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Let us know about the Global warming essay. Global warming is a huge problem which is putting the earth in danger. That’s why it is very important to know about global warming. We should be aware of the causes of global warming, its effects and its prevention. The temperature of the earth’s surface is continuously increasing and this is adversely affecting the environment, this problem is called “Global Warming”. The main reason for this change in the climate is the high emission of carbon dioxide and green house gases. Human activities are the main reason for this serious problem, so it is necessary for everyone to be aware of it.

essay on global warming


Global warming is a worldwide problem and it is mainly due to human activities due to which the temperature of the earth is increasing. This temperature rise can cause danger to life. Due to global warming, the cycle of change of season has become uncertain, due to which problems like drought and flood are coming in some places. This problem should be taken seriously and discussed in detail.

Side effects of global warming :

Global warming is extremely dangerous and due to which many types of problems are arising like:

  • Changes in the rain cycle: The rain cycle is now becoming erratic, due to which there are changes in the rainy season, winter and summer seasons.
  • Flood and Drought: There is a problem like drought in some places and floods due to excessive rainfall, due to which there is loss in agriculture.
  • Sea level rise: Due to extreme heat, frozen glaciers are melting and the sea level is rising, causing damage to aquatic life and coastal areas.
  • Increase in diseases: Global warming is also responsible for the emergence of new diseases. Various types of skin and allergy related diseases are occurring due to increasing heat.
  • Increase in toxic gases: The emission of toxic gases in the environment is continuously increasing.
  • Ozone layer depletion: Global warming is causing damage to the ozone layer, due to which UV rays are coming to the earth, which are again increasing global warming.

Causes of Global Warming :

  • Deforestation: Due to the indiscriminate cutting of forests, the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is increasing and the environment is becoming unbalanced.
  • Emission of Green House Gases: The amount of Green House Gases like: Carbon Dioxide, Sulfur Dioxide, Nitric Dioxide etc. is increasing.
  • Industrialization: The ever-increasing industrialization is causing damage to the environment, which is causing global warming.
  • Energy production: Energy producing equipment used to generate electricity, such as power generation plants, generate more greenhouse gases.

Prevention of Global Warming :

Indiscriminate felling of trees should be banned, use of plastic should be reduced, use of electronic and electric appliances should be reduced. Attention should be paid to non-conventional energy sources, necessary guidelines should be made to reduce the emission of green house gases. Government and other organizations should make people aware about global warming.


We should take the problem of global warming seriously. Due to this, many problems can be faced like weather changes, floods, droughts, climate change and sea level rise. It is a worldwide problem that threatens all the living beings on the whole earth. We as a responsible citizen should stop all such bad habits which cause pollution in the environment.

essay on global warming in 100 words

The increasing temperature of the earth is called global warming. Global warming is a complex problem affecting our earth. This problem is the result of human activities which lead to disasters like climate change, threat to sea coasts, water crisis and increasing storms etc. Uncontrolled emission of green house gases in the atmosphere is working to increase global warming. Due to global warming, the temperature of our earth is increasing continuously, causing climate change and unbalanced climate. To overcome this, we have to be aware and work together.

essay on global warming in 200 words

Global warming is a curse for our society and for this earth today. The effect of this worldwide problem is increasing day by day on the earth. Global warming occurs due to energy production, use of vehicles, deforestation, industrial activities and pollution etc. The environment is becoming unbalanced due to global warming and it is facing problems like floods, storms, droughts, excessive rains, rising sea water level. This has a serious impact on the life of nature and animals. Climate change also affects the economy. It affects various sectors including water, energy, agriculture, minerals and tourism.

To solve this problem we need necessary strategy and cooperation of public. This problem is related to all the sections of the society, so the participation of all the sections of the society is necessary to solve this problem. It is a worldwide problem so all the countries of the world need to work together to deal with it. We need to find new ways of clean energy, nature conservation and balanced living. To stop this problem, we all have to be aware and fulfill our responsibility. If this problem is not taken care of now, then it can become a threat to our lives.

essay on global warming in 300 words

Global warming is a type of environmental change characterized by an abnormal increase in the Earth’s temperature. This is a problem that is ignored by most people. This is due to the rise in temperature across the globe, which may eventually endanger the life of the earth. Due to this, many types of problems are arising such as: climate change, rise in sea level, change in diversity of life, and adverse effects on the life cycle of animals etc.

Major causes of global warming :

Following are the main causes of global warming:

  • Emissions of greenhouse gases produced by energy plants such as electricity, burning petrol or diesel.
  • Greenhouse gases emitted from vehicles.
  • deforestation
  • Carbon emissions from wildfires.
  • Environmental pollution increasing on earth .
  • Smoke coming out of vehicles and industries etc.

Measures to stop global warming:

To deal with global warming, we have to take various steps like: using wind turbines, solar energy etc. to generate electricity. More and more trees should be planted and deforestation should be stopped. Measures should be taken for water conservation, save water usage, make dams and canals properly to save water and pay attention to water conservation measures. To avoid global warming, we should take more and more information. People should be made aware about this in schools and colleges.

essay on global warming in 500 words

Global warming is a complex problem affecting our planet. This is a topic of much discussion nowadays about which people have different views. On one hand, where some people believe it to be true and raise their voice, on the other hand, some people do not take it seriously and ignore it. However, global warming is a real problem that we must take seriously. It is a scientific fact that the temperature of the earth is increasing continuously, which is mainly due to industrialization, use of vehicles and cutting of trees and plants. Therefore, it is necessary to understand global warming and find ways to combat it.

What is global warming?

When we talk about global warming, we can understand it as the problem of increase in the temperature of the earth. This temperature increase has a negative effect on the earth and in the future, humanity and the life of the earth may have to face a lot of problems. This increase in temperature also adversely affects the atmosphere, climate and weather of the earth.

Why is global warming increasing?

There can be many reasons for increasing global warming, but mainly human activities are behind it. Some of the main reasons for this are as follows:

  1. Industrialization: Industrialization is one of the main reasons that promote global warming. Excessive use of energy products coming out of industries and factories leads to climate change and climate change is the biggest factor in global warming.
  2. Use of vehicles: The increasing use of vehicles has also given a boost to global warming. The smoke coming out of the vehicles increases the temperature and this leads to climate change.
  3. Felling of trees and plants: Felling of trees and plants also promotes global warming. Trees and plants manufacture oxygen and due to its cutting, the level of carbon dioxide in the air is increasing, which causes an increase in temperature.

What is the effect of global warming?

Global warming has many effects on our society and the earth. Here are some of the main effects:

  1. Climate Change: Global warming causes climate change. The effect of increase in temperature is on the environment, life, and agricultural sector. Due to this, problems like high heat, earthquake, flood arise due to which people have to face problems.
  2. Effects on animals: Due to the warming temperature, animals have to face the loss of their natural habitat and food sources. As a result, their fertility and survival are affected.
  3. Water crisis: Global warming changes the rainfall cycle and many areas face water crisis. People face water scarcity due to floods, droughts, and receding water table.

Measures to reduce global warming :

We have to work together to tackle global warming. Here are some of the major settlements:

  1. Prevention on Pollution: If we control the environmental pollution then we can also reduce the global warming.
  2. Forest Conservation: We need to conserve trees and plants. Through tree plantation campaigns, we can increase the number of forests and control climate change.
  3. New sources of energy: We should use the latest electrification techniques. By using water, wind, and solar energy as sources of energy, we can reduce pollution.


Global warming is an important issue that we should take seriously. Our nature and life depend on it. If we ignore global warming, we may have to face more problems in future. We should be responsible towards our nature and use the resources in a safe and careful manner.

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