Importance of Time Essay

Importance of Time Essay; Let us know about the Importance of Time Essay. Human life is like a stream of a river. The way the stream of a river continuously moves forward crossing the high and low land, in the same way the stream of life keeps on moving forward after suffering many struggles of life in the form of happiness and sorrow. The purpose of life is to move forward continuously, in this there is happiness, there is joy. That which helps in moving forward is called time. Those who can catch the running time and walk along with it, whoever has recognized the importance of time and made good use of it, has gone on climbing the stairs of progress. But he who has despised it has been ruined by time. Proper use of time is the key to growth and success.

Time is very important in human life. When the value of time is recognized then that time is put to good use. The past time never comes back. Time is not the slave of anyone. Time does not depend on anyone, it moves at its own pace. The person who does not understand the importance of time can never make his life successful. Let’s start Importance of Time Essay

Importance of Time Essay

Time is limitless. Time has no beginning and end. Time is indivisible and incomparable. Time is divided into seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades and centuries. Time always moves forward, it never looks back. No one in the world can win over time. Can’t set any time limit. Time is a very powerful thing, with which things are born, grow, decrease and perish. Time is the only tool which if consumed productively can do wonders in life. Nothing can stop or slow down time, every minute that passes counts.

Time Limited

God has sent every human being on earth with a definite purpose and definite time. There is a measured time in the life of every human being. When we spend most of the time in useless activities, then we become conscious. A saying has also been said on the importance of time – would you have repented when the bird bit the field.

That is why every intelligent person understands the importance of time. Our life is related to time. It is impossible to increase even a moment in the amount of time God has given us. The nation whose people understand the importance of time, only that nation can be prosperous. Man can become poor, rich, weak, strong, foolish and scholar only by proper use of time.

Value of Time

Time is a priceless commodity as well as priceless money. The cost of time is much more than money, that’s why time is priceless. Money is today, it will be destroyed tomorrow, it will come back the day after tomorrow, but once time gets into the pit of the past, it does not come back even if it wants to. It is our duty that whatever work we have to do during the day, it should be decided in the morning itself. That work should be finished during the day. Whatever time is left from school, it should be used to learn other arts. Time should not be wasted in useless things but there should be some entertainment in life. Today’s work should never be left for tomorrow.

Every moment of a man’s life is his rare asset, because if there is no wealth, then it can be achieved again by working hard, but time is that asset which does not come back once it is gone. For this reason, the proper use of time is very important for a human being. Time is put to good use when the right thing is done at the right time. Time is very strong, it does not stop for anyone, it does not wait for anyone, it goes on continuously. Every human has some or the other goal in life, to achieve the goal in life, we have to know the importance of time. The person who leaves today’s work for tomorrow can never be successful. But the person who finishes today’s work today, that person always gets success in life. Luck also favors such people, they move towards higher and higher goals in their life.

importance of time essay Importance of time in present situation

The use of time is very important. If work is not done on time, then time is not put to good use, due to which life becomes a curse. Every person desires to progress in his life. He always wants to become rich, strong and scholar in his life. When a person has such a wish, then it is very important to understand the importance of his time. Whoever has understood the good use of time has reached the pinnacle of progress. Many great men had also achieved success by understanding the importance of time. The person who respects time, time also respects him. He who wastes time, time wastes him.

Gandhi ji also used his time very carefully and wisely, due to which he became a great man. The great scientist Thomas Alva Edison used to earn money by selling vegetables in his childhood. His teachers considered him very intelligent. He persevered to face the harshest of situations in life. He understood the importance of time, so he did not waste time.

He continued to work hard due to which he became a great scientist today. He has illuminated the whole world by discovering radium. Every human being should recognize the true value of time, those who work often have to repent when the time is out. The vast ocean can be seen in the collected form of each drop and when each drop drips, even the biggest vessel becomes empty. In the same way, life is also made up of the meeting of moments and moments. All the moments and moments that pass by never come back. The passing of time is not predictable but the passing of these moments makes days, weeks, months and years pass. With the passage of time, the days of life also pass. Those who do not know the speed of time and do not understand its importance, destroy time, time also destroys such people.

Enjoyment of Pleasures

The person who makes good use of time, only he can get all the happiness. The person who does his work on time does not have any anxiety. The person who does his work on time does not only benefit himself but also becomes the reason for the progress of his family, village and nation.

A person who makes good use of time can become rich, intelligent and strong. Mata Lakshmi can also become his friend. The child of such a person never becomes unhappy because of money. If we look very carefully, then we come to know that all the great people who have been till date knew the good use of time, that is why they were called great.
Importance of Time in Hostel

Time is very important in hostel. The farmer grows different types of crops in his field in different seasons. If the fixed time of sowing the seed is somehow passed then that crop cannot be born. Exactly the same condition happens in the life of the students. Student life is the time when man is ready for whole life. That is why in this stage it is very important for him to know the importance of time and use it. The foundation of the student’s life building is also built at this time. Just as one has to write one letter to write a huge book and then a book is written, similarly the students have to read such huge books using each second only then they can get their knowledge. Can do.

The student who is not able to complete his daily studies, at the time of examination, his studies seem like a huge mountain. When the preparation for the exam is not complete then they try to pass the exam by wrong means. By these wrong ways they get failure and by these works their head gets low in the society. They regret a lot later but regretting later is of no use. A student who makes good use of time becomes a successful citizen in his life, but the student who wastes time in talking or roaming around, he cries and repents in the end, but even if he wants to, he can get that time back. Can’t bring God gives only one moment at a time and takes away the first moment before the second moment.


If we understand the importance of time and make good use of it, then success is never far away from us. It is the duty of all of us to make good use of our remaining time and take the future of our nation towards progress. We should always complete our work definitely on time.

We all are the makers of India. We should always make good use of each and every moment of our life for the progress of our country. If we complete the work on time, then it also saves time, which we can use for the welfare of the society. We should remember that time can never be wasted. Time should be fully utilized and the importance of time should be explained.

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