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In today’s article, we will tell you essay on Indian farmer in 100, 150, 250, 500 words. Our country is an agricultural country and most of the people here are farmers who work to grow grains on the land so that we all are nurtured. But still some people do not understand the importance of farmers which is not right. Every human being should think that if there were no farmers to grow grains then how would we have survived. This is the reason why children are told about the importance of farmers in schools. That’s why it is often asked to write an essay on the farmer in the exam and apart from this many times in the debate also essay on the farmer is asked. If you are also looking for an essay on farmer in different words, then read this article of ours today.

Essay on Indian farmer in 100 words

The Indian farmer is a symbol of sacrifice and austerity as he produces food grains throughout his life to feed people across the country. Whether it is sunny or bitter cold or heavy rain, farmers never take rest. Most of the people of our country make their living by farming and for this reason the farmer is called the soul of India. Farmers are giving things like grains, greens, vegetables and fruits to the country by working hard, but in return they do not even get their full wages. But still the farmers wake up early in the morning every day and after working hard all day return to their homes in the evening. We should always respect the farmers and understand their importance.

Essay on Indian farmer in 150 words

Farmers live in villages and their main work is farming. Farmers plow the fields with lots of hard work and grow crops. After hard penance day and night, farmers grow grains which we all eat. Apart from this, farmers also raise buffaloes, goats and cows from which they get milk. To work in the fields, farmers also have bullocks, whose job is to plow the field and pull the cart. Whatever the farmer gets by growing crops in the whole year, by selling it in the market, he lives his family and his life. 

All farmers are very hardworking people who work back-breakingly in the fields to grow food grains for us. In a way, farmers are our food providers who grow different things for our food. That’s why every human being should respect and honor the farmer very much. If there were no farmers, then it would have been very difficult for everyone to live on this land. 

Essay on Indian farmer in 250 words

Farmers have a very important contribution in the progress of India and farmers are also called food providers of the country. This is because farming cannot be done without a farmer and in a country where farming cannot be done, all the people will die of hunger. So if it is said that farmers are like backbone for us then it is not wrong. The variety of food we eat today is possible only because of the farmers. 

depend on farmer 

It may be any country in the world whether it is developing or poor. Farmer is very important for every country because the country depends on the farmer. People can live only by eating whatever grain the farmer grows. 

farmer’s need 

Because our country India is an agricultural country, therefore a lot of importance has been given to the farmer here. Today everyone is able to eat food comfortably because of the farmer. If there were no farmers, then it would not be possible to collect even two meals a day. That’s why farming is a need of all the people of the world to live life properly. 

types of farmers 

The farmers who grow grains for us are not of one type but of many types which are as follows –

  • Many farmers cultivate food grains like paddy, wheat, barley in their fields. 
  • Many farmers also grow vegetables. 

Farmer’s contribution to the country’s economy 

Farmers have a lot of contribution in the economy of our country, which is up to 17%. This contribution of farmers to the country’s economy is much more than other things. But the sad thing is that even after this the farmers are not able to fulfill their needs. So in such a situation, it becomes the responsibility of the government to pay attention to those things which are needed by the farmers. 

Essay on Indian farmer in 500 words

More than 70% of the population of our country India does farming, especially people living in rural areas do farming in large numbers. That is why our country India is also known as the country of hardworking farmers because these farmers have contributed a lot in the economy of our country. Farmers work hard day and night without any rest and because of that they are able to grow lush green crops. Although in the olden days, farmers had to work very hard to do farming, but today due to many modern techniques, now farmers do their work well in less time. 

importance of farmer 

The importance of any farmer is very high and priceless because farmers work hard and grow food grains, which fills the stomachs of all the children and elders of the country. Apart from this, the farmer has a very important role in improving and improving the economy of the country. In this way we can say that the importance of the Indian farmer is very valuable and very high. Every year on 23 December, Farmers Day is celebrated in India and it can be estimated from this that how much importance is given to the farmers in our country. 

farmer status in india 

Most of the farmers of India are either from middle class family or they are from lower class family. So there some farmers are also upper class. All the farmers in our country take care of their farming and crop like their own child and raise it. The farmers of India live a very simple life and they are mostly less educated, because of this people do not respect them. But still the farmers get up before the sun rises and go out to work in their fields where they work till late night. 

farmer’s life 

Most of the farmers living in the country have to face a lot of problems. Farmers grow crops by working hard day and night and if they suffer losses, they continue to do farming after bearing it. Many times such cases have also come that farmers are fed up with their condition and even commit suicide, but they do not blame any person in the country. In such a situation, it is the responsibility of the government as well as every person living in the country to see that justice is done to the farmers and they should get the fruits of the hard work they put in to grow crops. 

scheme for Indian farmers 

The Government of India has come up with various schemes to improve the economic condition of the farmers and to lead a better life, by taking advantage of which the farmers can reduce the losses from their crops to a great extent. Following are the details about those schemes –

  • Kisan Credit Card Scheme
  • Bhamashah Scheme 
  • Prime Minister Agricultural Irrigation Scheme
  • national agriculture market 
  • Traditional Agriculture Development Scheme 
  • Soil Health Card Scheme 


Our country is an agricultural country and farmer is essential for the life of every person. Farmers also have a big contribution in the economy of India. Nowadays we see that people do not want to do farming because most people do not find this work beneficial. But farming is very important so we should encourage people to do farming as well. We should also think about the respect and benefits of the farmers. If the farmer is happy then there will be prosperity in the country.

Without the farmer, there can be famine and starvation in the country, so today’s new generation needs to understand the importance of the farmer. Farming is also a great business and people are earning good money by doing farming, so people should also look at the work of farming with respect and think about making a career in this field.

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