Kairav Name Meaning

Let us know about Kairav Name Meaning. Children are the form of God. Parents try to give every happiness to the children which they have not got in their life. It becomes the responsibility of the parents to take care of the child from his name to his food. Therefore, while choosing the name of the child, they keep in mind that the name should be a bit unique and it should also have a good meaning. If you have given birth to a son and are looking for a good name for him, then look here. We bring to you information about the stylish and latest baby boy names Kairav. This name is new and people like it too. If the idea of ​​keeping this name is also coming in your mind, then know further about its meaning, horoscope, constellation and personality associated with this name.

Meaning of the name Kairav

Hearing the name Kairav, it sounds a bit different and a good name. While keeping this name, every parent must have thought that they are keeping something different and new for their son. But the name should not only sound good but it should also have a good meaning. The better the meaning of the name, the better it adds to the beauty of the name. The meaning of name Kairav ​​is “white lotus flower and born in water”. This name starting with the letter ‘K’ comes in Gemini. So let us know further about the personality of boys named Kairav ​​and important information related to them.

Name caraway
Meaning white lotus, born in water
gender  Boy
Numerology 8
Religion Hindu
Amount Gemini
constellation punarvasu (k, ko, h, ha, hee)
Good Day Wednesday
happy color Green, Pink, White, Light Yellow
auspicious gem Emerald

What is the meaning of the name Kairav?

Undoubtedly, Kairav ​​is the best name for a boy, but before adopting this name, parents should get almost all the information related to it. Kairav ​​name meanings is White lotus and Born in water. This name is one of the trending boy names. Boys named Kairav ​​play an important role in improving the lives of many people. They like to mingle with people in the society and leave their own mark on people. They live their life with simplicity, also try their hands in many arts and are at the forefront of conversation.

Kairav ​​Name Horoscope

The astrological sign of Kairav ​​is a Gemini. Although this name is new, but people like it a lot. The boys of this zodiac are sharp of mind and whenever they get into any trouble, they try to solve the problem using their brain. With sharp intelligence, these people are clever and rich in money. Do not refuse any work quickly. They know how to handle wrong things immediately. They fascinate people with their behavior. The main letters of this zodiac are considered as K, Ch, D and H.

What is the constellation of Kairav?

The constellation named Kairav ​​is ‘Punarvasu’ and according to astrology, the symbol of Punarvasu constellation is considered to be a quiver full of arrows. Other letters associated with Punarvasu Nakshatra are as follows – K, Ko, H, Ha, Hi.

Other names according to Gemini like Kairav

Here you will find more names of Kairav ​​according to their Gemini sign. All these names are mostly taken from the letters A, Ch, D and H coming under Gemini, let’s know the names.

Kalpesh (Kalpesh)Kanishka
Kunal (Kunal)Kavish
Image (Chhavik)Harshad

Names Similar to Kairav

Kairav ​​is a very beautiful and latest name and if you want to keep a name similar to this name, then check the names given below carefully.

Name  Name
Aarav (Aarav)Arnav
दीरव (Dheerav)Arnab

boy names starting with ‘k’

Like Kairav, there are many other boy names that start with letter K and they also have great meanings, so do check out the list below.

Kunalpositive person with beautiful eyes
skilledskilled, well versed
Kavishpoet, wise
KushSon of Lord Rama, Worthy of worship
Qianshfull of talents
Kaushiksaint man
QianKing, God’s grace
KeshavOne of the many names of Lord Krishna

Through this article, we have tried our best to give you all the important information related to the name Kairav, and we hope that all this information will prove useful for you. Apart from this, if you wish to keep any other name similar to Kairav, then that option is also available in this article for you. We would be more than happy to assist you in choosing a name for your baby. Do tell us by commenting whether you found our given information beneficial or not.

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