Monday
happy color Black, Purple, Green, Khaki, Brown
auspicious gem Sapphire

What is the meaning of the name Gita?

Geeta is one of those names, which easily gets the consent of the elders of the house. Knowing its meaning, parents give this name to their daughter very fondly. Geeta means song, poem, Bhagavad Gita. Do you also want to name your darling daughter Shahrukh, then it is very important for you to know about her personality. Girls named Geeta are often interested in music and art. These girls are rich in culture and never disappoint their elders. These girls not only get mixed up quickly among people, but their friendship is also quick. They are very honest in nature and at the same time, they like to listen to people more than speaking.

Horoscope for Gita

The astrological sign of Geeta is Capricorn. If we talk about girls and women of this zodiac, then they are of very settled nature. They like to live their life peacefully and if any kind of problem or problem comes, they try to solve it in a calm manner. There is absolutely no pride in these women and they always respect elders from the heart. They have more ability to judge other people. If we talk about the professional life of people of this zodiac, then they can become good dancers, singers etc. successfully. The main letters of this zodiac are considered as Bh, J, B, G.

What is the constellation named Geeta?

The constellation of the name Geeta is Dhanishtha. The symbol of Dhanishtha Nakshatra is Mridang or Dhol and the letters associated with Dhanishtha Nakshatra are as follows – Ga, Ga, Gi, Gu, Gay.

Other names according to Capricorn like Geeta

Geeta is a highly respected name given to girls, as the meaning makes it special. As we mentioned in the above article. This name comes in Capricorn because it starts with the letter C. If you want information about other names according to Capricorn, then we have found some names for you. You can choose the name of your choice from these.


Similar names for Geeta

Geeta is a very simple but adorable name for girls, if you also want to name your daughter like this, then we have prepared a list of some more unique names similar to it, do have a look at it.

Name  Name
Vanita (Vanita)Manvita
Anvita (Anvita)Nikita

Famous people named Geeta

You must have heard the name Geeta many times. Many women of this name, popular since ancient times, have made their name famous in the country and the world. We have given below about some of them.

Name occupation 
Geeta GopinathIMF Deputy Managing Director
Geeta Chandranbharatanatyam dancer
Geeta BasraActress
Geeta Duttsinger
Geeta BaliActress
Geeta Kapoorchoreographer
Geeta MehtaAuthor
Geeta PhogatWrestler
Gita Raniweightlifter
Geeta Jainpolitician

girl names starting with ‘c’

There are certain alphabets that are always the first choice for parents while choosing a baby name, C is one of them. If you are thinking of naming your baby girl other than Geeta but with letter ‘C’ or want to keep a cool unique name then go through the list of names given below.

GautamiAnother name of Durga ji
Gitikalittle song
GirijaGoddess Parvati, daughter of Himalaya
GopikaOne name of Radha ji, Gopi
Gunita (Gunita)gifted, talented
Gunjanhum, hum
Gurnoorhappy face of god
GomatiA river
Gandhalithe scent of flowers
Grahitato be accepted

Through this article, we have tried our best to tell in detail about the meaning of the name Geeta, zodiac sign and all the important things related to it and also about the nature and behavior of girls named with this name. If you have found the information given by us beneficial and you think that this name will be best for your daughter, then definitely adopt it. We would be glad to know that we were able to assist you in choosing your baby girl name.

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