Importance of Education Essay

In today’s article, we will learn about Importance of Education Essay. Proper education is the single most valuable asset a human being can acquire to advance and achieve success for all. It helps in building our personality along with developing self-confidence in us. School education is that stage in everyone’s life that every person should go through because it plays a great role in everyone’s life. The education system is divided into three parts such as primary education, secondary education and higher secondary education. All levels of education have their own special importance and place. We all want to see our children and the youth of the country going towards success, which is possible only through good and proper education. Let’s start Importance of Education Essay

Importance of Education Essay

We cannot describe education in one word. Education is our life which teaches us how to live. Education removes negative thoughts by bringing positive thoughts in everyone’s life. Education is that process of development, by which a person gradually adapts himself to his physical, social and spiritual environment in various ways. Life itself is really an education. The first beginning of education is from child education which we learn at home. The first lesson of education is received from our home especially from mother, father and all the people present in the house. Our parents are the first ones who tell us the importance of education in life.

To make an uneducated animal intelligent by giving it the third eye of knowledge, to identify good and bad in it, to provide understanding of rules and regulations, and to provide all-round success and prosperity in life, by creating sprouts of culture and taste in its personality. Only education is important. In the words of Ampoornanand ji, ‘The importance of education lies in the refinement of mind and body and the expressions of character. The Importance of Education Essay is in accomplishing maximum beauty and possible complete development in body and soul.

Human life is the battlefield of Kurukshetra from beginning to end. Due to being full of intrigue, strangeness and complexities, its path is dark. Conflict and struggle is the destiny of this Raja:purna path. The glory of education rests on the victory of this destiny. Apart from making a person knowledgeable about a particular subject, education makes him moral, mental and physical, hardworking, capable, virtuous, capable and self-reliant in all respects. The importance of education is to create the ability to face situations. The importance of education for human life is like that of craftsmanship for making a statue out of a piece of marble. As a result, education does not only give knowledge, it also nurtures the sprouts of culture and taste. Dr. Harishankar Sharma believes in the importance of education in guiding humanity, bringing purity-equality in mind, speech-deeds, making body-mind-soul pure and telling the heart and soul of knowledge-science. literally

Indian people have considered four steps of human life which are Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. They have been designated with the noun of effort. The first of these four efforts is religion. Education is important only in the discharge of religion successfully in life. Religion is the legislator of soul and non-soul, soul and body. Sanskar develops the soul and the body. Religion creates the culture of virtues in a man. Patience, forgiveness, strength, asteya, defecation, sense-control, dhi, knowledge, truth and anger instincts flourish. Morality begins. Therefore, the importance of education is only in generating the knowledge of true religion.

The second effort is meaning. Artha is synonymous with money! Karl Marx has rightly said, ‘Meaning lies at the center of all social action of man.’ Religion is also consumed by money. Money is the bundle of fortune. Livelihood is a byproduct of earning. The importance of education lies in creating the ability to earn money in human beings. For this education should be commercialised. Vocational education will make livelihood of human beings.

The third purusharth step of human life is work. Kama means desire. The importance of education is in the fulfillment of various desires and in the attainment of tajjnati bliss. This is the reason that today education has developed into various arts. The purpose of the fine arts (ie poetry, music, painting, sculpture and architecture) is to provide pleasure to the mind. All the works of man are started only to end in enjoyment or pleasure. The importance of education is only when it provides healthy enjoyment, so that it can become a means of cultural development of human beings. If the meaning of salvation is taken as a special state of mind, then keeping the mind calm is also a big reason for man’s happiness; There is an end to all quarrels. If the destruction of the knot of ignorance in the heart is called salvation, then the importance of education is only in removing the ignorance of the heart. Moksha means freedom from all kinds of bondage, So that knowledge is possible only through good education. Good education will give knowledge of truth. That is why in Indian culture, knowledge is said to be the third eye of man (ie, knowledge is the third eye of man).

The importance of education lies in the ability to live life through these four efforts. Religious education will develop human qualities in human beings. There will be rise of sattvik instincts. Truth and falsehood will be tested in life. The education of earning money will make a human family worthy. Will tell you different ways to earn money. No person from the society will knock on anyone’s door for a job. He will not go astray from door to door. Will be able to earn money by his acquired knowledge, hard work and effort; Painting of poetry, music, pictures, idols and architectures will provide eight-dhan in life; protect its cultural values. On the other hand, fine arts have become the best means of earning money.

Education will pave the way for salvation by liberating us from the bondages of inappropriate, useless and futile. Education is the rudder for the smooth conduct of life and auspicious life in the ocean of the world. Education is important in enriching life with all virtues and making it successful and in attaining truth, mind and joy. All levels of education have their own special importance and place. From childhood our parents play a very important role in shaping our mind towards education. They make every possible effort to provide us good education by enrolling us in reputed educational institution. It gives us technical and highly skilled knowledge as well as the ability to develop our ideas all over the world. Education makes us more civilized and better educated. It helps us to achieve a better position in the society and the envisioned position in the job.

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